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Daikaku is one of the four most powerful pirates actively sailing the seas, one of the Yonko. Considered to be one of the most dangerous men in the world, especially in regard to the World Government, he is one of the most wanted men in the world. The last High Priest at a decimated Buddhist temple, he became known as Mad Monk by the World Government, though he is often referred to as Bokushi in a more respectful manner. His alias in the Underworld is Dealer. Having eaten the Hito Hito no Mi, he has become a Human Man.


Daikaku is a fairly short, thick built man. He isn't fat though, as it is all muscle. As a monk, he shaves his head, although his sideburns have grown out, and he also has a trimmed moustache and beard, showing his hair to be black in colour. His eyebrows are fairly bushy, and usually seen up in a jovial facial expression. His nose is a deep red colour from busted capillaries, though this was a side effect of him Awakening his Devil Fruit instead of from over drinking. His eyes are a deep green colour, that are surprisingly clear. He wears a set of black robes that are draped with saffron and maroon patterned ones. These robes are extremely worn, as they were the ones he wore in his old temple. At the back of his robes, there is a braided, maroon coloured rope, and on his feet he has sandals.

Young priest

Young Daikaku.

Before becoming High Priest, Daikaku looked much the same, only younger. He lacked any of his current wrinkles, and didn't have side burns or a moustache, though he still had his beard. He was considerably skinnier, as a large portion of his mass was a direct result of his Devil Fruit, and his nose was not red. He wore similar clothing, with the black robes and sandals, only missing the saffron and maroon ones that indicate one as being High Priest.



Daikaku was born on Chimon, an autumn island in the first half of the Grand Line. This small island has had a long history as a peaceful, self sustaining island with no true governing body that goes back to the Void Century. The only thing that is on it is a fairly large Buddhist temple that is its own sect, possessing a poneglyph within the temple walls. This temple has held a stable relationship with the World Government despite not being controlled by a government under their control. This is because they have sworn to uphold the peace, and because of the negative perception they would gain from the public if it was discovered that they attacked a peaceful, religious sanctuary.

Daikaku himself was the first born son of the High Priest, making him a direct descendent of the temples founder, and in line to become the succeeding High Priest. His childhood was spent learning the philosophies of the temple, and training in the martial art passed down from the founder, Otokomichi (男途 path of man), through the use of which the priests would fight off any rowdy pirates that came to Chimon. At the age of twenty, Daikaku became the latest High Priest after the passing of his father. As initiation to ascend to High Priesthood, it was tradition to eat a fruit from the Tree of Enlightenment, a tree that has been growing and producing fruit since the temples founding. This tree is kept within four walls, but no roof, where only the High Priest is allowed to enter, becoming quite large after 900 years. The fruit that Daikaku ate had an unusual colouration, and had a very funky taste to it, but it was the only one available for him at the time, so he ate the whole thing without complaint. After eating this fruit, his mind opened up, giving him enlightenment just as the tree’s name suggested.

While walking around the temple grounds, High Priest Daikaku came across the poneglyph that is kept on their premises, and realized that he understood the words that were written on it, something he never could do before. What was recorded on it was shocking to him, and he decided that he must relay these teachings to the rest of the members of the temple. Unfortunately, as the World Government did not trust this unaffiliated island, they had a few of their people infiltrated as monks. When word reached them that the High Priest could read the ancient writings, and was spreading knowledge acquired from a poneglyph to the inhabitants of the island, a Buster Call was set ordered to eliminate the threat, under the guise that this temple was only a front for devils wishing to bring an end to the peace of the World Government. The Buster Call rained hell down upon the small island, burning it down to the ground and wiping it off the maps of the world. Daikaku manged to avoid being instantly killed through a subconscious awakening of Busoshoku Haki protecting his body. The invisible armour could not entirely protect him from the onslaught though, resulting in him receiving heavy concussive damage. The only reason he could stay awake through the heavy damage was through his strength of will. He knew there was nothing he could do to save anyone, and thought he himself was a goner, but ended up stumbling around without knowing his destination. He ended up at the Tree of Enlightenment, and climbed into the space between the gnarled roots of the tree. Digging with his hands in order to get deeper underground, Daikaku passed out from the damage he had taken, surviving the hell brought by the Marines thanks to the protective roots. After recovering enough to move, Daikaku decided that he must continue learning the secret of the Void Century, and that he would need to become a pirate in order to do so and oppose the corruption.

Having already realized that what he had eaten as initiation for High Priesthood was a Devil Fruit, and that the Tree of Enlightenment was merely a tree that produced the specific type of fruit that that particular Devil Fruit reincarnated into, Daikaku did not mourn the death of the tree. He instead felt grateful that it provided him protection. Using the very roots that protected him, he created a simple boat to leave the dead island. Because he didn’t have any sails to pick up the wind, he made a row boat with his limited skill. Because of the treacherous weather seen within the Grand Line, and lacking any Log Pose to use for navigation, it was a miracle that he managed to get to a different island alive. From this new island, Daikaku met three young local delinquents who joined him after, forming the Monk Pirates. Stealing a proper ship, he started his life of piracy.

Laying low and for several years afterwards, quietly amassing strength and orienting himself within the first half of the Grand Line under the radar of the World Government. It was in this time that some of the most powerful members joined Daikaku, including a ten year old William Parker. After feeling that he was properly prepared, Daikaku began to make his presence felt in the world as he set his crew loose to wreak havoc while he sought out the Poneglyphs. Over time, the Monk Pirates' infamy caught the attention of the World Government, and they realized he was a survivor of the Chimon incident.

Two attempts to erase this mistake of theirs were made before they discovered just how dangerous he truly was. The first was through CP9, but one of the assassins sent killed his fellow agents and joined Daikaku. The next time, they sent a promising Marine Rear Admiral, but he and his whole ship came back severely wounded, and after his recovery, he left the marines to join the former monk. Assessing him as a major threat, Daikaku was given the epithet “Mad Monk” in an attempt to discredit anything that he should spread.



Powers & Abilities

As the Captain of his crew, Daikaku has full authority over the other members. In order to ease his job slightly, he has two Jokers that act with authority, and split the crew into four divisions, each with a leader that commands the other members. Daikaku usually leaves most of the details for these six people to tend to, while he deals with any major decisions.

As one of the Yonko, Daikaku has the power to shake the world. When he and his crew make movements, the whole world moves with them. Being one of the Three Great Powers, he helps to uphold the peace and balance of the world. Inciting his wrath is the same thing as starting a war, the likes of which would cause the rest of the world to quake in fear. Daikaku can claim whole islands as his own territory, and has done so with a great many of islands within the New World. His pirate crew has multiple crews that are affiliated to his own, acting as his comrades that are under his protection and act with his authority, yet remain as separate crews.

Devil Fruit

The Hito Hito no Mi is a Zoan-type Devil Fruit that is based on the human species. Because he was already human, instead of gaining normal Zoan-type powers by eating the Hito Hito no Mi, Daikaku has gained two different things, the first of which being enlightenment. This has opened his mind up, allowing him to truly look at everything objectively without being clouded by emotions. It also gave Daikaku the knowledge of human potential, and to comprehend it all. While he wasn't granted the genius of people like Vegapunk, he is fully capable of understanding anything humanly possible to understand, whether someone tells him it or he reads it. He is able to quickly notice patterns, which allows him to work out different codes. This enabled him to decipher, and understand the dead language on the poneglyphs, despite not truly knowing the language. It has also shown to let him see through any fighting style or martial art, which lets him read his opponents movements and their patterns. Ultimately, if he has seen the fighting style enough times, he can even incorporate pieces into his own fighting style and improve upon them if he is given enough time. Devil Fruit users who fight him tend to think that he can also see through Devil Fruits just as he can see through fighting styles, but that is not the case. Despite the fact that he can't see through them, he can objectively look at the powers they grant in order to puzzle out possible weaknesses thanks in part to his enlightened mind. What can possibly be seen as the most dangerous quality Daikaku's enlightenment gave him is a thorough knowledge of Haki. It is believed that he may potentially have more knowledge of this powerful force than anyone else alive. While this in itself doesn't provide him with a powerful Haki, it does give him incredible control over his Haki. He also has knowledge about the intricacies of the energy that no one else knows about.

The second thing Daikaku gained with this Devil Fruit is a genetically superior body. Upon eating the Hito Hito no Mi, his body changed on a genetic level. All of his body’s functions have been enhanced to the peak human level, such as his senses, reaction time and immune system. This genetic superiority didn't affect superficial appearances, so he still looks the same as he did before. This resulted in him going through somewhat of a late growth spurt after eating the fruit, gaining significant muscle mass, but only to the optimal level, so he doesn’t get slowed down by his muscles. Since hybrids born between the different races in the world; such as fishmen, giants, dwarves, or what is classically referred to as humans; will produce fertile offspring, they can be considered subspecies as opposed to entirely separate species. This means that overall they all fall under the “human” classification. Because of this, by gaining a genetically superior human body, Daikaku gained traits from these other races. This includes the strength of fishmen, the speed of dwarves, and the vitality of giants.


The highest level of mastery over ones Devil Fruit, an Awakening is known to result in differing powers depending not only on the individual fruit, but same Devil Fruit types also seem to produce similar results. Daikaku has achieved an Awakened state with his Devil Fruit after years of training. While Mythical Zoans appear to be quite different from other Zoans in their Awakening, most Zoans result in a much larger, and physically powerful hybrid form, as well as a major increase in the user’s regeneration. They also gain a dripping nose and cutesy facial features. This state is extremely draining on the users mental strength, where if they over use it, they will essentially become mindless beasts that completely lose their individuality to the fruit. Even though Daikaku is a Zoan Devil Fruit user, his power doesn't act the same way as would be expected of a Zoan as a result of him being the same species as his fruit. This irregularity can also be seen in his Awakened form, as he doesn't have a hybrid form to enter. Instead, when Daikaku enters his Awakened state, he gains an increase in strength and regeneration, but without an increase in his body size or the cutesy face. He did however gain a permanently reddened nose. The increase in strength comes from Daikaku's brain releasing the limiter on his muscles, allowing him to use 100% of his strength, as opposed to just 20%. He also gains increased blood flow throughout his body, from his vessels dilating, and starts to metabolize food faster. All of this greatly increases his strength, speed, and regeneration greatly. Due to his enhanced mental fortitude, he can stay in his Awakened state longer than normal before his conscious mind starts to weaken. The longer he stays in his Awakened state though, the more his muscles will tear afterwards.

Physical Capabilities

Strong arm

Daikaku is a superior human being, on a genetic level, thanks to his Devil Fruit. This provides him with advantages that the different races have access to in one body. The muscles inside Daikaku’s body are particularly unique as a result of this. All of his muscles are made ten times stronger than an ordinary humans muscles, as a result of fishman influence on his genes. This in itself would make him much stronger than previously, but his muscles also gained traits from dwarves. The dwarf race have muscles that are extremely compacted inside their tiny bodies, providing them with unimaginable strength for such a small size. Daikaku has received this trait as well, but when scaled up to his body size, he has considerably more muscles compacted into his body. These dwarven muscles combined with the fishman’s composition provide Daikaku with the strength to easily suppress even the giants. He has also gained the speed of the dwarves, scaled up to the size of a traditional human, as a result of these muscles. He can move faster than an ordinary human eye can perceive. This speed can be compared to the Rokushiki technique, Soru.

While giants are known for their extraordinary strength, this is more attributed to their massive size as opposed to differences in their muscles. But something their bodies have that is exclusive to their race is their incredible vitality. This can be seen how they can work themselves almost constantly without tiring. This vitality was acquired by Daikaku through his Devil Fruit, providing him with inhuman levels of endurance. He can work himself hard for days without requiring any rest, and for impossibly longer if he should regularly take short breaks for food, water, and rest.

With the mink tribe being a race of mammalian humanoids, they are known for their highly keen senses. Daikaku has attained these heightened senses. While his senses have improved drastically, he didn't gain species specific improvements to his senses. For instance, while his olfactory acuity has inrceased, he didn't acquire a wolf's sense of smell. Instead, his senses have been risen to something of a common ground among nonhuman mammals. It is common for mammals to have a form of night vision, in which they can see infrared light, so Daikaku has gained such a level of visual clarity. The range of his auditory perception has also broadened, allowing him to hear some ultra and infra sounds, and from a further distance. Daikaku's heightened senses don't just include the five commonly known ones, but also some of the more obscure ones. This includes his equilibrioception, greatly improving his balance. It is also fairly common for mammals to be able to sense electromagnetic waves, as well as magnetic fields, and has been gained by the Yonko.

Since he was old enough to walk, Daikaku has engaged in a daily training program. This made Daikaku quite powerful in itself before he ate the Hito Hito no Mi, and has continued practicing this program afterwards. He had increased the intensity of his training since then, but he still practices it everyday. The reason for this is that ordinary people can easily surpass him if he were to let his body rust. The most common part of Daikaku's training regimen is practicing his battle movements by himself in a slower motion. These movements are done while straining his muscles to their limit. When Daikaku does this training he stays secluded from everyone, as the immediate area around him becomes influenced by his strength of will and and gets imposed on anyone who enters it, causing them to pass out. Extended exposure will even be life threatening. It was suggested that only Yonko level individuals can withstand this overbearing environment.

Fighting Style


Daikaku's fighting stance.

Daikaku’s fighting style is very fluid, adapting to his opponent in the middle of the fight and through incorporating new styles into his own. This is a result of his Devil Fruit providing him with enlightenment. He can see through people; tell what someone might be thinking based on their body language, predict an opponent’s movements by watching their muscles relax or contract, and even replicate a person’s techniques perfectly just by watching. In this way, he simply becomes more and more dangerous the more varied the opponents he faces and survives against are. Despite having such a fluid fighting style, he does require a base to act as a container of sorts. Otherwise, if he had no style to act as a base, his fighting would be all over the place and an utter mess. Daikaku uses the martial art of his temple, Otokomichi, as his base. There are two reasons for this choice; because he had already trained in it for well over a decade by the time he ate his Devil Fruit, and because it is unique to him as the last remaining resident of Chimon.

Otokomichi is a much disciplined, defensive martial art at its core, resulting in Daikaku being mainly a defensive fighter whose movements all have a purpose. It focuses on countering an opponent’s attacks and using their own momentum against them. As this defensive style is the basis for Daikaku’s entire fighting style, he mostly uses the skills he incorporates in a passive aggressive manner to reflect it. Since he is truly fluid while fighting though, he will occasionally make an openly offensive movement if he has read that the situation calls for it. His fighting stance that he goes into before any altercation is an open legged stance with him holding a set of prayer beads taut between both hands. This stance is important for Daikaku getting into the proper mindset for a fight. If he should start fighting without entering this stance, his technique becomes sloppy. Though for Daikaku, that just means that his movements aren’t flawless. Because of this, he will always look for an opportunity to enter his fighting stance if he were to get ambushed into a fight.

Over the course of his career as a pirate, Daikaku has been in many fights, and has seen many different fighting styles. However, he doesn't see the need to incorporate all of these styles into himself. Instead, he picks useful ones, as well as those that he deems particularly powerful. Because his base martial art is meant to be entirely defensive, focusing on countering and redirection, he actually had no experience with punching through his base. As such, he immediately knew that he should incorporate boxing once he had seen it, so he could throw a proper punch.

Thanks to the Ace of Hearts in his crew, Daikaku has received plenty of exposure to the martial art used almost exclusively by the World Government, Rokushiki. This martial art is said to change a user’s body into that of a superhuman. There are six techniques that users can learn, with a seventh becoming available to those who have truly mastered the other six. Individuals who are particularly skilled with a particular technique will often create their own variation of it. These techniques include: making ones body go limp in order to effectively dodge, hardening one’s body to be strong as steel, blindingly fast movement, kicking off the air, effectively turning ones finger into a body piercing bullet, creating air blades with kicks, and producing shock waves from ones fists. As he has been exposed to Rokushiki so much, Daikaku has thoroughly seen through the techniques, and has had every opportunity to let them seep into his own style. However, Daikaku is not a big fan of the style and has chosen not to learn the offensive techniques. He does still make use of the other four skills, as he finds their usefulness to outweigh his own personal feelings towards the martial art itself. When Karoshi joined Daikaku's crew, he was a master of all six forms, and was aware of the existence of a seventh technique that was available to true masters, though could not use it. With that knowledge, Daikaku helped his crew mate learn the true form of Rokushiki.


After witnessing a great many masterful swordsmen in battle, including the Ace of Spades in his crew, Daikaku was able to see through the art of swordsmanship. However, as he isn't a swordsman himself, he wasn't able to include it into his fighting style at first. Eventually he managed to figure out a way though, utilizing something similar to a Mutoryu style. Daikaku realized that master swordsmen begin focusing all of their strength into one point, along the blade of their swords, in order to maximize their cutting power, even if they don't realize they are doing this. By making use of this concept with his body instead of a sword, Daikaku can create fissures in objects with his blows. His Mutoryu is powerful enough to split a mountain in two with a single punch.

Daikaku and his crew have had several altercations with the Happo Navy within the New World, giving him the opportunity to witness, and ultimately see through, Hasshoken, the signature fighting style used by this multi-generational pirate crew. This particular fighting style makes use of the creation of shock waves to enhance their attacks. These shock waves can't be blocked by conventional means, able to bypass most forms of defense and damage the targets internal organs directly. Daikaku has learned to utilize shock waves through the use of Hasshoken, though he doesn't often use it. He usually only uses it offensively when he is getting pushed to his limits by an opponent. He has also created a defensive use for these shock waves. He initially created this defense to aid him against opponents that also use Hasshoken, though later realized it could be used in many other situations. This defense is to create a shock wave when he gets hit that can cancel out the opponents shock wave, but can also be used to weaken most other types of attacks to his body.


Water strike.

After many battles with various fishmen, Daikaku has grasped the trick to the water manipulation used by Fishman Karate and Fishman Jujutsu. Fishman Karate and Fishman Jujutsu are the signature fighting styles of the fishman race. Advanced users are capable of manipulating water to increase their offensive power. Fishman Karate includes striking by aiming to damage the water inside an opponents body, while Fishman Jujutsu allows users to grab water as if it is fabric, and create currents of water through throws. Both of these martial arts are their strongest while underwater. Due to being a Devil Fruit user, he can't utilize it in the same ways as Fishman Jujutsu, or use it to its fullest potential in underwater combat, so when he does use this water manipulation, it is closest in appearance to Fishman Karate. Daikaku will use it to attack the water inside his opponents' bodies, mostly preferring to strike directly over ranged strikes. When Daikaku does choose to use this technique, his strikes are powerful enough to entirely destroy an ordinary persons body, and cripple powerful people who are below his level. This is why he doesn't use it very often, only choosing to use it when pushed to.


For the most part, Daikaku doesn't name his different techniques, instead choosing to simply use them without saying anything. For some things, he will use an umbrella term to refer to a variety of techniques that fall under that category, such as saying "Mutoryu" for any of his swordless techniques. For techniques that already have a name, like those from Rokushiki, he will say the provided name, but does not create names for variations. The only techniques that he will expressly name are his strongest attacks.

  • Kami-e: The Rokushiki skill for evasion, Kami-e is a technique done by making ones body go limp for the purpose of avoiding attacks. By doing this, Rokushiki practitioners seemingly float around, getting pushed out of the way by the air pressure of incoming attacks.
  • Tekkai: The Rokushiki skill for defence, Tekkai is a technique done by hardening ones muscles in order to nullify damage taken.
  • Soru: The Rokushiki skill for speedy movement, Soru is a technique done by kicking off the ground multiple times within an instant. By doing this, Rokushiki practitioners get propelled forwards at superhuman speeds. Daikaku is someone who can normally move at high level Soru speeds on his own, so when he makes use of Soru it becomes nearly impossible to follow his movements. It is common for Soru users to be able to kick off the ground ten times in that instant, but Daikaku will typically kick the ground 50 times. His use of Soru is so violent that it cannot be considered a stealth move; it has been known to produce violent gusts of wind, and cause craters to form where he was standing at the time. But they will appear after Daikaku has already vanished from sight. In fact, Daikaku moves so fast when he uses Soru that he creates a sonic boom from breaking the sound barrier.
  • Geppo: The Rokushiki skill for agility, Geppo is a technique done by kicking off of the air. By doing this, Rokushiki practitioners can change the direction they are moving midair, or to prevent themselves from falling. Daikaku is highly skilled at his usage of Geppo, allowing him to move three dimensionally through the air just as easily as he moves around on the ground. He has even been known to use Geppo together with his Soru, combining the agility and speed of the two techniques.
  • Fishman Calamity Punch:
  • Mutoryu: Fissure Kick:
  • Ougi:


Haki is a mysterious energy that is found within all living creatures in the world. Through proper training, anyone is capable of unleashing this energy, while some people have been known to be born with the ability to use it in some form. This energy comes from an individual’s strength of will. There are two forms of Haki that are available to everyone, while a third form can only be used by a limited number of people. These people are considered to be “kings”, and prove to be powerful leaders who tend to find success in their lives. Daikaku is self taught in all three forms of Haki, having gained knowledge of this skill after achieving enlightenment. Due to his incredible strength of will, he has a very powerful Haki. Because he has achieved enlightenment through his Devil Fruit, Daikaku acquired a near total understanding of Haki, allowing him to utilize his to its ultimate potential.

Busoshoku Haki

Busoshoku Haki is both an offensive and defensive form of Haki that allows a user to coat their body, or objects in contact with them, with invisible armour that will also magnify the damage done by any attack. This armour allows for someone to grab hold of any Devil Fruit user’s true form. This makes it possible for certain intangible or other such fruit users to be damaged through sheer force of will. This was the first form of Haki that Daikaku showed skill with, utilizing it subconsciously during the Buster Call on his temple, only surviving the onslaught because of this invisible armour. Because he used it without conscious thought though, his Haki didn't provide him with a perfect protection. This resulted in him just barely surviving the Marine's attack, receiving heavy concussive damage. After recovering from the attack, he realized that he didn’t survive by mere chance, and that he had tapped into a powerful force in order to survive. He has since trained his Haki extensively, and doesn’t show a preference towards a single form. Instead he proves to be just as skilled with all three forms, a result of his deep understanding of Haki. Daikaku often uses his invisible armour in order to help him redirect powerful attacks. When he combines his Haki with his martial arts, he can indirectly compete with opponents who are using a stronger Haki than he is. In this way, Daikaku doesn't like using more Haki than he needs to for a given situation.

  • Busoshoku: Koka: An advanced Busoshoku Haki technique; by heavily concentrating Haki on certain body parts or objects, one can turn said area black with Haki and harden it. Daikaku proves to be more than capable of coating his entire body in this black Haki, providing his attacks with devastating destructive power, and an overwhelming defense, though will usually only use it on select parts. His body is comparable to a lump of iron when using Koka. Preferring to use the invisible armour over the black variety, Daikaku will only use this technique when he feels the need to. Whenever using it, he will say "Buso", either before his techniques name or just by itself.
    • Busoshoku: Vantablack: Daikaku's response to Warren D. Ralph's Golden Haki. Vantablack is a highly advanced form of Koka, in which his Haki becomes so dark that whatever has been coated seems to lose all dimensionality to it. It no longer appears three-dimensional, and instead looks like a pure black outline. It becomes impossible to visually determine what is closer and what is farther away, as all light hitting this Haki coating is absorbed, reflecting nothing back. Due to this total absorbtion of light, Daikaku's body catches on fire with intense flames shortly after using it. It is often called "The Emperor's Cloak" when he covers his entire body in Vantablack.

Kenbunshoku Haki

Kenbunshoku Haki is a supportive form of Haki that allows users to feel the presence of a living creature’s aura. Through empathy, one is able to know all sorts of information about any and all things within their range. Mainly, it gets used to tell what someone is doing, and what they will do, without needing to see them, however it also has many other uses. It can be used to determine the strength of each individual within the range of the users Haki, or even to hear people’s inner thoughts. It becomes very difficult to battle someone who has a strong Kenbunshoku Haki, as they will know everything you will do before you even do it. If a user loses focus for some reason or another though, they will lose control of their Haki, providing an excellent opening to attack. Daikaku has developed a very powerful Kenbunshoku Haki with an incredible range. After surviving the Buster Call that destroyed his home island due to a subconscious use of Busoshoku Haki, Daikaku gained a thoroughly deep understanding of Haki. He then taught himself to use Kenbunshoku Haki. While he has proven himself to be equally skilled with all three forms of Haki, people who know him tend to believe that Kenbunshoku Haki suits him more than the other types. Which is quite true, as Daikaku’s enlightened mind allows him to have a solid grip on his observational powers, never getting rattled enough to lose control of it. The only time that his Kenbunshoku Haki will start to weaken seems to be if he uses his Awakened form for too long and his mind starts to weaken.

  • Kenbunshoku: Shicho:

Haoshoku Haki

The power of kings, Haoshoku Haki is unique from the other forms of Haki in that not just anyone can use it. Both Busoshoku Haki and Kenbunshoku Haki are available to all living creatures, should they properly train. Haoshoku Haki, on the other hand, is only something that can be acquired by “special” individuals. It is said that only 1 in 1,000,000 people have access to this particular power; and that those who have it, whether they unlock it or not, will become successful in their life. Daikaku is one of these kings, one of these conquerors. After gaining the vast knowledge of Haki that he now possesses, Daikaku learned about Haoshoku Haki, and that it wasn’t something that could be used by just anyone. He also knew that one needs to unlock it before being able to actually use it, though. So he waited for an opportunity that he would be in a dire situation and pushed to his limits, in other words, a situation where he might unlock the power if he truly possessed the gift for it. And that opportunity presented itself to Daikaku when his crew was still young; he was completely surrounded by Marine soldiers, nearly defeated by their numbers when he managed to eliminate 90% of his pursuers in one instant. Haoshoku Haki is a form of Haki that can be used to overwhelm other individuals in such a way that it causes them to pass out and foam at the mouth. This Haki can be resisted by those who have a strong enough will, though may still leave them lightheaded. Daikaku has a powerful Haoshoku Haki that can used over a large range, and can knock out everyone but those with the strongest of wills. It is so powerful that the full exertion of it will crack boulders and splinter wood. He also has incredible control over it though, allowing him to only target the people that he chooses.

  • Haoshoku: Bunya: While training, Daikaku's Haoshoku Haki would subconsciously be released in a small area around himself. This Haki would be incredibly concentrated and powerful, being strong enough to knock out anyone whose strength of will is below Yonko level and even cause bodily harm after extended exposure, getting released for the entire training time. This leaves Daikaku exhausted afterwards and incapable of utilizing his Haki for a short amount of time. The room that he trains in had to be specially reinforced to handle the weight of his Haki. After considerable effort, he became able to enter this state willingly, calling it Bunya. By using it during a fight, he can prevent powerful opponents from using their Haki, as their entire willpower is needed to fend of the assault. Of course, Daikaku also becomes incapable of using any other form of Haki for the time being. This itself is an incredible gamble, as it provides both sides with openings. He is confident enough in his own abilities to make that gamble though. It also provides the benefit of almost guaranteeing that the fight will be a one on one, as it will prevent weaker opponents from stepping in, almost as if they are in an entirely different space. When using it, he will utter "Hao".

Other Skills

Daikaku is highly skilled at navigating, able to easily travel through the New World without difficulties. This came from two things. He gained an incredible understanding of navigation from reading advanced books about it, knowing all the recorded intricacies. The other thing that helps his skills is his enhanced senses. Thanks to his senses, he can feel changes in the wind, smell oncoming storms, and determine slight changes in the outside temperature, among other things. By combining the knowledge accumulated through text, his body's sensitivity, and what he learns through his own experiences filling in any gaps, Daikaku proves to have masterful skill at navigating.


Before becoming a member of the Yonko, Daikaku had a staggering bounty of Beli950,000,000, proving just how dangerous the Marines saw him as. Though, he has always held a hefty number on his wanted posters, as evidenced by his initial bounty of Beli200,000,000. The reason why his first bounty was placed so high was because the World Government wanted to avoid bringing attention to him, as he was considered to be too dangerous. Thus, they wished to take care of him before he could gain public attention. Having failed in this ploy, it was then decided that the best way to deal with him was to discredit him as a madman by giving him the epithet "Mad Monk". Daikaku earned his initial bounty by: surviving the Buster Call on Chimon, being able to read and actively searching out the poneglyphs, preaching the evil of the World Government to the public, and converting two powerful assets of the World Government into his own allies.


Initial Bounty

Behind The Scenes

  • His appearance is based off of Suguro Tatsuma from Ao no Exorcist.
  • His name is a Buddhist name that means "great enlightenment".
  • Part of his Awakened abilities come from the "Eight Inner Gates" from Naruto.
  • The author has received permission to use the Hito Hito no Mi.
  • The author has received permission to use Haoshoku Haki.
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