A bounty is a government-issued reward placed on an individual and awarded to whoever can apprehend or kill that person. The amount of a bounty is determined in response to the perceived threat level of the criminal in question; the greater the threat to the world, the greater the bounty. In the eyes of a pirate, high bounties are thus usually seen as a sign of strength. After all, having been assigned a bounty means that the World Government as well as the Marines acknowledge the threat of the person to whom it is assigned.




Lists Edit

See also the page reserved for the "At Least" Bounties: At Least.

Active Bounties Edit

Name Nickname Bounty
Mont Blanc Burling "World Gate" Beli Small1,830,000,000
Bathory McGhinnis "Crown Prince" Beli Small1,280,000,000
Raptor D. Circus N/A Beli Small1,080,000,000
Vera "The Brave" Beli Small987,000,000
Gilbert D. Bertram "Birthday Boy" Beli Small802,400,000
Knott Vandalia "Solaris" Beli Small780,000,000
Armada "Treasure Chest" Beli Small777,000,000
Drummond Wheel "Tantrum" Beli Small734,000,000
Trickshot N/A Beli Small672,000,000
Willahelm Bill "Farland" Beli Small600,000,000
Scratch N/A Beli Small600,000,000
Princeton Strathmore "Big Foot" Beli Small582,000,000
Ridgeland Plank "Telephone" Beli Small555,000,000
Blumenthal Gerhard "Doctor of Games" Beli Small500,000,000
Salazar "Black Cross" Beli Small500,000,000
Wrigley Wright "Wiggles" Beli Small497,000,000
Dapper Dan "Dandy" Beli Small490,000,000
Sperius Vesper "Scavenger" Beli Small440,000,000
Quip "Dance Instructor" Beli Small405,000,000
Dragon D. Dexter "Thug" Beli Small330,000,000
Douglas Harvey "Burping" Beli Small330,000,000
Al Rauf Najeem "Desert Prince" Beli Small320,000,000
Wynn Erin "Devil's Breeze" Beli Small310,000,000
Rockbrock Ragnar "The Red" Beli Small300,000,000
Ferrothorn Braxton "Justice's Thorn" Beli Small250,000,000
Daniels Ora "Silly Rabbit" Beli Small244,000,000
Ascalon "King of Beasts" Beli Small240,000,000
Elizabeth "Big Sis" Beli Small235,000,000
Crowley Alistair "Headsman" Beli Small230,000,000
Worden Luhr "Great Blue" Beli Small220,000,000
Betty Levu N/A Beli Small220,000,000
Bon "Rat Catcher" Beli Small210,000,000
Almasy D. Laszlo "Cursed Prophet" Beli Small200,000,000
Katashi "Bouncing" Beli Small200,000,000
Nanashi N/A Beli Small200,000,000
Julia MuuMuu N/A Beli Small200,000,000
Brandt Abigail N/A Beli Small184,000,000
Maurier Harlan "The Haunted" Beli Small175,000,000
Drax Douglas "Red Oar" Beli Small160,000,000
Daryal N/A Beli Small155,000,000
Vita "The Sun" Beli Small135,000,000
Billy "One-Glance" Beli Small130,000,000
Billie "One-Eyed" Beli Small130,000,000
Willy "One-Step" Beli Small130,000,000
Willie "One-Man" Beli Small130,000,000
Killer Jones "Serial Killer" Beli Small125,000,000
Suthermond V. Tibain "King of Miracles" Beli Small122,000,000
Jack Frost "Sub-Zero" Beli Small100,000,000
Hurra Al Sayyid "Sayyid the Outsider" Beli Small100,000,000
Cazzar "The Titan" Beli Small100,000,000
Graham Alexander "Ma Bell" Beli Small96,000,000
Windsor D. Esperanza "Fireheart" Beli Small90,000,000
Mauricio Kerrim "Blackened Crow" Beli Small85,000,000
Yoroi Armis "Tiny-Head" Beli Small69,000,000
Umori Kenshiro "Green Scourge" Beli Small65,000,000
Hazen Yosef "The Heretic" Beli Small60,000,000
Yamamah Al Zarqa "Lavender Spirit" Beli Small60,000,000
Rak Roberts "Dreaded Roberts" Beli Small55,000,000
Griselda Emelisse "Empress" Beli Small50,000,000
Saffron D. Belial "Boxing Buddha" Beli Small50,000,000
Fluer Frida "Ship Hopper" Beli Small40,000,000
Tracy Cheryl N/A Beli Small40,000,000
Jenks N/A Beli Small40,000,000
Phim D. Sera "White Feather" Beli Small30,000,000
Sinbad "Minotaur" Beli Small30,000,000
Miku N/A Beli Small30,000,000
Morgenstern "Book Worm" Beli Small20,000,000
Allar D. Daniel "Spandex Spider" Beli Small20,000,000
Syn Maxwell "Miracle Max" Beli Small15,000,000
Crickett Anne "Buccaneer" Beli Small15,000,000
Buster D. Zack "Bone Buster" Beli Small15,000,000
Deanna "Primal Princess" Beli Small15,000,000
Cicero D. Melodias "Druid" Beli Small12,000,000
Brisei Augus "Swooper" Beli Small10,000,000
Fisher J. Alva "Runaway" Beli Small10,000,000
Aosame "Green Beast" Beli Small7,000,000
Catarina Quinn "Big Bad" Beli Small5,000,000
Asclepius "Milkweed" Beli Small3,000,000

Frozen Bounties Edit

Name Nickname Bounty
Veno "Public Enemy" Beli Small2,224,800,000
Benjamin Tabart "Giant Slayer" Beli Small500,000,000
Qasarhog Yanbaal "White Crow" Beli Small400,000,000
Lancaster Hecate "Grey General" Beli Small400,000,000
Bimore O. Jack "Black Blade" Beli Small211,000,000
Raven D. Sora "Blue Wind" Beli Small190,000,000

Former Bounties Edit

Name Nickname Bounty
Barney Kettle "Black Hand" Beli Small675,000,000
Fukuoka Soren N/A Beli Small600,000,000
Draco D. Damon "Asura" Beli Small505,000,000
Foxpack "Nine-Tailed" Beli Small500,000,000
Apu "Golden Arms" Beli Small400,000,000
Frederick Barbarossa "Redbeard" Beli Small105,000,000
Anna N/A Beli Small15,000,000

Record Bounties Edit


Record Name Nickname Bounty
Highest Active Bounty in New World Mont Blanc Burling "World Gate" Beli Small1,830,000,000
Highest Recorded Bounty in New World Veno "Public Enemy" Beli Small2,224,800,000
Lowest Active Bounty in New World Asclepius "Milkweed" Beli Small3,000,000
Highest Active Bounty in Paradise Drax Douglas "Red Oar" Beli Small160,000,000
Lowest Active Bounty in Paradise Asclepius "Milkweed" Beli Small3,000,000
Most Bounties Issued Foxpack "Nine-Tailed" At least 8 issued
Highest Starting Bounty Fukuoka Soren N/A Beli Small300,000,000
Lowest Starting Bounty Asclepius "Milkweed" Beli Small3,000,000
Highest Rookie Bounty Benjamin Tabart "Giant Slayer" Beli Small500,000,000
Highest Former Bounty Barney Kettle "Black Hand" Beli Small675,000,000
Lowest Former Bounty Anna N/A Beli Small15,000,000
Highest Shichibukai Former Bounty Veno "Public Enemy" Beli Small2,224,800,000
Lowest Shichibukai Former Bounty Raven D. Sora "Blue Wind" Beli Small190,000,000


Record Name Bounty
Highest Total Crew Bounty Xros Pirates At Least Beli Small10,099,400,000
Non-Pirate Highest Total Bounty Blacklist At Least Beli Small5,280,000,000
Lowest Total Crew Bounty Dewdrop Pirates Beli Small32,000,000
Non-Pirate Lowest Total Bounty Drawn Sword of Wholeness Beli Small160,000,000


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Trivia Edit

  • Benjamin Tabart is the only person to currently hold a "Only Alive" Bounty.
    • While Ashley would normally count, her status as a fake person diminishes it.
  • Salazar is, so far, the only individual to have his bounty frozen, labelled as hunt, and then reiterated.
  • Foxpack is the only person whose bounty has decreased, going back and forth.
  • Bathory McGhinnis's Bounty is the first one shown to enter the Billions in the Fanon's Story.

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