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The Feather pirates are a crew of rookie pirates started by Phim D. Sera[2] and Brisei Augus,[3] after their escape from the flower kingdom.[4] They are currently in process of entering the grand line in a fight to get past the marines in the Great Rookie Rush.[5]


The crew of the Feather Pirates is averagely sized for a pirate crew, numbering roughly thirty members in all. A majority of these crew being made up of the original crew of the ship when it was just a travelling library ship, and the remainder being made by the few additional exiles that followed Sera after she left the Flower Kingdom at the end of the Civil War. In addition, the crew also contains several people they have picked up along the way, including several picked up during their current stop, in the ports of the island kingdom of Alnora in the Grand Line.

Feather Pirates Crew Members
SeraSquare2 AugusProf NathanSquare AlanaSquare Cyrus Box
Phim D. Sera Brisei Augus Jazzman G.
D. Alana
Lamia Pro SpikeParesthaProfile QuinnMug
Perserius Lamia Aries Ovis Catarina Quiin


The Feather Pirates have roughly thirty crew members under their belts, with several being among the leaders of the crew and the rest helping run and maintain the ship on the high seas. Sera has ensured that every member of the crew is capable of defending themselves, and regularly holds physical training sessions with the crew.

Profession and CapabilitiesEdit

Name Profession Capabilities Epithet

Phim D. Sera

  • "White Feather"

Brisei Augus

  • First Mate
  • Scholar
  • Batto Batto no Mi, Model: Flying Fox
  • Zoan-user
  • "Swooper"

Jazzman G. Nathaniel

  • Musician
  • "One Man Band"

Archimedes D. Alana

  • Engineer
  • Technologist
  • Construction Expertise
  • High Intelligence
  • Inventor
  • "Juggernaught"

Elmstone Cyrus

  • Navigator
  • "Unknown"

Perserius Lamia

  • Doctor
  • Medical Knowledge
  • "Unknown"

Aries Ovis

  • Helmsman
  • "Unknown"

Catarina Quinn

  • Quartermaster
  • "Big Bad"


This crew was originally formed by Brisei Augus and Phim D. Sera after they escaped the Flower Kingdom at the end of the Flower Civil War. It is primarily formed by exiles from the kingdom and crew members of Augus's ship that decided to stay with him after the shift in allegiances. After committing several small acts of piracy, mostly by raiding Marine outposts and World Government cargo ships, the crew decided to leave North Blue to seek their fortunes on the Grand Line. After a fierce battle with the Marine forces that blockaded them at Reverse Mountain[6] they were able to break past and enter the grand line, though several members of the crew were injured in the process. They are currently travelling through the initial stages of the Grand Line.



  1. Phim D. Sera - Beli Small50,000,000
    Brisei Augus - Beli Small20,000,000
    Jazzman G. Nathaniel - Beli Small15,000,000
    Aries Ovis - Beli Small12,000,000
    Catarina Quinn - Beli Small5,000,000
    Perserius Lamia - Beli Small5,000,000
    Archimedes D. Alana - Beli Small5,000,000
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