Rage of the Red Dragon
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Calivic Nore is a pirate and shipwright of the Fang Pirates. Being the eldest of the group he is often found comforting the other members in times of hardship, and has taken a sort of grandfatherly role amongst the crew. Before joining the Fang Pirates, Nore gained a somewhat small bounty of 13,000,000 for using bombs to attack both the Marines. and government facility's the course of several anti government campaigns. As such, he has crafter an entire arsenal of bombs to use in combat, creating chaos at long range and closing in to crush opponents with his incredible strength and his Boom Knuckle gloves.


Nore towers over most people, standing at six feet and four inches tall. He possesses an very strong build, honed over a long time of working on ships and lifting heavy materials. He has brown eyes and scruffy shoulder length blond hair, and trims his beard into a goatee sideburn combination. His hands are also heavily scared, a mark of his long career as a craftsmen and shipwright.

His trademark is a blood red bandana he wears to keep his hair out of his eyes, as well as block sweat from dripping into his eyes when he is working. Other than that, he sports a pare of grey army pants held up with a large wrestling belt and black steel toed boots when working. When ashore, Nore adds a pair of dark sunglasses and a black leather jacket to his attire, a small attempt to keep himself from being recognised by the general public. In combat, he dons what he calls his "War Gear". The first part of this is his Boom Knuckles which, when he isn't wearing them, hang off of the back of his belt. He lines his wrestlers belt with several of the different bombs he has created, adding a whole other level of versatility to his fighting style. Lastly, his War Gear wouldn't be complete with out his backpack full Boom poles, which dispense out of the bottom for easy access.





Boom pole - A tool Nore developed as a delivery method for his bombs, built to be thrown even between battling ships. They take the form of a flashlight like tool, which can be extended to the length of a spear with the push of a button. The bombs themselves sit in a hub at the end, allowing Nore to switch the type of bombs he uses depending on the situation. They are made to be very durable as well, meaning that Nore can retrieve and reuse them even in the midst of combat should he need to. So far he has created three bomb variants to use with this weapon. The first is a regular explosion, functioning somewhat like a mine in that it explodes when it comes into contact with something. The second is an incendiary devise, spraying gas into the area after it has landed followed by a spark. The last is, in essence, a nail bomb that can send shrapnel across an entire ship deck.

Boom Knuckles - Nore's other signature weapons, this time geared exclusively for close range combat. They are a pair of heavily armored gantlets, with a launcher located on the top. They work in a fairly simple manor as well; a trigger plate located on the knuckles which will fire a grenade into whatever he has just hit. They are able to reload automatically through a belt that wraps around Nore's arm as well, allowing him to punch several times before running out of munitions.