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The New World is the second half of the Grand Line and the most dangerous sea in the entire world, making its counterpart seem like a "paradise". A legendary sea, it houses not only much of the strongest beings in the planet, but, treasures, pleasures, and nightmares beyond imagination.

Part of the New World is separated into myriads of territories, most of which are under control of the Yonko, four of the strongest pirates.


The New World and its Calm Belt are surrounded by the West and North Blues, and the Red Line and back of Reverse Mountain. The soil of the Red Line behind the New World houses the Holy Land of Mary Geoise.

Islands within the New World require special compasses to be tracked, since they regularly change their magnetic fields, otherwise navigation is incredibly troublesome, if not impossible. Exceptions exist, a few islands possess a simpler field, while others have none at all.

Given how many Pirates willingly come back to the first half to escape it, the New World's erratic events are several times more harsh than Paradise's. While islands of relatively normal climates still exist, the same can be said to islands that seem to come out of fairy tales. Islands such as: Tir Na Nog, a giant Stomach Baron whose soil allows for food-like flora to grow; Brine with its erratic magnetic field, which makes some of the terrain float.

Last, but not least importantly, the New World has the island of Laugh Tale by its ending waters, an island with the legendary treasure of One Piece. It can not be found or navigated to by normal means, consequently, many believe Lodestar to be the last island.

Notable Places

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The New World is home to a network known as the Underworld, a black market of sorts where names are thrown away and illegal deals are made. These deals are done with such secrecy that even the World Government, Marines, and Army have trouble interjecting them.

Many islands and locations serve as trading places for the Underworld. In example, Desha is a recurring nest due to its perpetual night climate and lack of a magnetic field.