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Nagashi Ringo (流し 林檎 Nagashi Ringo?) is a Bounty Hunter who was formerly a Pirate along with her brother Nagashi Mukuro. However, following his arrest into Impel Down due to the extent of his power and his affiliations, Ringo and her uncle, Shade Kagekyo, were forced to submit to the Marines as Bounty Hunters lest they be arrested along with Itsuki. Currently a highly proficient Sniper and, to a certain extent, Samurai-trained Swordswoman, she seeks to find a way to infiltrate Impel Down and free her brother from the grasps of the Marines. Her exceptional skill has lead her to be known as Nymph of the Dead Forest (死林の仙女 Shirin no Senjo?).

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Ringo prior to her brother's arrest.

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