Logia (自然系 (ロギア) Rogia) is one of the three types of Devil Fruit and the rarest of the big group. They are also hailed as the most powerful of the classes.

Logia enables its users to generate, control, and become a specific element of nature, allowing them to become intangible and produce endless amounts of said element. This differentiates them from any Paramecia, which change their users' bodies into a tangible material instead.



All Logias share the characteristic of allowing the production, manipulation of and transformation into an element of nature. As long as they are conscious, users can seemingly generate endless amounts of their element and control it as long as it remains in that state of matter. For that, Logias are regarded as the strongest out of the main group, considered to be invincible in the weaker seas.

Aside from providing immense destructive power, Logia also comes with one of the greatest shared abilities amongst Devil Fruits: the ability to become intangible by becoming your very own element. As long as their bodies remain in such state, Logias can't be harmed in any possible way, be it crushed, slashed, shot and many more, and attacks pass through it with no physical injury.[1] Depending on what element they become, physicals attacks simply pass through or do no harm to the user's body, allowing them to reform and shape themselves as they see fit.[2]

Despite this, some Logias are much more destructive than others. Users of fruits such as the Magu Magu no Mi and the Raikou Raikou no Mi are capable of levelling entire towns and islands with single large-scale attacks. This is due to the capability of generating endless amounts of their power, making some Logia users feared solely for the vast destruction they can cause. The greatest examples are the Cipher Pol Agent Hoshi and the Admiral Ravinger Terell, who can affect the environment around them in instants and cause permanent effects.

Furthermore, Logia users can apply many abilities through their element, instead of solely generating them: Autumn's lightning powers can paralyze her targets; Jones' goop allows him to store objects; Zander's neon powers also enable him to displace the oxygen around him; Connor's napalm can be incinerated to provoke large explosions and possesses both stickiness and hardness. Aside from it, the Users also gain certain immunity to effects related to their element, with Admiral Fuyuki being uttermost immune to any kind of cold.

Logia Users can incorporate elements which weren't produced by them, as long as they are in the same state of matter, as mentioned since they would be a different element. Such can be done by integrating their own with these outside sources, effectively taking them over.

Similar to Paramecias and unlike Zoans, the Users' physical abilities don't influence the power output of the Logias. All of these elements come and go on the same magnitude, with the difference being the user's skill with their usage. Despite this, it is not foreign for Logias to augment their physical prowess through their powers, with Pine enhancing the power of his strikes with his speed.[3]




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Logia Users
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Wynn Erin Sengoku D.
Killer Jones Foxpack Hoshi
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Ishida Mitsuhide Zheng Yin Refugia Nanashi


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Other InformationEdit

Most of the Logia elements take the form of a state of matter or energy, coming from a force of nature. Be them solid, as with the Koru Koru no Mi and the Guta Guta no Mi, liquid like the Mou Mou no Mi and the Namu Namu no Mi, gaseous like the Bofu Bofu no Mi and the Neo Neo no Mi, or even pure energy like the Kira Kira no Mi. This somewhat gives the Logia a kind of subclassification.

Some of these elements also grant pseudo-flight, not directly contradicting the claim that only five know fruits allow for flying, and augment some forms of transportation through vehicles.

Despite their supposed more common appearance rate in the New World, due to their intangible form, a good deal of inexperienced Logia users tend to fall easily for their myriad of weaknesses. In fact, this intagibility must be triggered by the users themselves, though, there are cases of trained, and thus, transformations through reflex.

Unsurprisingly, some of the Logia elements have unpredictabilities with one another. They may either cancel each other out, or be of higher/lower order, creating some sort of Hierarchy.


The renowned Devil Fruit researcher and Marine Admiral Ravinger Terell is well known for publishing papers detailing the different types of Logia-fruits. Which he separated into three categories befitting their powers and how those powers were used. It is a widely accepted system among the World Government, and is often used when discussing them.

When the powers of Logia-types are mentioned in earnest, and stories abound of entire armies being destroyed in a single go and unspeakable destruction being wrought on a massive scale, the subject is typically a Might-type Logia. It is precisely this innate overwhelming power that grants these fruits their epithet, for they sacrifice versatility in terms of immense raw might and potency. Power which is frequently easily accessed as soon as the fruit is eaten.

These Logia-fruits are well known for possessing a highly expanded list of abilities which are unique to them specifically. Often manifesting different powers in different hands, or possessing strange abilities related to concepts while still being able to cause widespread destruction, although not neccessarily with the same ease and overwhelming power as the Might-types.

The final type of Logia is by far the most discussed for it concerns Logia-fruits who are an unusuality among their kind. Mostly defined by comparatively low levels of destructive power and potential in relation to other Logias. Although some of these have other unique uses which make up for their comparative lack of destructive potential.


  • Logias are the first Devil Fruits to debut in the wiki's continuity.


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