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— Helena.
Mr. Draco

Draco D. Helena (ドラコ・D・ヘレナ Dorako Dī Herena) is a Cook and the Head Chef of the Stepping Isle Haven.[1]

She hails from Asha, and is Draco D. Damon's mother.[3]


Helena is defined by her youthness and cheerfulness, making it where she seems to be much younger than she actually is. She is averagely tall, having a somewhat muscular body, fair skin which contrasts with her black eyes and hair. Her eyes are sharp, and even so, possess a soft glance, while her pupils are completely black. Helena's hair is long, generally tied into several small braids, which are often mistaken for dreadlocks, some of which frame her face while the rest falls back into a poinytail. Her face is triangular and somewhat round.[2]

As mentioned, Helena is not very tall, standing at 5'7" feet and weighting 140 pounds. Nevertheless, she possesses a slender body fit for a warrior. Surprisingly, even at such a age, she still has several curves.[2]





Doting ParentEdit

Helena got pregnant with Damon many years ago, and took it upon herself to raise him. However, after he was eight years old, she had to left to work full-shift at Stepping Isle.[3]

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

As the Head Chef of the Isle Haven, Helena has authority over the rest of the Kitchen Staff as a whole, and seemingly possesses skills that top everyone else's there.[1]



Major BattlesEdit


  • She is based on Izumi Curtis from the Fullmetal Alchemist Series.


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