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Bimore O. Jack, most commonly known as "Black Blade Jack", is a Martial Artist and Shichibukai from North Blue. Forced into the martial order known as the Gogyō Shizora-ryū when he was a child, he is a powerful combatant and swordsmen, and is considered to be one of the World Government's most powerful allies.

Jack is a grand-master of the Wind Melody within his order and is capable of skillfully controlling the air around him to the level that most would assume that he is a Logia user. Utilizing the power of the wind he has struck fear into the hearts of many that would oppose him the world over, as he quests down the Grand Line in an effort to rid the world of the weak styles of martial arts.



Standing at a solid 5'11, Jack is a man of average height. His body is visibly extremely muscular and fit, visible even underneath the fairly loose clothes that he wears. His body is made to shine even brighter by the air of confidence he wears as a cloak. Jack is a man with no fear, something that's obvious even by looking at him. His posture is straight, but relaxed, his feet always being sure in their step. His careful way of holding himself, he confident air, his sure steps, his calm expression, each of these just gives the diligent viewer a simple opinion of him. This man is powerful.

Jack's face is framed by his long black hair. His jaw is relatively narrow but well defined and blemish free. His skin fairly light, with only a light tan despite all of the time he has spent outside.

In terms of clothing jack wears relatively loose fitting white and grey clothes, as those are the standard colors students in his order wear. He has ones for each season, though most of them are pretty light weight. He wears a long white jacket with his order's symbol on it's back, though he discards this when he must fight seriously. He is always carrying his twin blades around on him. Nidai Kitetsu on his left hip, and Shodai Kitetsu around his back.


When one talks to the man known as Jack Bimore, they will notice a few things straight off the back. First, Jack is sure of himself, confident in his abilities in even the most severe of situations. Then they will notice the quiet poise he holds him in, evidence of discipline that most can not even comprehend. Lastly they will notice the precision that is evident in all of his movements, a token of his training and unending willpower.

Jack is a relatively serious individual, though he is not beyond relaxing when he can. He is calm, collected, and disciplined from years enduring the most brutal training the world has to offer. Jack lives and breathes through his training, as at this point it has mostly superseded the upbringing his late parents had given them. Even though they have faded into antiquity, Jack still does bear some semblance to his young self. He generally relaxes by the sea, the old influence of his father allowing him to enjoy it even if the weather is bad. His mother shines through whenever he is eating or otherwise in polite company, as his table manners are impeccable.

His ambitions are mostly simple in nature. He wishes to be the next headmaster of his order. Anything less is in his opinion a waste of his talents and abilities. His dedication to his task stem from this. He will fight anyone who attempts to stop him, no matter who they may be.

A man is defined by the words they say and the actions they make. Jack is defined by a refined sense of honor, a moral code he lives by. He doesn't kill if he can avoid it, with few exceptions.

Jack's willpower is endless, leaving him capable of fighting well beyond the point where anyone else has quit. While he won't peruse a battle he would consider fruitless, his fortitude and willpower allow him push beyond. This is evidenced by his nine day battle with the Headmaster's son for position among the order. He fought to the last without giving an inch.

While Jack generally doesn't have any noticeable dislike of any particular group, there is one that specific one that he and his order share. He despises Devil Fruit users and Devil Fruits in general. While he doesn't go out of his way to attack them, he rarely leaves users he comes into conflict with alive. He considers them to be wasting their capabilities on a crutch. A worthless crutch that can be easily dealt with. The sea-stone blades that are a treasure of his order are a testament to that, as they help make Jack incredibly dangerous against Devil Fruit users. There are a couple he respects however, most notably Admiral Fuyuki. He managed to defeat Jack, something that even with a crutch isn't exactly easy to do.


Jack is a monstrously powerful swordsmen, easily capable of being considered for the title of the Greatest Swordsmen in the World. Having trained for twenty years through some of the most brutal conditions imaginable, he's come out as an excellent combatant and wielder of the sword.

Physical CapabilitiesEdit


Forged like a fierce wind

Jack has spent over twenty years honing his physique to the epitome of human physiology. He has fought in conditions from the dangerous, such as heated combat in deep jungles, to the downright suicidal, such as battling while outrunning avalanches or lava flows. His body is powerful, lithe, and flexible. His style demands it in order to keep up, let alone thrive. Jack's physical strength is great enough to lift houses and boulders several times his size with ease. His strength combined with his style allows him to create hurricane windstorms capable of picking up full sized giants and sending them flying with noting but wind pressure, a testament to his strength. He is fully capable of wielding his one ton katana with a single hand as easily as if it was made of wood, and use it for precision movements. Each of his sword thrusts may require as many as a hundred extremely precise movements, and Jack is fully capable of deftly controlling the sword through all of them as if it was weightless, showcasing his powerful body. His physique is high enough that when he utilizes Tekkai, he is more than capable of stopping sword strikes from other high level swordsmen with the power of his muscles alone.

The power of his swings can create slashes of air that are capable of slicing through large warships even without him using a technique, a trait shared by one of the former Greatest Swordsmen in the World, Dracule Mihawk. He is however fully capable of controlling these blasts, only unleashing them when he wishes to cause distruction.

When need be, Jack can take a page out of the late Roronora Zoro's book. He is capable of expanding his already flawless muscles to extreme levels, granting him the strength to stop titans and others with monstrous strength. When he activates this form, his already formidable strength multiplies a dozen fold, giving him the abilities to pick up entire battleships out of the water, and stand up to even the fiercest of blows as if they were no more than gentle breezes.

Jack is no slouch in terms of speed either, being capable of keeping up with most Soru users through pure physical capability. While not extremely necessary for every style, the Melody of Wind requires extreme speed to fully utilize it's capabilities. One must be as swift as the wind and twice as fast in order to properly utilize it to it's fullest extent. Light and flighty on his feet when it's needed, powerful and with swift flow when he wishes, overwhelming and outpacing without fail, Jack has trained his speed to the utmost, utilizing his quick movements and lithe body to outmaneuver, out move, and flat out out play virtually any opponent he comes across.

Due to his two decades of life and death training, Jack has trained his endurance to the utmost. Except in the most extreme of situations, he simply doesn't get tired, having lasted for multiple days worth of skirmishes on virtually no sleep in the past.

Jack's physique has only been enhanced by his training to utilize the Rokushiki school of martial arts. Following his ascension to Shichibukai, Jack spent nearly two years mastering the six powers. Each requires the application of one's physical capability to the utmost. Jack has mastered all of these, as well as the secret seventh power, Rokuogan.

With the strength of a hurricane and the speed of a gale, Jack is a physical monster. Most people just haven't realized it yet.


Jack is the number two student of the Gogyō Shizora-ryū (五行是空流, Style of the Five Flows Righteous Void) style of swordsmanship, only topped by both the head student and the grand-master of the order. As such, he is an extremely powerful swordsmen, capable of matching and in most cases overwhelming other famed swordsmen.

He is a primary user of the wind branch of the Gogyō Shizora-ryū, as well as an expert in the earth and water. His skill with the blade has been honed across the twenty five years he has been training with the blade in some of the most dangerous conditions on the planet.

Each inductee to the style is assessed upon entry and is sorted into one of the five Melodies, or branches of the style, that make up the overall order.

Jack is the most prominent member of the wind branch, and may entirely be the greatest user of the wind style in the history of the order. His blade control is flawless and movements fluid, even under the worst conditions imaginable.

The Gogyō Shizora-ryū itself focuses on two important aspects of swordsmanship, then combines them into an ability that isn't seen outside of the order. Students are taught to control their swords in all conditions, good and bad. Never make a movement you don't intend, never make a stroke you aren't committed mind and body to. Then they do this in hellish conditions, such as deep underwater as the lack of oxygen steals your strength and the pressure of the water crushes your body, in the jungles of the island's 3rd ring while under assault by the demons that inhabit it, and so on.

Jack's precision with his weapon is great enough to stop the snow within the reach of his sword, breaking each and every flake before it hits the ground even in the middle of a blizzard with the tip of his weapon. This absolute control over his weapon extends to his swordplay during actual combat, being able to take advantage of even the smallest openings in his opponent's guard.


Jack dodging an attack from a skilled opponent.

Controlling the motion of your weapon alone isn't enough however, you must have the same level of control over your body as well. A simple misstep could be the difference between victory and defeat, and nothing short of perfection is acceptable. At all times of the day, students had to be prepared to be tested on bodily control, ranging from surprise attacks, to greased areas of the floor, to even moves from the five flows themselves.

Jack, while at first flailed around like all other new students, quickly gained immaculate control over his body, as to even be able to take upon the core training of the school you had to master both principles. He is equally capable of fighting underwater, on greased ice, or even fighting in deep mud as he is on solid uncluttered ground, something most swordsmen can't claim.

Once Jack had mastered both of these abilities, he was able to actually learn the core of the Gogyō Shizora-ryū, the utilization of harmonic vibrations within one's swordsmanship.

This technique uses tiny motions in your wrist and arms to create precise movements in the blade, allowing the achievement of numerous effects. In order to optimally use it, one must have mastered the first two steps.

When not utilizing the power of the Gogyō Shizora-ryū, Jack tends to be a highly mobile combatant, constantly moving and dancing around is opponent like the wind. While he is fully capable of trading blows with the strongest of beings, he prefers to knock their weapon to the side instead of blocking, something born out of the fact that he rarely draws both blades unless an opponent is worthy. He weaves in and out with attacks, utilizing the light weight of Nidai Kitetsu to strike with blinding speeds and break apart his opponent's guard. The power of his sword is easily equal to any other great in the world, as it is as swift as the wind and as strong as a storm.

A Song of WindEdit

Each of the Gogyō Shizora-ryū styles, or Melodies, focuses around a specific blade movement. In the case of the Wind Melody, this is a high speed rotation around the center of mass of the blade. With novice users, this motion is exaggerated, requiring four to six inches of distance around the center of mass. But Jack is no novice user, his movements have decreased in radius to the point that even high level combatants rarely notice the rotations, as the distances involved are microscopic in nature. All they hear is a low hum that resonates across the battlefield. This can create a pushing or pulling force depending on the exact motion, creating a gust of wind towards or away from the user. How powerful this force is, as well as the form of the wind itself depends on the user.

Each step a storm, each swing a hurricane. That describes Jack's proficiency with the wind. His swordsmanship has commonly caused him to be mistake for a wind based Logia Devil Fruit user. Even in his guard it appears as if a tornado of wind has coalesced around his blade once he gets serious.

This wind may be used for a variety of offensive, defensive, and even utilitarian uses. This ranges from the more common, such as the many flying slashes that various swordsmen use, to the powerful, such as raging walls of wind that are capable of deflecting cannon balls and other powerful attacks, to even the unique, such as utilizing the minute changes in the flow of the air to perceive all that is near him. 

At it's most basic level, Jack can use this flow of air to either push or pull. A very simple example of this would be creating a vacuum in the center of the blade with this technique, then sticking opposing weapons and limbs to the blade, held there by the powerful suction force.

Jack uses this melody to freely manipulate the wind around him, ranging in power from a light breeze to tornadoes up to even hurricane walls of wind pressure. These various winds can range from being simple blunt force to shredding those that are engulfed by them. He has even been known to lift beings as large as giants with nothing but wind pressure. His mastery of the motions involved also gave him complex control of the shapes. This allows him to shape the slashes he makes, having them undulate, turn, and wiggle as if they were truly alive. They dance around under Jack's control where they may shred their opponents, or merely pull their attacks off course with minimal effort. This level of shape control is even more profound once you consider he can only control it from the tail of the technique, shaping it like one would the passage of a whip. He has even been known to steal control of the wind away from air based devil fruit users, something that is normally thought of as impossible. This is a testament to his great skill with his art.

His greatest achievement with the style of wind follows an simple path. While most students can manipulate the wind to create zones of high and low pressure, he takes this a step further. He can create zones of pressure that are high enough that the air pressure is capable of slowly crushing those within in, driving the breath from their lungs through sheer weight. He can also create zones of such low pressures that they might as well be vacuums, weakening people through lack of air. This gives him incredible battlefield control, controlling zones of pressure to redirect attacks and herd opponents onto paths he wants them to take. He rarely uses this ability, as it is beyond a level he considers necessary for his objective, as very few combatants are capable of handling this style of combat. Currently he has only used it on the battlefield against Rokushiki users who have decided to specialize in Soru to be annoying little gnats. He layered extremely high and low pressure zones in their path, and watched as the repeated compression and decompression on their bodies literally tore them apart. High speed, wide ranging movements are extremely dangerous around him for this exact reason. He will bring it out against worthy opponents, but sees little honor or reason in using it for indiscriminate slaughter.

After learning Rokushiki, Jack has incorporated four of the powers specifically into the Melody of the Wind, as well as the secret seventh ability. These four are Geppo, Soru, Kami-E, and Ranyaku.

Geppo was far the easiest to integrate, as the vibrations of his style make constant leg movements easy. Jack's Geppo is so refined that it has essentially become invisible. He vibrates his legs at high speed, with each vibration making a small step. To an outsider, it looks as if he is standing on the air itself without even moving due to the constant force of the ability. Jack refers to this technique as Geppo: Rei (Lit: Moon Step: Zero).

After Geppo came Soru, which is an application of stepping multiple times in quick succession to move quickly. Jack utilized the same vibrations he used for Geppo to also utilize Soru. While he doesn't take full steps, the hundreds of more minor steps allows him to replicate these steps without visible effort, mimicking the effect of the move. While he's actively attempting to utilize Soru, Jack is effectively utilizing 23 steps through his style, allowing him to keep up or even outpace other masters of the art, especially once you account his natural speed.

Once Jack had sufficiently incorporated Soru into the Gogyō Shizora-ryū, he started the process of Kami-E's inclusion. Unlike Geppo and Soru, it was not a natural addition to the style, fitting more within the school of water. However, the wind flows around objects as well, which led to Jack to utilize this technique in a more offensive manner. Jack utilizes the limpness of Kami-E in his sword, allowing him to flow past the guard of his opponent into a quick strike like the wind flows around obstacles in his path. While he is still able to utilize the defensive version, he doesn't do it often. This move is known as Kami-E: Kirikami (Paper Art: Cutting Paper). After including the first three techniques of Rokushiki, Jack turned to the simplest of the additions, Ranyaku. Very similar to the flying slashes he could already do, Ranyaku allowed him to further refine his slashes to where there was very little they couldn't cut. He in addition to refining them added the ability to infuse his Haki into his flying slashes, allowing them to affect devil fruit users. His usage of Shigan is similar, except with a stabbing motion versus a slashing motion.

After Jack had mastered all six arts of the Rokushiki, he developed the secret seventh art on his own, Rokuogan. However, unlike most users of this technique, he has learned to apply the powerful technique through his blade. It has been noted that this technique is capable of bypassing many devil fruit's protections, which is incredibly useful. Utilizing the Ki and power of one's body, the user uses the six powers to project a force down their blade, This force is compressed and narrowed all the way to the tip, where it is expelled with enough power to pierce through as much as two hundred feet of stone without stopping. The few times Jack has used this technique, there has been no build up, leaving it as a suprising technique in his arsenal. He refers to this technique as Rokuogan: Obakekari (Six King Gun: Ghost Cut)

Other Martial ArtsEdit

While Jack is a noted Grand-Master of the wind style, he is at least proficient in all of the other commonly taught melodies of the Gogyō Shizora-ryū, including the secret Void Melody. In order his proficiency is Wind, Earth, Water, Void, Fire. Earth is a form of strength, emphasizing offense and defense over maneuverability. It is capable of taking the power out of an attack and dispersing it, weathering any assault as the earth does through transfering vibrations. This ability has only been strengthened with the addition of Tekkai, allowing him to weather much stronger blows. Water is a style of flow, and is overall the most passive of the styles, flowing around strikes and lashing out with your own in fluid motions.

Void is the rarest of the Melodies, only taught to those who are candidates to be the next headmaster of the order. It is the art of nothingness, and is the secret trump card of the order. Jack is one of only four current users, the other three being the number 1 and 3 students, as well as the headmaster himself. While the vibrations of the other four styles allow for the manipulation and creation of elements, the void melody allows one to destroy them. Utilizing the aspect of an objects resonant frequency, Jack can break apart things his sword touches at the point of contact regardless of durability. He just merely needs to tap his blade after coming into contact with the opponent while using this style, and watch as part of their body crumbles.

His use of fire is limited, as he is not much more than a journeyman in this style. As such he finds it an embarrassment to use, meaning that while he is capable of utilizing it, he rarely does. With fire, one can set their blade alight via pure friction, allowing one to cut through most materials like they weren't even there.



Nikugemi in action

  • Nikugemi - A training move set that is mostly utilized by the water school, this move is a simple counter that tests the capability of swordsmen, and weeds out the weak. It is mostly used to test new swordsmen's capability. In it, Jack utilizes the extended reach of his blade to press his sword against the swinging hand or wrist of his opponent. By utilizing this in rapid succession Jack can stonewall most swordsmen into inaction, inaction that he can take advantage of.


Every member of the Gogyō Shizora-ryū school of martial arts is capable of using Haki to some degree. The brutal training demanded by the most powerful martial arts style in the world requires nothing less. Jack isn't just any member though. His Haki has been forged by thousands of near death situations across his twenty years as a member of the order. His will had to be among the strongest in the world to even reach the point where he is at, and his will will carry himself even father, even higher than ever before.

Twenty years he has refined this art, becoming among the foremost in the usage of the ability know as Haki. While this is not to say there are none greater in the talent than him, those are few and far between.

Kenbunshoku Haki Edit


Jack following up with a counter after using Kenbunshoku Haki

The difficulty of the Gogyō Shizora-ryū style of martial arts starts before your first day of training. Getting to the monastery itself is a deadly task. The entire way you are under assault, both from the elements and the beasts that inhabit the mountain it is situated on. In this situation, you have three choices: Fight, Run, or Die. Jack chose the first option. Freezing, starving, exhausted, armed with nothing but a simple sword, he was surrounded on all sides by the demons that plagued those hellish peaks. He awoke his Haki, first Kenbunshoku, then Busoshoku Haki shortly after in an attempt to survive. Those movements that were too fast to keep up with, he could see, that skin that was too tough to cut, was torn asunder.

Jack awoke his Kenbunshoku Haki much earlier than most, having awoken at the age of 11. He awoke it while trying to ascend the peak of the monastery. He was already a young student, but having awoken Haki before his training eve had started marked him as a rising star among the order. The headmaster put him through especially brutal training to see just how high his star could rise. This training required him to refine and strengthen his Haki as fast and as greatly as physically possible during impossible short periods of time. Again and again, his training pushed him to the brink of death. Each time, he got up to soar higher and higher

Jack's Kenbunshoku Haki is well refined, capable of feats of willpower and vision beyond that of even the most experienced fighters. He even has shown the ability to foresee future events with unerring accuracy, allowing him to react to events he would normally not have time to. The greatest expression of this is seen when he was capable of perceiving every single future within a flurry of blows, noting each and every one that leads to his blade intercepting the claws of the Beast of Zou during the mink's ferocious assault on him, allowing him to manipulate the air to counter hundreds of blows spread out over several moments. He was capable of controling hundreds of blades of wind, predicting countless attacks, and parrying them all with naught but haki alone.

In terms of people looking at him, Jack usually appears as a normal person, as his inner strength lies dormant until he needs it.

If need be, Jack has been known to be able to completely turn off his Kenbunshoku Haki by turning it inwards, rendering himself blind to the world in this regard. When he does this, he is reliant on nothing but his five senses. Though his senses are enhanced to unprecedented degrees in this aspect. He combines this with his swordsmanship to give himself a new perspective, as he is able to detect minor changes in the air around him nearly as fast, if not faster than his Haki normally allows. He can only maintain this form for a total of five minutes before his concentration starts to falter. During this time period, he is completely oblivious to the effects of Haoshoku Haki, as he's incapable fo sensing it.

Busoshoku Haki Edit

Out of the two types of Haki, Jack is more proficient in his Busoshoku Haki than Kenbunshoku, as without it there are many opponents that are extremely difficult to injure. So while his Kenbunshoku was strengthened and refined through simple experience, Jack's Busoshoku Haki was refined through dedicated training. There are numerous animals on his home island that are capable of using Haki naturally, via instinct. Jack has faced off all but the fiercest of these animals on a regular basis, using the repeat experience against Haki users to hone his own.

Jack's Haki is both powerful, and long lasting. He's capable of holding out for quite some time on his normal reserves. However due to his sea-stone blade his Haki is more used for defense than offense, though he is fully capable of utilizing for offensive purposes. He is capable of utilizing the Busoshoku: Koka ability, but prefers just coating his blades with it in order to both toughen them and more effectively damage his opponent.

For the most part, Jack's haki is utilized through his swords, using them as if they were extensions of his body. He has mastered the art of utilizing the blades fully, coating them with haki and even spreading it a bit farther. Jack is capable of utilizing his haki to extend the reach of his blade beyond the tip of the blade, allowing for slashes that wouldn't normally connect to strike his opponent. He's fully capable of applying his Haki throughout his flying slashes as well, letting him affect devil fruit users from a distance.

In terms of defense he mostly uses them to decrease his susceptibility to opponent's devil fruit abilities, mostly paramecia types. His Haki is easily equivalent to other high tier fighter's in terms of strength, giving him a fair amount of protection.


Shodai KitetsuEdit

Kitetsu Shodai

Shodai Kitetsu

A cursed blade, Shodai Kitetsu is one of the three blades manufactured by the master blacksmith Kitetsu. Being the first blade in the series, it is by far the highest grade and the most powerful. It qualifies as of the Saijo O Wazamono Grade Swords, the highest quality swords ever manufactured. It sits up there with the likes of Yoru, a sword that was held by the greatest swordsmen of his time, Dracule Mihawk. Like Yoru, it's blade is black, however unlike Yoru, the blade is much closer to a classical katana than a saber, albeit it is roughly a half foot longer than the average blade. In addition the sword is incredibly heavy, clocking in at roughly one thousand kilograms, needing monstrous strength to even wield it.

This blade has two unique properties that set it apart from the other eleven supreme swords, these being the curse that it contains and the unique alloy that it is crafted from.

Kitetsu was not a good man, his heart having long since fallen to evil when he crafted his greatest creations. He poured all of his anger and cruelty towards the world into his swords, bestowing each with an extreme blood lust and a powerful curse. However, Shodai received by far the strongest of these traits, to the point where it's curse was one of slaying. Shodai is not a blade that can be wielded easily, lesser swordsmen are incapable of wielding it, as the curse and blood lust will consume them in their entirety. There is only one thing though that is certain with Shodai's curse, no matter how strong the wielder is. Whenever the blade is drawn, someone will die, as the blade will refuse to be sheathed without bathing in somebody's blood. Due to this, this blade is only wielded when Jack decides he needs to utilize both blades, as shown when he uses Nintoryu style techniques.

The other unique property is the alloy that Kitetsu forged this blade from. It is a unique blend of iron, sea stone, and an extremely rare binding agent called orichalcum, making the blade to be made of only successful use of sea stone in an alloy. This makes the blade devastating against devil fruit users, as due to the fact the sea stone in it's structure makes it capable of cutting devil fruit users normally, even logias, and completely nullifying their abilities. It also makes the blade's construction incredibly strong, as the ratios in various parts of the blade are perfect to make an incredibly sharp and hard edge combined with a durable and tough back, rendering the blade virtually indestructible, cementing it's position among the supreme grade swords. In addition, it's grip is made of leather made from a piece of the skin of the largest sea king ever seen to date, The Forgotten Emperor of the Depths, a absolutely titanic sea king that sleeps in the depths of the ocean at the center of the calm belt. This monstrous creature is over a mile in length, and is considered to not only be unkillable, but unstoppable as well, with legends saying that even Roger himself was incapable of causing more than a shallow flesh wound to the beast. However, a small sample was procured, enough to create the outer layer of the grip for each weapon, which not only provides a solid grip that renders the weapon difficult to pull from the wielder, also renders the sword useless as a lightning rod vs the user, as the resistance is so high electricity will arc through the air to the ground instead of going through the user. It is wrapped around a wooden core made from the Treasure Tree Adam, assuring that the handle will never break. Lastly there is a set of wires wrapped through a set of cloth strings that is made of pure sea stone. This is to prevent any but a true swordsmen from wielding these weapons, as it prevents any devil fruit user from ever holding the weapon.

This blade is also noted for it's sharpness, to the point where the sheath doesn't actually touch the blade itself, instead gripping it from the side, lest the weight alone causing the blade to cut through the sheath.

Nidai KitetsuEdit

Kitetsu Nidai

Nidai Kitetsu

Nidai Kitetsu is the second of jack's blades, being one of the O Wazamono swords. It was the second blade that the evil blacksmith Kitetsu created, and unlike the first does not contain any sea-stone. The blade itself matches it's brother in length, but as where Shodai Kitetsu is monstrously heavy, Nidai Kitetsu is incredibly light. The blade itself weighs less than half of what the average Katana would at its size, while being no less durable. The blade itself is made of unknown materials, but is almost certainly far less exotic in construction that it's predecessor.

While not as evil as Shodai Kitetsu, Nidai Kitetsu is still full of malice. It too carries a curse upon it, but it's curse is more in line with Sandai Kitetsu than Shodai. Nidai Kitetsu brings naught but misfortune to any that would wield it, and has lead more than one swordsman to ruin in the centuries since it was forged. More than once it has tried to betray Jack and lead to his death, but each time he has overcome the luck through pure skill. Jack has proven to be a master that neither blade can bring down. Though they have both tried to bring his end many times.

Jack utilizes the blade's extremely light construction to his advantage, allowing him to wield the weapon far more quickly than Shodai Kitetsu, allowing him to keep up with even the swiftest of opponent's attacks[1]. He uses this blade as his primary for most opponents, only drawing Shodai Kitetsu out if an opponent is worthy of facing it. As such, this blade sees far more use than it's elder brother.


Jack was born as the son of a noble woman and a simple fisherman who had caught her eye in North Blue. While her parents didn't approve of the relationship, they tolerated it because the fisherman owned his own ship. Jack would regularly go out to sea with his father, learning the ropes of the trade, and strengthening his body. He grew a love of the simple things from his father, learning to live off of the sea. From his mother he learned proper manners, and how to hold himself, dignified and proper. A child of the sea and a child of the estate at the same time.

Jack lived this life for 11 years. until the day that his father's ship was destroyed in a storm at sea, with all hands lost. His mother's parents never did like him, having wanted their daughter to marry a noble. They forced her to abandon him during her grief, and married her off within a year to another noble. She died during childbirth of Jack's half sister.

Jack was given an ultimatum. He could either starve to death as his grandparents disowned him, or he could pack his bags and make a pilgrimage to the temple of the Gogyō Shizora-ryū, a martial order deeper into the island he lives on. There are 13 rings on his home island, each more dangerous than the last and separated by a mountain range. Jack was born on the outer ring, the one most of the population. The order itself is located on the third ring. One must actually reach the order itself to be considered worthy of being trained by it.

Jack made the trek, though he almost died in the attempt, awakening his Haki in the process. He spent three days recovering from the journey, becoming one of the youngest people to ever have completed the journey. His life at the monastery wasn't any less difficult. The journey was the easiest part of the training, and to make things worse for him the headmaster saw him as a rising star. His training was especially brutal, designed to push him to his limits and beyond, every single day.

Jack quickly rose to become one of the top students in the order. His mastery of the wind style was apparent within a couple of years, with him quickly overtaking students who had been at the order for much longer than he had. Jack not only survived his training, he thrived on it. He climbed mountains, swam monster filled swamps, fought through beast filled jungles. By the time he had reached the age of twenty, he had already ventured as far as the 10th ring, where even the beasts used Haki to survive. He honed his skills day in and day out, always striving always reaching higher until at the age of 22, he had reached the level of Grand-master in the Wind Melody of the Gogyō Shizora-ryū.

At the age of 25, Jack became one of three candidates considered to be the next headmaster of the order. He was educated in the basics of the headmaster's void style, which he spent the next two years learning to properly utilize. After the top three students had learned the basics, they were shown to the 13th ring, where the order's purpose was stored. A single poneglyph marked the center of the Isle. The order was built around protecting it, the entire island is built around protecting it. Even the headmaster of the order doesn't know exactly what it's for, he just knows that legend states that they must protect it at all costs until the one who will finally allow it to serve its purpose reveals them self. It was a sacred task passed down from headmaster to headmaster since the void century, over 900 years ago. It is just known that they had to keep the world strong in preparation for whatever events would happen. So every hundred years a single student would be sent out, whose purpose was to cull the weak martial arts from existence. That student would then come back with what they had learned of the world, This student would be the second among them all, and would challenge the first among all yet again, to see if the order needed to change in response to the world.

The third student bowed from the challenge, knowing he couldn't win against neither Jack, nor the Headmaster's son. The two themselves began to duel in earnest in the 11th ring, amidst the beasts and dangers of the ring. Two powerful opponents, both well respected by their peers and each other, both nearly evenly matched. Two lean blades, each at the top of their form. The combat went back and forth, both sides trying their damnedest to overwhelm the other, giving it their all, holding nothing back. They fought on top of mountains, at the bottom of valleys, in the deepest jungles, and the most open of plains. They fought surrounded by beasts capable of destroying battleships, attacked by insects who could consume an individual in moments, clashed as the terrain literally collapsed around them. They fought each other and the nature around them, cooperating to continue their battle as often as against each other. Each was pushed to their absolute limits, and then beyond. Exhausted, starving, kept going only by their indefatigable willpower and desire to strive ever higher. They pushed themselves to the foremost of swordsmanship, the foremost of physical ability, the foremost of Haki control, the foremost of endurance. The battle lasted for nine days.

The two knew they were too closely matched to overwhelm the other. So each had their own strategy. Jack fought to slowly weaken his opponent's legs, constantly chipping away at them by forcing him into areas where rolling one's ankle was likely, aiming blasts at them, the whole nine yards. It even worked after a while. His opponent used his mastery of fire to slowly destroy Jack's swords. In their final climax, almost where they began, both plans bore fruit. Jack dealt a serious blow to his opponent, finally giving him the advantage he needed to win, right as his opponent's riposte shattered both his blades. Even with his opponent injured Jack knew he couldn't win without his weapons. He was forced to accept defeat, though not in shame. He knew there was no shame in losing to a worthy opponent, and he could think of no one more worthy than the man who had finally defeated him.

Leaving the MonasteryEdit


Leaving on a New Path.

Jack had lost his battle, but he knew this gave him an opportunity to grow, and accepted defeat gracefully. His loss meant that he would be the one to travel the world, the one who would see if the order needed to evolve, see what else the world had gone through in the last one hundred years. He set out from the monastery to both test the world and promote the style. It is a task he is still currently on.

Once he left, he traveled around north blue, challenging dojo after dojo. The majority of said dojos didn't meet the minimum standards, and were eliminated to preserve the world's strength. The ones that did were allowed to survive and thrive. It was not bloodless by any means, as most didn't accept the Gogyō Shizora-ryū's pre-eminence in the martial arts world. Those who voluntarily abandoned their art were spared, those who didn't were eliminated. That was his task, that was his duty. He didn't particularly like wiping out so many, but his oath was sacred, and so they must be purged.

After he had finished in North Blue, he traveled to the other oceans, giving them the same treatment. The world government was aware of his actions, but had nothing in place in those seas that could particularly stop him. Over a hundred orders were purged in all from the four seas, garnering his first bounty. Occasionally there were attempts to stop him, but they all failed. After this, he moved on to the next part, completing his task among the first half of the grand line. It was here he ran into the first order that could realistically defeat him.

He challenged the birthplace of the Rokushiki. He fought and killed dozens of students, survived a full marine strike force sent to put him down. He defeated the marine vice-admiral who was at the school at the time. He additionally defeated the headmaster of the entire order in heated combat. It was the toughest fight he had been a part of since he left the monastery. But Rokushiki had earned its right to exist. He even deemed it worthy of integrating into the Gogyō Shizora-ryū. So he memorized the six powers, and started learning them on his travels.

However this brazen attack upon one of the cornerstones of the World Government finally brought their full ire upon him. An admiral was dispatched after him, as anything less wouldn't have been enough. After several months, Admiral Fuyuki finally caught up to Jack, and it marked the second time he was ever defeated in battle[2].

However this wasn't the end of him. He was given another chance. Though he was disowned by his order to prevent its annihilation, he was offered the position of warlord. Jack was one of the greatest swordsmen in the world, and therefore was a prize for the World Government. Jack himself was still determined to finish his task, even if it was in secret. There was only one place left though, the new world. His task would bring him into conflict with some of the most dangerous beings in the world, the Yonko.

To the world, Jack may seem like someone without honor, destroying those weaker than him because they are weaker, but he is anything but. He's a man of honor who through duty was compelled to do things that many would find dishonorable. But that is life. He just walks along the road laid before him, pushed on by the wind. A long road awaits...



Name Nickname Bounty
Bimore O. Jack "Black Blade Jack" Beli211,000,000 (Frozen)
First Bounty: For wiping out six styles of swordsmanship in North Blue, Jack was given a bounty of Beli10,000,000 after escaping from a group of marines trying to apprehend him.

Second Bounty: After repeating his actions undertaken in North Blue throughout the other three Blue Seas, Jack earned the ire of the many marine groups that were sent in an attempt to subdue him. While most of these marine groups were knocked out, there were a few fatalities, exclusively among devil fruit users accompanying them. For these actions, Jack earned a bounty of Beli65,000,000

Third Bounty: Upon the end of his assault on one of the primary Marine bases where Rokushiki was taught, defeating both the vice-admiral in charge of the base and the Rokushiki Grand-Master in charge of the school, Jack's bounty received a massive increase up to Beli211,000,000. This bounty was eventually frozen following his loss to Fuyuki, and is currently void.

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Jack's Bounty Poster


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Concept and CreationEdit

  • Jack was originally a member of my Stars and Stripes Pirate, as he is named after a former US admiral. When I decided not to continue the crew, he became intended to be a Shichibukai.
  • Jack is intended to be one of the strongest swordsmen on the wiki.


  • A thanks to Ash for the style name, dude was always good with names.
  • There are some similarities to Hasshoken and the Gogyō Shizora-ryū. Jack considers Hasshoken to be a crappy imitation, and has more than a few times gone out of his way to destroy parts of the Happo Navy.
  • Jack can in fact believe it is not butter.
  • Jack's art is based off of Yao Lianzhou from the mahwa Blood and Steel.
  • Jack's favorite food is a Sea Stew, a holdover from the days of his father.


  1. Over The Top: Jack keeps up with Wolfgang's claw using Nidai Kitetsu.
  2. A Winter's Breeze: After a concerted effort, Jack was overwhelmed by Ravinger despite his attempts at a counterattack.
  3. Cloud Gazing: Jack overwhelmed Coin, forcing him to retreat.
  4. Over The Top: Jack defeated Wolfgang in brutal combat, which the mink barely survived.