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Benjamin Tabart, born as Bathory Tabart and commonly known by his epithet “The Giant Slayer”, is the First Mate of the Purple Pirates. During his tenure as a Purple Pirate, Tabart has worked aimlessly in weakening the power and structure of the Slave Trade that plague the seas. However, following Najeem's desertion, Tabart became inactive in the Purple Pirate affairs to pursue Najeem and to bring him back to the crew. In process of this, he was tricked by Bathory McGhinnis into assaulting Elbaf by delivering bombs, disguised as Nerb Rum across the entirety of the island. While making a delivery, Tabart wandered into the home of the Stalkman, a renown Elbafian hero, and was attacked. When making his escape, Stalkman attempted to follow and fell to his death. Because he has been made responsible for Stalkman’s death, Tabart has been accused of having ties with the human supremacy organization, Blacklist.

Following his escape from Elbaf, Tabart wandered the New World until he was discovered by Longinus Judas and brought to Dressrosa. Here, it is revealed that he is the son of Longinus Niu, King of Dressrosa and was taken by his father back to their homeland. Inevitably held captive by his mother whom desired to spend time with her son, Tabart eventually escaped with the assistance of his other siblings and was discovered by the Titan Pirates’s Fifth Division. At Foxpack’s behest, he temporary allies with the crew and assists them in attacking Bedina. Though their assault failed, Tabart, alongside Draco D. Damon, Apu, and Fukuoka Soren were recognized by Admiral Ralph for their tenacity and dubbed one of the Four Horsemen of Apocalypse. He later temporarily allies with Bon to assist him in seeing his family on Permis but finds himself split from his group and attacked by Blumenthal Gerhard. Surviving the battles of Permis, Tabart was made a Shichibukai by the World Government and his bounty of Beli500,000,000 was frozen.


Tabart’s appearance is noticeably deceptive in its portrayal of a notorious pirate, for very few believe him to be capable of the monstrosities that he has been accused of taking part in.[5] He tends to appear approachable[6], in part due to the aura that he exudes. Tabart is obviously of noble origins, as even when he surrounded by misfits and drunkards at a bar, his nobility is made evident by the bartender.[7] Although the Dressrosa Royal Family accredits this to having the blood of King Niu, Tabart has made it clear that the quirks, habits, and manners he have are owed to the Alabastan Royal Family.[8] Having been promised to a royal member of Alabasta, to keep his allegiance with the country due to his possession of the Mosa Mosa no Mi, Tabart underwent conditioning to acclimate him to the courts of Alabasta, and through sheer exposure to these principles he has unconsciously adopted them into his everyday life, maintaining them years following his departure from Alabasta.[9]

Having learned that it is essential that nobility always looks presentable, Tabart tends to appear neat, graceful and tidy. While Alabasta nobles used oils, ointment and other products to tend to their hair and skin, simply possessing the Mosa Mosa no Mi has provided Tabart the necessary vitamins and oils his skin and hair need to withstand the rigors of both time and the desert sun. Because of this, Tabart boast the skin of a model: ageless and unblemished. His hair is long, purple, and shiny which is indicative of its health. There are no split ends due to being perfectly moisturized. Thus, even with minimal effort, Tabart appears as people expect celebrities to be as. He ties his long hair into a ponytail to ensure that it does not fling along his eyes during battle, and he keeps the bits of his hair that falls forward cut above his eyes so that it only covers his forehead. Tabart is considered an attractive man,[10] by both men and women. [11] According to his mother, Niu, Tabart strongly resembles his father, having inherited his purple hair, muscular lithe frame, and facial features. Though, there is no doubt that Niu is his mother, for they both possess the same, unique, piercing golden eyes with deep black pupils. In addition, following his involvement with affairs on Elbaf, Tabart’s right arm was sacrificed during his battle with McGhinnis and has been replaced with a wooden prosthetic that he keeps bandaged.[12]

Due to his status a noble previously, Tabart has an array of clothing that he has managed to continue to collect over the years, in part due to his hobby of collecting different fabrics himself. Regardless, all his clothes follow the similar trend of being loose-fitting, allowing for absolute freedom in his movements should he have to prepare for battle. During his time on Elbaf, Tabart adorned a long, purple and white, floor-length robe draped by a white-turban with feather decorations and pointed red shoes. After spending some time on Dressrosa, Tabart was dressed to appease the people as a noble, and thus his outfit has become notably more flashy and indicative of his noble nature. He wears a white, collared shirt, with a purple, and golden waist high-vest. He has a black, silk waistband tied across his hips as a belt, with a enormous jewel embroidered in the middle of it; it is a combination of gold with a diamonds. Over his vest and shirt, Tabart wears a multicolored floor length robe, with two purple pieces of cloths that compliment it by resting upon his arms. Below the belt, Tabart’s outfit is completed with white silk pants, and white-dress shoes. Lastly, he adorns a white-turban-like hat decorated with a feather and jewelry embroidered onto it.


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