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I'm not going to lose either! I've still got to beat all of you and be Pirate King!
— Soren's intentions made clear to the Xros Pirates.[1]

Fukuoka Soren (フクオカ・ソレン, Fukuoka Soren), also known as "Daddy L. Soren" (盲・L・ソレン, Yūrei L. Soren)[10] is a shinobi of the Fukuoka Family[12] and an apprentice of the Black Widow Pirates' Night Parade.[13]

He is later revealed to the child of both Kosaka Isshin and Daddy L. Legs.[14] Due to his heritage and actions on Bedina, Soren gained a staggering first bounty of Beli300,000,000, proving himself to be a threat to World Government operations. His sudden leap in notoriety is such that, along with Apu, Benjamin Tabart and Draco D. Damon, he is recognized as one of the Four Horsemen said to become a threat to the nigh-invincible Xros Pirates.[10]

Following the events of Permis, Soren has been classified deceased by the World Government. Prior to his bounty being retracted, Soren had earned a colossal bounty of Beli 600,000,000, doubling his previous amount, and was slated as the strongest member of the Four Horsemen by Vice Admiral Batavia.[15]

Appearance Edit


Soren as a member of the Night Parade.

Personality Edit

Soren is normally quite enthusiastic, cheerfully responding to those who address him.[16] He also lacks the same sort of formality that his teacher does, and appears to be somewhat immature and childish despite his occupation.[17]

Soren is well-aware of his status compared to others among the Night Parade, noting that as an apprentice he won't be sent to such an important mission.[18] Nonetheless, Soren appears to be quite anxious to prove his worth to someone, who appears to give her attention to two others. His frustration about this is enough to cause him to head into the Xros Pirates' territory alone despite the evident risks.[19] This person is later shown to be his mother Daddy L. Legs, as he pines for her attention. However, he respects her, and fights under her, and his father's, Kosaka Isshin, names.[20]

While undertaking stealth operations, Soren limits the number of risks he takes despite his obvious recklessness. He keeps the teachings of the Night Parade in his mind at all times, and is able to patiently observe and collect information over long periods of time without rest, despite frustrations building up.[21] However, when observing outright cruelty towards children, Soren is unable to hold himself back, only managing to do so because he is aware of his own exhaustion and limits in battle.[22]

Soren is also quite the actor, often taking up the pretense of a fearful individual in order to avoid being targeted as a possible enemy.[23][24]

Relationships Edit

Black Widow Pirates Edit

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Daddy L. Legs Edit

Main article: Daddy L. Legs

Daddy L. Legs, otherwise known as the Black Widow, is Soren's mother and the Captain of his crew. Soren himself, due to the secrecy behind his birth, feels that he is inadequate compared to his siblings Harlequin W. Heili and Daddy N. Static.[25] To this end, he goes on a foolhardy mission to investigate the Xros Pirates located in Bedina, despite the evident risk to his life.[26] Nonetheless, Soren respects his mother's power, and believes that as her child, he must find to the very end, regardless of the difference in power between himself an an opponent.[27]

Although Soren loves and respects his mother, his desire for freedom surpasses living in the fantasy world that she had created for him, as seen by his willingness to leave on his own.[28] That being said, Soren, like most individuals in the world, is terrified of Legs' potential power, though that doesn't stop him from continuing to rebel against her.[29]

Kosaka Isshin Edit

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Isshin is Soren's teacher.[30] They appear to have an amicable bond with one another, with Soren cheerfully obeying his requests. Isshin also trusts Soren considerably, as he gave him the important task of protecting his office.[31] In actuality, Isshin is Soren's father. Soren highly respects his father, and believes that as his child, he must fight to the very end, regardless of the difference in power between himself and his opponents.[32]

Fukuoka Mirai Edit

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Xros Pirates Edit

Kane Edit

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I'm going to keep fighting the Xros Pirates, Mom and Dad! Because I want to be strong enough to stand in front of Vera-nee, and ask her just what happened to our family! Even if you send all the Black Widow Pirates after me, I'll make my escape! I'll become strong enough, even if it's just for this small, selfish, question!
— Soren's resolve to ask confront Vera.[33]

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Draco D. Damon Edit

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Abilities and Powers Edit

Soren, following his first campaign as a Pirate, demonstrated the ability to gain a staggering Beli300,000,000, albeit in part due to his heritage. Nonetheless, this bounty proves that the World Government considers him a threat to their operations. In fact, even among those described as the "Four Horsemen", his capture is placed as the top priority for the Marines due to his extraordinary potential.[34]

Due to being exhausted throughout the majority of his operation in Bedina[35], the Night Parade operative was incapable of showing the full extent of his strength. However, the fact that he was able to continue moving forward on adrenaline alone even after taking repeated heavy beatings, without any proper sleep, demonstrates the sheer extent of his resolve and endurance.[36]

Physical Prowess Edit

Soren, being a member of the Night Parade, and trained to partake in stealth operations, possesses tremendous physical aptitude. His agility is notable, performing maneuvers at the same level of speed as Soru, albeit in a gliding motion, with no apparent difficulty.[37] Likewise, the ninja is quite flexible, for he is able to keep himself poised in a small air vent without having his body bump into the ends, therefore avoiding unnecessary noise.[38] Even within combat, Soren boasts enough physical ability to maneuver throughout a battlefield without creating a single noise, and can move at such speeds that even the likes of Bertram had to rely on his Devil Fruit ability to counter, despite his movement being predictable.[39] When wielding a sword, his movement becomes even more refined and relaxed, and while not instantaneous, it becomes remarkably difficult to react to in ordinary situations.[40]

One of the key factors defining Soren is his tremendous endurance. He was capable of maintaining his observation on Al Rauf Najeem for over ten hours without an ounce of sleep. Subsequently, he leaped across roofs and tracked him around town without any shortcomings.[41] While he endures, he notes that sleep deprivation does take a toll on his strength, and that he could not defeat Najeem in the state he was in.[42] Even after his battle against Bertram, where his stamina was sucked out dry by his abilities, Soren managed to still retain enough energy to legibly speak for a few minutes to fellow inmate Daryal.[43] Even with Najeem repeatedly kicking him, Soren managed to retain a degree of consciousness, albeit it was fading quickly.[44] Following Fukuoka Mirai curing them, Soren managed to stay active in battle against high-tier enemies for a considerable period of time. Although his stamina waned, his Devil Fruit abilities were able to be cast with tremendous strength behind them, and he was able to move with little difficulty. To this end, he took the commanding role within the battle, under the hopes that he'd be able to counter Bertram's abilities which he had already been exposed to.[45] Even while he was outnumbered, and his comrades were in a perilous situation, Soren had enough energy within him to perform two consecutive actions with his Devil Fruit as a method of escape, despite failing.[46] Even after the Admiral came to their rescue, and they reunited with Foxpack, Soren did not back down, despite the exhaustion buckling his knees, pure adrenaline drove him to continue trying to fight, even though a man of his skill level was worthless in that fight.[47][48]

Soren's physical strength is notable for someone of his size. With the assistance of his Devil Fruit powers, the man was capable of pushing back someone of Gilbert Bertram's stature on more than one occasion, albeit with particularly powerful attacks on his part. Notably, on both of these occasions, Soren was considerably exhausted and riddled with injuries, implying that he did not use the full bulk of his physical power.[49][50]

Stealth Prowess Edit

Soren's primary occupation is that of a ninja, and not any ordinary ninja, but a member of the elite Night Parade. His prowess in traversing through the shadows is such that he was able to completely escape visual detection from onlookers and sneak up on crowded ships with ease.[51] Perfectly able to compose himself in compromised situations, he is capable of staying in supply crates and barrels with minimal oxygen for extended periods of time.[52] In fact, even during extended espionage, Soren can maneuver his body in such ways to almost completely eliminate the noise he makes with movement, enabling him to perform his duties with virtually unparalleled success.[53] Even within battle, the principle of stealth applies to everything he does, being able to move with complete silence between two points to heighten his advantages.[54] Being a man raised to excel in stealth, Soren also bears enough skill to counter someone like Scratch's invisibility, and inform his allies of methods to pinpoint and fight against invisibility.[55]

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Intelligence Edit

Although somewhat foolhardy when it comes to his emotions, Soren is an espionage agent, and is trained to use his intelligence to the best degree possible in all missions. To this degree, his escape from Wano Country was well-planned in order to avoid attention being drawn to him.[56] Likewise, the intelligence he is privy to as a member of the Night Parade is notable, as he was able to identify several of the Xros Pirates, such as Al Rauf Najeem[57] and Gilbert D. Bertram[58] with only a cursory look.

In combat, Soren doesn't fight in a direct approach. Before combat, he always analyzes the difference between himself and an enemy so that he may conduct the appropriate course of action.[59] He utilizes various tactics in order to take advantage of even compromised situations, albeit they are predictable to a degree.[60] Nonetheless, once he has gained the required information to fight an enemy, Soren will adjust his combat style to highlight their weaknesses, and continually press on his advantages until they are defeated.[61] Likewise, he is also capable of formulating strategies and relaying plans to groups, albeit he does not have the requisite charisma to keep reckless people in line.[62]

Another notable facet of Soren's intelligence is his ability to act. As an intelligence agent, Soren not only has to conceal his body into shadows, but his intentions as well. The Night Parade operative bears the necessary skills to conceal himself into a crowd without drawing the attention of a Pirate like Al Rauf Najeem, knowing that he would be occupied with his own selfish desires to pay attention to an ordinary citizen.[63]

History Edit

Past Edit

Yonko Wars Saga Edit

Preparing for War Edit

Main article: The Proving

Soren was first seen attending to Kosaka Isshin as the senior crew member packed his belongings to attend the war council. Isshin tasked Soren with the job of protecting his office, to which Soren cheerfully responded with an affirmative.[64]

Battle for Bedina Edit

Main article: Across the Line

Soren was later seen in a council with the other Night Parade members, masked and wearing a wig. When the leader announced that the decision for who to send to Bedina shall be disclosed tomorrow, Soren stayed behind as everyone else left the area.[65] Visibly angered by this, he lamented at his lack of ability due to being an apprentice, and had visions of two children playing with an older woman, expressing his grievances at them "always being there."[66]

Very quickly, he departed from the room, packed his belongings in his own room, before making up his mind and leaving for Bedina. He reached the port and made his way onto the ship without being noticed, and hid in one of its supply bags. During the trip, he overheard that they were going to Ishitani, an island where the Titan Pirates were spotted.[67]

Reaching Ishitani's port, Soren climbed atop a building in order to find information on the next ship to Bedina. Using Kenbunshoku Haki to enhance his hearing, he found a supply ship that was headed towards the island, and infiltrated it in the same manner as he did on Wano.[68] In a couple of days, he reached Bedina, announcing to himself that he will be acknowledged and help the Black Widow Pirates win.[69]

For a number of days, Soren's activities were minimum due to the large number of Xros Pirates stationed on the island. He heard of the screening of a new movie and entered the screening to find more information pertaining to the Xros Pirates. Much to his chagrin, Al Rauf Najeem occupied the whole cinema, leaving him to be kicked out, or so he allowed the man to believe. Soren used this opportunity to sneak through the air vents in the cinema through his Koru Koru no Mi, and maintained a position in one of these air vents to overhear and oversee Najeem's actions, whom he identified as 'Omega.'[70]

Najeem did minimal for a very long period of time. At some point, he was called by Barney Kettle, but he soon killed the Den Den Mushi for the sake of watching the entire movie. Therein, Najeem finished the movie and made a point to sleep in the cinema for the following ten hours, aggravating Soren considerably.[71]

Following the man's respite, Najeem went into town, to which Soren followed him by maintaining an aerial position, the sound of his steps concealed by the use of his Devil Fruit. As Najeem brutalized a child for a small morsel of food, Soren began to anger even further, but recognized that in his current exhaustion, he would very easily lose to the man. Instead, he picked up on the appearance of a Marine base in the territory and soon made his way over there to cause a disturbance in Najeem's behavior and perhaps leak some information out of him.[72]

Soren was confronted by Grape, a Marine that lured him into the promise of women as he reported the crime. Grape lead him down a ladder of a trapdoor, which Soren seemed to be completely oblivious of, likely due to his sleep-deprived state. Eventually, Soren had ended up trapped in a metal cage, as he fell to sleep in exhaustion.[73]

Soren woke up, alarmed, and looked around. He was surprised that no seastone was used, but used this to his advantage and tried to conserve his strength. However, he was soon approaching by the hulking Gilbert D. Bertram, who slams the door behind him and taunts Soren, calling him a bug.[74]

As Bertram continued to approach him, Soren's body froze up. He noted his own weakness, but then told himself that he had no right to give up in a place like this. Reaffirming himself as a member of the Black Widow Pirates and the child of Kosaka Isshin and Daddy L. Legs, Soren took up a stance to fight the man before him.[75]

Soren attempted to make use of several techniques with his Devil Fruit, in particular focusing on its combustion properties, to try and attack him from behind. But that was to no avail, as Bertram effortlessly avoided the attack and countered with his own. As Bertram revealed his own ability to Soren, Soren's own determination wavered in the face of this enormous threat, whom he had to face in such terrible conditions. He soon made use of a suicidal attack, transforming himself into a black dragon of coal that charged towards Bertram in hopes of killing him.[76]

Despite not being able to kill Bertram, Soren did manage to injure the man to a small degree, but was soon dried out like a "towel" by the Birthday Boy, becoming completely unable to perform nearly any sort of physical motion, and was then carried along somewhere by the man.[77]

Soren was later dumped in another prison, this time with seastone pillars, and was forced to remain there, barely able to move and talk. Another prisoner was with him, named Daryal, who continued to speak while Soren was barely able to make mouth movements. Despite the fellow prisoner's tears, Soren had to keep quiet in order to conserve his strength, ultimately falling silent after a single apology.[78]

Najeem soon entered the room with a new prisoner by the name of Worden Luhr, and spotted Soren. In extreme anger, Najeem lashed out against him with repeated kicks. Despite the incredible pain, Soren remained silent and unable to respond, but could only tolerate it, even as his newfound ally had been taken out to be executed. Despite the door being open before him, Soren could only muster anger in his thoughts as his consciousness began to fade from exhaustion.[79]


Daddy L. Soren[80]

Soren is primarily recognized by the World Government due to his heritage and extraordinary potential as a Pirate. To this extent, his first campaign was enough to grant him notable notoriety, even for New World standards.

  • 1st Bounty: Beli Small300,000,000 - Soren obtained his first bounty following the battle in Bedina, where he is recognized by Xros Pirate member Kane, and his identity is heard by Admiral Warren D. Ralph. The combination of his wicked heritage, combat talents and his involvement in laying waste to Bedina granted him this bounty.[81]

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