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Those who set sail to claim One Piece.

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Pirates who have affiliated themselves with the World Government.

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Marine Officers who serve the Navy.

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We currently have 377,191 edits to 14,699 articles and 39,274 images on this wiki. Operating since April 14th, 2015!

That also means we exist since One Piece was in its 783rd Chapter!

Fifty years have passed since Monkey D. Luffy was crowned Pirate King, and the generation that wreaked havoc on the seas have long since disappeared. However, prior to their disappearance, the One Piece was made known to the world and once more hidden away in plain view. Rumored to be more grandiose than even Gol D. Roger articulated, the new era of pirates push forward to discover the vast riches that the world have to offer. Still, the world has been impacted by the generation of the old, and new forces have arisen to maintain the order of the seas.

Are you a fan of the One Piece franchise? Have you ever wanted to create your own pirate, marine or even your own devil fruit? Well, look no further, because your dream has finally arrived. We only ask that you provide us with your best effort and nothing less. Enjoy your stay!

Recent Events

This morning of May 17th 2024, we were informed that a valued member of our community has passed away from cancer after fighting for nearly two years. In light of his circumstances, User:Otter22 possessed a jovial disposition that uplifted the temperaments of everyone in our community. His jokes, and memes constantly brought genuine smiles to everyone he interacted with.

He never allowed his real life circumstances to influence his interactions to people here, and he always took everything with a grain of salt, even as his work was being pushed through the MoS process. He never made excuses, and he always helped out whenever he could. Otter was truly someone who I think embodies what our community stands for.

Therefore, in celebration of knowing Otter, and his accomplishments, we'll be featuring his work for this month. We'll dedicate all that we have to his memory. From Oproleplaying to Otter, we will always cherish our memories and your influence on this community. We won't cry because it's gone, but we'll smile because it happened.

We'll miss you forever.

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Featured Article
Main article: Elysius Raito

"Steelwing" Elysius Raito is a Marine who currently holds the Captain rank. She happens to be a member of the Sky Tribe. Being born in the Clear Sea amongst her kind, before a series of unfortunate events led to her traveling down to Paradise where she currently resides, being a member of Impermanence as one member of the Combat Unit. Though despite being a member of Impermanence, Raito still is allowed on regular marine missions.

One of her first tasks was to go undercover into the Kobachi Kingdom, where she reluctantly supplied her fellow marines with the intelligence necessary to set up an ambush against Kamata D. Hitoku and Miyama Isana. Later, going on to apprehend the criminal Wallace E. Howell on Mojack Island on a devil fruit retrieval mission.

In her first encounter with Mugen, months had passed since her previous big missions and she was paired with CP9 Agent, Ryoko, and CP7 Agent, Feland Ruby. As the three arrived at their destination, Typhon Island, a desert island with nothing in sight, it took awhile before they eventually found an underground entrance to the facility they were searching for, with the task of destroying something that was kept inside.

Featured Roleplay
Main article: New Dog, Old Tricks
New Dog Old Tricks

After abandoning the United Forces, Liberio A. Jupiter awakes on one of the ships of the Hound Pirates. By trying to tackle his hardships head on, he is forced to make a decision of who he will be and what he stands for.

Jupiter comes face to face with Yonko, Maurier Harlan.

The two engage in battles, arguments, and eventually, brotherhood.

Featured Ability
Main article: Rigu Rigu no Mi

The Rigu Rigu no Mi is a Paramecia type Devil Fruit that allows the user to rig traps to people and objects, making them a Trap Human.

It was kept in the possession of the royal Azura Family of the Azura Kingdom after the death of its original user, Azura Haruki. After many centuries of it being stored in the kingdom, it was fed to Azura Hitoshi.


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