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The Mera Mera no Mi (メラメラの実, Fruit of Flame Burning) is a Logia Devil Fruit that enables the user to create, control, and become the element of fire, essentially granting them absolute dominance over the element. "Mera Mera" is a Japanese onomatopoeia of the noise fire makes when it burns.

The former World Noble known as Alexander Zexis is the current user of this fruit.


The physical appearance of the Mera Mera no Mi is a borderline spherical reddish-orange fruit that is composed of numerous flame-esque swirled patterns along with a swirled stem on the top—it seems to be capable of being held with one hand.


The Mera Mera no Mi enables the user to control, create, manipulate, and become the element of fire, essentially granting them absolute dominance over the element. In order to harness its power, the user imagines fire forming as energy wells up inside of them, and the power of their Devil Fruit will turn their fantasy into reality in an instant. Of course, as explained above, the fruit's greatest strength is that, like other Logia-type Devil Fruits, it grants the user absolute dominance over the element of flame, capable of doing almost anything they wish with the element.

Keeping this in mind, the user is capable of creating devastatingly powerful flame-based attacks, additionally gaining a high resistance to nearly every single heat-based attack out there, with the sole exception of most other heat-based Devil Fruits. A special property of the Mera Mera no Mi is that the flames are capable of being used to bolster the kinetic force of a physical attack, enabling the user to turn their body into a blazing weapon unique to themselves. Of course, like most Logia types, the user of the Devil Fruit can evade non-Devil Fruit, non-seastone, and non-Haki attacks by transforming their entire body into the element of fire and enabling the enemy's strike to pass through their body—this has the additional effect of burning an opponent if they attempt to physically harm the user.

Alexander's usage of the Mera Mera no Mi is completely unique; indeed, his flames shown to be the exact temperature of around two thousand eight hundred Fahrenheit, which is the temperature of melting iron. A unique property of Alexander's version of the fruit is that the flames he has absolute control over can have their properties modified according to his will, even granting the fires a material consistency according to his thoughts—when they have become physical, the flames of the Mera Mera no Mi are capable of causing blunt damage which has quite an impact alongside the normal burnings. Alexander's Mera Mera no Mi is not only limited to the flames he himself can generate, but also the fire found in the environment, allowing him to extinguish almost any non-Devil Fruit type of flame or bend them to his liking. Alexander is also capable of modifying his element to the point that his flames act completely separately to regular flames, and pursue an enemy relentlessly with great speed, accuracy and strength. They are also relatively hard to douse, as they continue burning even when struck with water; though seastone and Haki are shown to be capable of stopping them—and a good old dip in the sea will extinguish them immediately.

A minor ability granted by the Mera Mera no Mi is that Alexander is capable of controlling heat—with this, Alexander is capable of heating a wide range of liquids, including tea, even melting metal to scalding temperatures as well as the ice of the Hie Hie no Mi. In addition, Alexander is also capable of redirecting heat, allowing Alexander to lessen the damage of fire-based attacks that he cannot automatically absorb, but only by a small amount. When faced with opposing fire techniques, the flames consume them in order to boost their strength and quantity; making using many sorts of fire ill-advised against Alexander. His fire is touted to chase his foe for a long distance, no matter where the foe is standing, even if they possessed high speed, as the flames would catch his foe eventually; though naturally, Haki, seastone, and certain Devil Fruit abilities can negate this property, as well as if the enemy leaps into the water, where the flames will be doused. In addition, relatively swift enemies can outrun and counter this side-effect.

A major weakness of the Mera Mera no Mi is that when the power of flame crosses paths with the elements of certain other Logia fruits on equal grounds, more than half of the time, the battle between the two elements will come to a stalemate—however, with Alexander's improvements, the Mera Mera no Mi is now capable of overcoming the Hie Hie no Mi, unless the user also has an improvement upon the previous applications of the Devil Fruit. Still though, the elements mostly cancel each other out upon collision. In addition, the fires of this Devil Fruit will always succumb to the magma of the Magu Magu no Mi; as the Magu Magu no Mi is naturally of a higher order than that of the Mera Mera no Mi, leading to the fire to be overwhelmed by magma. Even with the addition of his improvements, the Mera Mera no Mi might never be capable of overcoming this particular weakness. Lastly, as well as naturally, Alexander still suffers the weaknesses a normal Devil Fruit user has, that is, being submerged within water, and seastone, which can negate the fires of his Devil Fruit.


  • Volcanic Viper (ボルカニク・バイパー, Borukaniku Baipā): The Hiken (火拳, Fire Fist) is the signature attack of all known Mera Mera no Mi users to date; first beginning with the son of the Pirate King; however, the Volcanic Viper is Hiken under Alexander's own naming conventions. In order to utilize it, Alexander heats up his fist with friction by spinning his arm around at high speeds, thus adding extreme heat to the impact of his fist; due to the high temperature, this technique has the ability to burn his opponents; after this, he engulfs his fist in intense flames which surge around; transforming into a very apparent semi-dome of flame with trails of flame spilling behind it. With that, he punches forward at the opponent, performing an extremely devastating blow which is launched from his fist—not only is the opponent struck by the full force of Alexander's fist, which by itself has enough power to shatter steel, the flames that he gathered are launched face-first into the opponent's body, blasting forward with tremendous force, inflicting sheer blunt damage along with an explosive effect which is strong enough to blow away most of the top floor of a large building and smash through several ships in a single strike. This attack promises absolute destruction, which is granted by causing friction with the hydrogen in the air by the sheer ferocity of the blow, generating a medium-sized explosion upon impact. The result of the flame-imbued fist can crush the target and is particularly dangerous. It is capable of tearing through even weak defenses. When the attack hits, it creates a fiery explosion and deals immense damage. Alexander is also capable of compressing the flames of the Volcanic Viper upon his fist for an enormous boost of power in close combat; the flames can distract his opponent from his attacks, the result is being simultaneously burned and smashed simultaneously, giving the Volcanic Viper great power. Lastly, this technique is nearly unblockable to lacking defenses as the blazing fist can easily puncture steel, which grants the attack great power. Furthermore, if an opponent is struck, the flames spread to their body, causing them to catch ablaze. With the Volcanic Viper activated as such, his strikes are capable of trailing large amounts of flames in their wake.
  • Gun Flame (ガン・フレイム, Gan Fureimu): When performing Gun Flame, Alexander manifests a powerful spark when he snaps his fingers—setting up a narrow pathway of flame through which Alexander can direct the flame that is made real from the spark. The 'gun flames' take the form of an orange light that shoot through the air like a bullet toward his target at high speeds, followed by a massive explosion upon impact. Suffice to say, Gun Flame is a deceptively powerful attack with amazing force behind it, capable of causing large-scale damage and destruction. The power of Gun Flame is capable of being varied—Alexander is able to unleash enormous explosive flames, as well as strong and extremely accurate pinpoint blazes; there is no real warning to which one will be released, and thus the technique keeps his opponents on their toes, even capable of merge both styles into one for an amazingly powerful offensive game. Gun Flame is stated to have a rather penetrating effect on most solids, being able to burst right through several obstructions and keep it's regular power- Alexander can also change the direction of the blast mid-flight to chase after the opponent should they get away. As the flames are compressed to their utmost limit, they will begin to spin around in a similar manner to that of a drill, essentially granting the wave of fire a boring property which can and will grind into anything in within its range. The sheer force of this technique can inflict major damage which is capable of blasting the enemy backwards at the second of impact and form a small crater which erupts from the ground at the moment of contact. It will "fizzle" out after a certain range, but if charged to the utmost limit of its power, it can hit twice, and will continue to fly without fading. Gun Flame is multi-hitting, the maximum usually being five hits, and it has a property that lets it absorb heat, essentially making heat-based projectiles useless to clash against it, which usually catches foes by surprise, as well as blow reinforced, solid steel walls without effort, making it one of Alexander's most powerful techniques. What is so special about Gun Flame is that Alexander is capable of modifying it as much as he can his flames; indeed, he can modify the shape, range, etc. Gun Flame can be focused into a stream with frightening ease by spreading out the pathway of flame, and it can transform a chaotic set of spiraling flames by distorting and randomly converging and separating the flame that is required to create the technique.
  • Bandit Revolver (バンディット・リボルバー, Banditto Riborubā): A simple technique, where Alexander infuses flames within his fist and condenses them to their limits, to the point that they are almost invisible, before unleashing a highly powerful spinning and jumping uppercut where he spins and rockets upwards with some horizontal movement as well. This initial strike has Alexander spinning around as he delivers the uppercut; which works similar to a vacuum; if the foe is caught by the initial blow; then they will be struck the successive eight times. It is one of Alexander's most powerful blows; mostly because of it's "multi-hit" feature which doubles the damage each successive spin. When he rises, Alexander unleashes flames upward that are comparable to the image of a majestic dragon which rises in the sky that violently strikes the opponent while rising into the air, giving the visage of a dragon devouring its prey. Despite it being considered as naught more than a variant of Volcanic Viper, Alexander prefers to use Bandit Revolver to finish opponents, as it is a stylish and graceful way to win a clash, and has different powerful variants as a result. Bandit Revolver also covers a lot of horizontal distance, allowing him to strike an airborne opponent from several meters away. This does, however, give the attack a good amount of pause after releasing the attack, leaving him open for counter-attack if he misses or is blocked. However, Bandit Revolver does have one weakness—while performing the move, Alexander's heart will be left open for a millisecond, enabling an opponent to deal a fatal blow if he is not careful.
  • Tyrant Rave (タイラント・レイヴ, Tairanto Reivu): Tyrant Rave is one of Alexander's most powerful attacks. By condensing flames upon Alexander's fist, it becomes charged and immersed in power. In an instant, the layer of heat which surrounds his fist normally attaches itself to his weapon, heating them up. Alexander condenses the flames to its utmost limit while he raises his weapon clockwise until he has his left fist piercing the sky. Compressing the flames, Alexander cocks his weapon back, before swiftly swinging his weapon down with overwhelming force—instantly manifesting and shaping it into the form of a giant, powerful dragon composed of flame; it seeks out the opponent's attack, taking ahold of its "essence" and targeting their weak point; charging forward with high speeds. It has been shown to be immensely strong, devouring large fragments of rocks and erasing weak attacks with ease. The dragon carves a violent trail of destruction wherever it moves, destroying everything in a straight line as a tornado trails around it as it completely overwhelms all that it devours, as by colliding with most structures and opponents, grinding into the opponent like a powerful drill that is capable of piercing through any and every defense; striking them with such incredible power that the sheer force of the attack is enough to upturn steel, and wipe his enemies away with a force akin to an inferno. It is capable of blasting through even supernatural forms of defenses, as the dragon's movements swaths through the barriers, and supernatural defenses erected in vain to protect them, striking the foe formidable might, dealing physical damage. The dragon completely burns all it devours, as by colliding with most structures and opponents, it is able to incinerate almost anything in its path. This technique apparently requires more than average stamina reserves, and covers an expansive range. This makes the technique extremely difficult to either avoid or contain, with it requiring the sea in order to extinguish the flames. This attack is extremely powerful and destructive, and has been described as being able to smash through titanium. However, Tyrant Rave does have a fairly hindering weakness- the dragon itself isn't loyal to Alexander, and unless he takes preemptive measures to control it, then he could also be attacked as well; for some reason, while he is invulnerable to its flames, the physical impact can still harm him.
  • Flame Devourer (炎食, Enku): Flame Devourer is a sub-ability of the Mera Mera no Mi that is constantly active; it is exclusive to Alexander's usage of the Devil Fruit. Flame Devourer's effect is activated by the user taking a hit from either a physical or supernatural source that contains even an ounce of heat, or energies and supernatural related to heat and flame—when the elements and associated traits draw near the user, the user's body works as a vacuum, sucking the elements into their body and storing them within the user's body within seconds. This allows the user to take part of the damage they receive from their foe and transmogrify it into power and kinetic energy; there, the user accumulates it within their body; which also boosts their parameters and abilities sufficiently. The user can absorb heat sources into their body and use it in many ways, mainly used to bolster the power of their Devil Fruit. They are able to absorb energies that they come in contact with, such as kinetic energy, radiation, and heat. The efficiency of this conversion of flame into supernatural and physical power raises the more damage that the user takes, and it can easily be seen by that the end of the battle, the user's strength and power would have become even as powerful as somebody far stronger than them, if not more; as the combat becomes more intense the user becomes faster and stronger due to Flame Devourer. If the user is damaged to the point of being on the verge of death, possibly an enormous amount of power enough to destroy everything before their eyes will be saved up; essentially, the user can win by reversal. However, the user can still feel pain and get injured, so while they can stomach regularly powerful blows, if the enemy attempts a crushing blow by an ultimate attack, it will simply prove that the attack's effectiveness is relative to the user's own durability, meaning that the user isn't invincible.
  • Crimson Overcharge (退紅喚起 (クリムソン・オーバーチャージ), Kurimuson Ōbāchāji lit. Faded Scarlet Awakening): Crimson Overcharge is the Alexander's ultimate attack. Crimson Overcharge is activated when Alexander absorbs and harnesses a moderate amount of flame –if only from opposing sources-, spreading it through his own body. By vibrating flames at amazing speeds as they absorb the flames into his body, Alexander causes friction, setting himself ablaze as it causes an explosive reaction that spreads through his entire body; essentially, it enflames his body and causes the flames to rise from his body and converge; this forms an aura which has a jagged, fierce flame-like appearance. Because the sheer energy output and radiation, the aura pulses at a high frequency. This has the added effect of causing Alexander's attire to take upon a vibrating form, causing the flames to surround his body in a continually rippling manner, whirling around his body all the while. This essentially creates an extremely sturdy defensive armour around his body that allows Alexander to not only increase his defensive power, but also his physical power as the flames are constantly surrounding Alexander's body and flowing in and out as well as spinning around him. In Crimson Overcharge Mode, Alexander's physical strength, speed, stamina, reflexes, and durability dramatically increase, pushing him to his utmost limits. His usage of this technique is shown through the increase in density of his flames; as when alight, Alexander's arms and legs deal twice the damage they would normally output; he can also unleash waves of fire up to and including fireballs that cause a large amount of damage from his hands and feet on a whim at a rapid pace, allowing him to constantly bombard his foe with a seemingly never-ending shower of flames. The heat that these flames give off is great, and some people seem to feel dehydrated just by being near Alexander when Crimson Overcharge is in use. The flames are malleable, bending to his mind and can take whatever form he wills them to, even "grab" a target, though naturally, this damages the opponent greatly. Despite the heat, the flames do no damage to Alexander himself, and thus he refers to this as a "perfect defense". However, this technique, for all of its might, has a great weakness—it can be only used for three minutes before Alexander becomes exhausted from the constant strain he is under by utilizing it.


  • All of Alexander's techniques, with the exception of Flame Devourer and Crimson Overcharge, are named after Sol Badguy's attacks in the Guilty Gear series of fighting games.
  • By that note, Flame Devourer and Crimson Overcharge are based upon spells the author made on Fairy Tail Fanon, hence some of the odd wording.