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Calm Belt is one of the Seven Seas, split up into four sections, all of which border on the Four Blues and the Grand Line. In a sense, they serve as barriers between one sea and the other.

Due to the absence of ocean and wind currents, the Calm Belt is almost impossible to navigate through. Even if a ship manages to bypass that, it houses many monsters, such as the Sea Kings. Marines have taken to using Seastone at the hull of their warships to temporarily hide from these monsters.



Incidence of ocean monsters.


Notable Places


Standing between the New World and North Blue is the World Wound caused by Bimore O. Jack, which has further troubled navigation from one to the other.

It spans a large distance, supposedly covering around one forth of that Calm Belt region.

Purple Divider

Another weather event, this one made by Rena Argo through his venomous powers, it borders on the Paradise portion and South Blue.

Its presence causes poisonous storms and clouds to cross Paradise and reach the opposite Calm Bet there, thus polluting it.