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Fifty years have passed since the notorious Monkey D. Luffy was crowned as the Pirate King. Those who wrecked havoc upon the seas are now long gone, creating opportunity for another generation. The Straw Hats themselves have disappeared --whether they have died or retired is currently unknown. One Piece, however, was once more confirmed to exist and once more hidden away from plain view, leading to a new era of pirates. The world has been impacted significantly, and new forces have been established in order to maintain the balance.

Are you a fan of the One Piece franchise? Have you ever wanted to create your own pirate, marine or even your own devil fruit? Well, look no further, because your dream has finally arrived. We only ask that you provide us with your best effort and nothing less. Enjoy your stay!

Current Events

World War Saga

The whole world continues to engage in conflicts, be them Pirates, Marines, or much more, it is a time of changing! More than ever, each and every action shapes the future of the individual, of a group.

Rookies from all around rise in infamy, shaking the world more than many veterans! Two Emperors dethroned, the Shichibukai roster filled, many crews on the loose...

Everyone is the protagonist of their own story!!!


Those who set sail to claim One Piece.

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Pirates who have affiliated themselves with the World Government.

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Marine Officers who serve the Navy.

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Those who oppose the World Government.

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Featured Article
Main article: Marciel Klaus
Klaus SoT.png

"The Empty Prince" Marciel Klaus is a Pirate from the East Blue, who started his journey to explore the world on a small boat. Holding the ideology of an Explorer of the sea, and the leader of the Exsecratus Pirates, with enough strength that allowed him to visit most of the islands of the East Blue with no troubles. Klaus is originally from an island filled with beasts, far in the East Blue named Kemono Island. This island is part of the Krikis Islands, which are a group of islands in the East Blue. Klaus after exploring the East Blue acquiring a bounty of at least Beli.png150,000,000 moved to Paradise, and then continued on his path reaching the New World. Which is where he's at right now, roaming the seas with his crew.

He is a Leopard-Mink/Human Hybrid being half a mink, and half a human. Inheriting traits and characteristics of both a civilized race, and a totally wild beastly race at the same time.

As an explorer of the sea, Klaus's end goal is to explore the whole world. To know everything there is to be known in the world, with nothing kept hidden or unknown to him, or to the people. He wants everyone to sail the sea to experience this journey for themselves, to inspire the new generation to pursue the world itself. Rather than having small goals and dreams, that are contained within the world itself. He dreams of a day that people will be telling the stories of the traveler Klaus, who traveled the whole world, island by island. Another one of his dreams to see his crew mates achieve their own dreams, and to help them through it all.

Featured Roleplay
Main article: Sands of Time

Sands of Time is a story that takes place at the Grand Line's Paradise, focused on the so-called generation of miracles and their misdeeds on Alabasta.

A gathering of the year of 1580's most prized prospects leads to a pirate affair like no other. Which of these kings will rise to the top?

One of the world's largest kingdoms becomes prey to the ambition of a man seeking to capture the entire world at large.

Featured Ability
Main article: Okami-ryu
Okami ryu infobox.jpeg

The Okami-ryu (送り狼流, Ōkami-ryū?) is a style of martial arts created and used solely by Maurier Harlan.

This style focuses on observing the opponent to the utmost and breaking down their techniques to assimilate into the martial art, and releasing extremely brutal strikes at catastrophic speeds.


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