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I'm not even far...but, I'm already tired of your lies, you act like you own the world, twisting everything for your own good! Half of you guys probably don't even know what's happening behind everything... some leaders you are, Leaders don't just order or boss people around! They make sure their comrades reach victory!!! THOSE WHO HAVE NO REAL CONVICTION FOR DOING WHAT THEY ARE DOING RIGHT NOW... BACK THE FUCK OFF!
— Damon yells at Mengis's Marines.[1]
Mr. Draco

"Asura" Draco D. Damon,[13][2] commonly known due to his unique powers,[14] is a rogue Pirate[6] and the one framed for murdering the King of the Asha Kingdom.[8] Previously, he was the Wrath (ラース Rāsu) of the Seven Deadly Sins,[3] an elite team of soldiers within the Kingdom, and served as a Martial Arts apprentice to the Marine Bambina.[15]

Damon is thought to be affiliated with the Titan Pirates crew, led by one of the Yonko, and is regarded as the fool responsible for another of Mengis' demotion.[10] Ever since embarking on a journey Apu to search for Mont Blanc Burling,[16] Damon has further gained notoriety, warranting a position as one of the Horsemen, alongside Apu, Fukuoka Soren, and Benjamin Tabart.[11]

Unknown to most, Damon is a member of the Oni Tribe.[5] He seeks finding the answers about the events on his life, most importantly his framing of the Asha King's assassination. Currently, Damon holds a Bounty of Beli505,000,000.

Appearance Edit

Physical FeaturesEdit

Somewhat relaxed and carefree, nevertheless never letting his guard down, Damon is a tall and muscular young man, who usually bears a neutral expression. His skin is white and offers a constrast with his deep black hair, which is his his most recognizable feature.

As mentioned, his hair contrasts with his skin and has a spiky style, mostly kept in a wild and messy manner, being framed over a good portion of his face, specifically the middle and the borders, and reaching down to his nose and covering msot of his forehead. The eyebrows are thin and sharp, being more prominent at the nose's area. His black eyes have a slight blue tone to them, and generally offer a soft glance. Damon's face has a straight, yet somewhat round triangular shape, matching the sharpness of his eyes and hair.[17] Oddly enough, after staying dormant inside Tabart's vines and receiving quite some stress from his fight with Najeem, part of Damon's hair became greyer.[18]

He is somewhat tall, standing at 6'0" feet and weighting 160 pounds. With these being relative to each other, Damon is also well built, possessing defined legs, arms, shoulders, something which isn't left for imagination as he regularly stays shirtless.[19]

Damon's body is prominently filled with several scars. One in the left side of his forehead, just above his eye, courtesy of Mengis, although it is usually covered by his hair.[20] Another takes the form of a large diagonal gash, located on the right side of his stomach, and being work of Trickshot,[21] later on, it becomes an X due to his fight with Gambi Marlow.[22]

Born a member of the Oni Tribe,[5] Damon has access to his true form, used as if it was some sort of transformation. His skin gains a deep blue tone and a scaly texture, while several claws appear on top of his nails, at both his feet and hands. Similarly, the sclera of his eyes goes from white to slightly blue. Furthermore, his teeth become incredibly sharp. Most notably, however, are the blue curved horns sticking out of his forehead.[23]

As a signature from Asha, Damon possesses a tribal tattoo on his right arm, which is dark and has a distinctive shape. At the forearm, there are three "V" shaped bands circling around, with a dot interrupting the cycle of the lower band and being surrounded by an upsilon. From that lower part, wing-like extensions sprout from and go around Damon's elbow and biceps.[24]


He always wears a silver necklace, which has a sword as its pendant, whereas the sword has a blue stone in its handle. For the set of clothes he uses the most, Damon is actually quite simplistic, even staying shirtless. He wears white, jeans-like pants, held tight by a black belt which possesses several extensions that wrap around the thighs in zig-zag. The ends of the pants are tucked inside a pair of simple black boots, which reach below his knees.[25] Included in his signature appearance, Damon uses his powers to sprout two additional sets of arms above his normal ones, leading to his epithet.[14]

When dressed for cooking, Damon also has a signature outfit, though, not a full one. He takes off whatever shirt he may be wearing and wraps it around his waist, covering the back of his baggy pants. However, the striking change in appearance comes in the form of an exotic-designed headband-cloth, which Damon covers most of his head with. Wearing it is a symbol of Damon's self-taught cooking skills.[26]

During his stay at Ishitani Island, Damon dresses sinisterly, wearing ragged and bloody clothes. These clothes are all dark-brown and take the form of a very large cloak which is long enough to reach his ankles, and cover most of his figure, including his face, but neither his hands nor feet. The clothing around the face has several eyes which allow him to see normaly and is scarlet, due to Damon coughing blood, while the hood ends in a pointy manner. A white sash is tied around them, going from the right shoulder to left arm, its knot visible near the left breast.[27]

After getting helped by the Princess, Damon adorns a new set of clothes. It consists of a tight, dark blue shirt which covers part of his neck and has short sleeves, along with a brown, corset-like piece around his lower torso and straps which cross over his chest all the way to his backside. The pants are formal, slightly loose and grey, having several black stripes placed vertically throughout them and being held by a black belt. The shoes are simple and have a brown color.[28] However, the shirt gets torn away soon during a fight.[14]

For his fight alongside Apu at Bedina Island, Damon changes into a simpler set of clothes. He takes to wearing no shirt, but, uses a pair of dark trousers, which are held up by a white belt and possess white stripes crossing over and around the thighs' area. Damon's boots are dark and reach up the middle of his lower leg, having white soles.[29] Coincidentially, these seem like a color swap of his general outfit.

Gallery Edit

Bounty Edit

"Asura" Damon[13]

Damon is regarded by the Government as a dangerous, fool pirate and monstrosity who devastates Kingdoms, even as a lone warrior. Though, so far, the Government hasn't been keeping much attention on him, due to his relatively new ascension into a Pirate.

  • 1st Bounty: Beli Small80,000,000 - Damon got his first bounty as soon as he was framed for murdering the humble King of the peaceful Asha Kingdom, then resisting arrest by harming authorities such as Royal Guards, stealing food supplies and fleeing from the country.[8][9]
  • 2nd Bounty: Beli Small170,000,000 - His bounty gets updated once he is framed for attacking the Marine HQ at Ishitani and defeating Commodore Mengis. Damon has also supposedly alleged to the Titan Pirates, having escaped before his eventual defeat by Captain Pine.[10]
  • 3rd Bounty: Beli Small330,000,000 - Further regarded as a ruthless killer, having laid waste to Bedina, and for having defeated Al Rauf Najeem of the Xros Pirates, Damon not only gets a bounty update, but, recognition as one of the Four Horsemen.[11]
  • 4th Bounty: Beli Small430,000,000 -
  • 5th Bounty: Beli Small505,000,000 -

Quotes Edit

But the business was between you and him... I have no right to intervene, nor I will.
— Damon reassures Veno.[30]
It's not about taking orders... They are in need of medical attendance. If you truly are good people, you would help them without a second thought. These guys protect you all with their justice, no?
— Damon confronts the citizens of Groot.[31]
I trust you, even if you don't fully trust me... so, ensure the safety of the people, I can handle the Marines for you guys!
— Damon tells Arnold and Mariel.[32]
Wait, what?! There's a Tiger talking!!!
— Damon expresses his shock at meeting a Mink.[33]
W-What the fuck?! We got talking fish now?!
— Damon meeting a Fishman for the first time.[34]
Nope. NOPE. NOPE! My answer is no, but it's not the answer for the help. NO, that's not what you should be worrying about, I'm itching myself to go and help you guys. You should be worrying about this damn island's name, like, what the hell? I get a territory and give it a name like that? Feels like those shitty dog owners who just get them to defend the house or some shit. Yeah, you guys need to conquer this one, I don't like this name.
— Damon tries to cheer Apu.[35]
Devil fruit powers, you sick fuck!
— Damon snarks back at Najeem.[36]
It's as Brobart here says, back off, Batman.
— Damon threatens Reach.[37]
Destruction... yes, I have hurt people. I have... sinned.
— Damon agrees with Marlow.[38]

Radiant huh?! Let's arrange that!!
— Damon smirks at Marlow.[38]

Major Battles Edit

Early DraftsEdit

Originally, the ideas surrounding Damon's character, while somewhat the same, still differed greatly from the current ones.

He was set to be way younger, five years even, and part of the Pirate Crew named as "Fang Pirates". Instead of coming from the "Asha Kingdom", Damon came from the "Asha Tribe", a group of warriors that hailed from "Gaea Island". His mother's name was "Angela" and not Draco D. Helena, also being raised by both her and the Ashanian Army, rather than just the latter.

Trivia Edit

Behind the scenesEdit

  • He is based on Gray Fullbuster from the Fairy Tail Series.
  • Damon's name has not been inspired by any real-life pirate unlike some others of the author's characters.
  • Damon is an English name which means To tame, and Draco is a Greek name which refers to Dragon and Draconian, an old synonym for "unforgiving".


  • His name is alliterative, as in, the first letters of the names are the same.
  • He is the first Oni to appear in the wiki's story.
  • Damon's theme is To be King.[39]
  • Damon shares his birthday with the Author, June 10th.[40]
  • His blood type is F-, which is equivalent to real-world's B-, something he also shares with the author.[40]
  • According to the author, if Damon lived in the Real World, he would be either German or Italian.
    • This is alluded to in his usage of German to name his attacks and techniques.[41][42]


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