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Fergus D. Frederick (ファーガス・D・フレデリック, Fāgasu D Furederikku) more well known by his alias Palamedes (パラムメド, Paramumedo), is a pirate currently travelling with the Round Table Pirates as there resident Shipwright



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  • Bōryokuken-ryū (暴力剣流 (激しい剣の流れ) ? lit. "Violent Sword Style")
  • Sojutsu (槍術 "Art of the Spear"?)
  • Vale Tudo (ベール・トドゥ (何でもあり) ? lit. "Anything Goes")
  • Muay Thai (ムエタイ "Muetai"?)

Devil FruitEdit

Main article: Ebo Ebo no Mi



Hywelbane (骨破砕剣 (ハイウェルベーン) Haiu~erubēn?, lit. "Bone Crushing Sword") is Frederick's O Wazamono Grade Greatsword which he has been working on and improving since he created it at the age of 17.

Rosalind (綺麗薔薇 (ロザリンド) Rozarindo?, lit. "Beautiful Rose") is Fredericks Motorcycle and man form of transport while on land. He has tricked it out over the years making it faster than most of his enemies. Rosalind has been destroyed and repaired many times. Though he is a knight he still rides the motorcycle even if most deem it as unconventional for a knight. The bike is large enough to hold two people and maybe three. As a shipwright, he specializes in making transportation vessels and his Motorcycle has been compared to his ships being able to hold a lot of supplies and weapons everything most need to engage in combat.