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First and foremost, I must congratulate you, the reader, on venturing upon this page. You have now officially embedded your legacy within the higher ranks of this wiki simply by electing to read this portion of the site. I will attempt to be as brief as possible, as I would hope you are quite enthusiastic about getting started with your first few articles here. The following article contains specific details on our rules and regulations. Please be wary of these guidelines at all times.

General Rules

1. Have Fun - This is self explanatory. No one is forcing you to be apart of this community. If you believe your time here has come to an end, then please do not hesitate to leave.

2. Give 100% Effort - There is nothing worse than stub articles that will remain blank for the rest of eternity. The same can be said about articles that are short in length and poor in grammar. Please try your best here. That is all we ask.

3. Be Professional - This is a business, so be professional. Treat others how you want to be treated. Here on One Piece Role-Play wiki, there are two things that will really define your legacy: the amount of effort you place forth, and your attitude.

4. Show Respect - No matter who you may come across, be respectful to others. Talk in a polite tone at all times and do not edit articles that do not belong to you without permission.

5. Be Responsible - Show integrity at all times. If you made a mistake, you will be easily forgiven so long as you admit what you have done was wrong. Do not plagiarize any form of content.

Image Policy

1. Images from DeviantArt and other related websites, any authored, require references in order to be used.

2. Certain Video game images are not allowed, in specific, those that are in-game photos. Renders and art can be used just fine.

3. Do not pollute an article with gifs. Be reasonable about how many images go on a page.

4. Real life images are not allowed. Do not upload selfies of any kind and do not use your favorite film actor as a representation for one of your characters. Similarly, do not use images of real locations or animals.

5. All images should relate to the theme of anime/manga at all times. Comic book and digital arts are acceptable.

Editing Rules

1. By now, it should have been made clear to you that this wiki has specific standards for each individual article. Please take it upon yourself to ensure your own work is legible enough to be published. Be alert of grammatical errors at all times, and always strive to improve your own writing abilities.

2. For the sake of a more efficient means of organization, please utilize the many tools made available to you by the website. This includes categorizing your articles, using the appropriate infoboxes, and including a property tag.

3. Please refer to the manual of style at all times whenever you are in the process creating an article. All character pages should contain a minimum number of three sections: Appearance, Personality, and History.

4. While it is not specifically a rule, providing a short summary of each of your edits would be very much appreciated. Use proper wiki coding. Broken links and templates should be corrected immediately.

5. Do not edit articles that do not belong to you without permission. Simple grammar corrections are fine.

6. An unspoken rule, do not mention other characters and the like without the creator's explicit permission.

Story Policy

Pirates that ask out for the presence of Marines in their role-plays must have conscience that they will be subjecting themselves to the possibility of being captured.

However, there will be certain situations and circumstances where a pirate may be capable of avoiding capture, something that will depend on the development of the role-play and the credibility for it to happen. The same applies to the opposite scenario.

If the role-players have discussed beforehand and decided on the stakes themselves, they don't need to abide to the condition above. Although, one of the role-players may come to the Administration if their partner has not respected the stakes planned.

By logic and statements, out and in-universe, there are several prisons which the captured criminals may be sent to. This allows for the possibility of break out, as the prison of Impel Down is heralded to be the world's greatest and safest. Thus, this avoids trivialization of its reputation and makes it more credible for a pirate to escape.

Certain pirates will end up on transport ships from the Marines, giving another situation of possible escape. The contrary is also true, not all Pirates should logically be capable of escaping, however, things will depend on the development of the role-play, role-play which must be done if there is to be an attempt at escaping.

Pirates and Criminals that do not escape and end up in Impel Down will NOT be locked forever. Even then, in order not to trivialize its break-outs, as mentioned above, there will be occasional and group break-outs.


If a role-play partner goes long (a week and beyond) without posting AND without explaining themselves, the user can opt to: report it to the admins; close down the role-play; substitute the partner.

If the partner is active, but, ignores messages and pings/tags from the other party, this is also applicable.

Once the partner explicitly knows of the warning, yet doesn't respond, NPC * action can be taken.

Point System

Main article: Reputation Points

Reputation Points are the new system of One Piece Role-Play, developed during December of 2020 and properly implemented since January of 2021. Many, if not all, of the sections down below are in effect along with these points.

These Points are a way to streamline the way that rewards are given to the userbase, so that anybody, not everybody, is rewarded.

While it mentions the need of Bytes (amount of information, data put), Points are not given on amount of bytes alone, the Administration will be checking the proper effort and legitimacy behind them.

If a character, ability, location, etc, has not been debuted within role-play, then its content is not eligible or presentable for points.

Devil Fruits

See also the associated pages: Devil Fruit, Paramecia, Zoan, Logia, ACE, SMILE.

Because we are set in a time period in which 50+ years have passed since the conclusion of the original One Piece manga, Canon Devil Fruits have become available to the users of this community.

However, that is not to say that there are still no restrictions; several fruits from the main series will be prohibited for various reasons. Naturally, in order to gain the ability to utilize a canon devil fruit, permission must first be granted by one of the administrators.

After permission is given to the user, they ought to register the Canon Fruit in the Devil Fruit Registry in an organized manner. This must be done within a week of permission being granted. Furthermore, if a user goes long (about 3 months) without as much as trying to role-play the fruit's eater or even uploading their pages, the fruit may be given away.

While two of the same fruits cannot exist, there is an exception towards elemental orientated fruits of certain Paramecia and Logia classes, along with some others. So long as the new fruit is created with a different name from the original and an element different enough from its look-a-like (such as Concrete being different from Earth), so long their techniques are not copied from the original, the fruit will be permitted.

Failing to abide by this is frowned upon and the user will receive a warning for each time.

If one wishes to create a fruit of the same element, then they may do so as long as the name is different and the approach to techniques and use is different per user. If one wishes to undertake a different approach to this idea, ACE's exist on the wiki. They are artificial fruits, much like SMILEs, that possess several drawbacks.

Prohibited Fruits

  • Mizu Mizu no Mi: No water based fruits may be created. Because it would essentially negate the weakness all devil fruit users are given, regardless of water amount or usage.

Mythical Zoans

As officialized by this thread: Thread:21247 dated from January 9th of 2019, and with evidence from Canon materials, along the physiological abilities of the animal they turn into, a Mythical Zoan will only be allowed to have one power.

  • I.e for canon: Marco has normal features from birds such as talons, claws, flight with wings, and a singular power that is encasing himself in regenerative flames.
  • I.e for fanon: Kurama has the normal features of a fox, enhanced senses, claws, and a singular power which is charming/bewitching others.

They can be reviewed by the admins themselves inside the Discord server.

Canon Devil Fruits

See also the associated category: Canon Devil Fruits.

Canon fruits are limited to three fruits per user. The administration recommends, but does not demand, for users to apply for one of each type (Paramecia, Zoan, and Logia).

The first fruit application will be guaranteed. The second and third fruit application will be viewed based on if the user is making sufficient use of their original fruits in the site-wide universe.

Users that have three or more existing Devil Fruits will be allowed to keep them, though the administration recommends giving away fruits not in use. Those who already have three or more cannot apply for new fruits.

Users that wish to contest for fruits from someone else should seek to kill the holder of the fruit in-universe whenever possible, for fruit exchanges to be smoothly made in the timeline.

Further than that, there will be a minimum requirement of three months of ownership over a fruit, before a user is allowed to switch or drop said fruit.

Types that require points to be created also have costs here.


Main article: Haki

Haoshoku Haki is said to be an ability that appears in one in every million people within the whole wide world. For this reason, it has been restricted. However, because we want to allow everyone a fair chance, every user will be able to add it onto their character based upon the Reputation System, where a user has to submit a specific number points to gain Haoshoku.

Each time a user desires to add Haoshoku to a character, they must spend points again. Points are not redeemable, thus a deceased or undone character will give no points back, unless there are very special circumstances.

Certain Haki abilities are also restricted: the two advanced forms of Busoshoku Haki, Emission and Internal Destruction, cost points. The Future Sight aspect of Kenbunshoku Haki also has to be bought. Finally, Haoshoku Infusion must also be bought and has other requirements.

Voice of All Things

Main article: Voice of All Things

Another important ability like Haoshoku, Voice of All Things is rare and something to be applied for with points, the character will be allowed to have it one they are paid. Each character with its use has to be granted it through Points being paid, and that includes members of the Three-Eye Tribe, who are rumored in Canon to be able to unlock this ability.


See also the associated page: Worldwide Titles.

Titles such as "Greatest Swordsman in the World" are bestowed upon characters who have been greatly developed and earned their spot. If the title is taken, the user can then challenge the current holder of the title for it.

This includes past usages of these titles.

Titles are the items that require the most Reputation Points.

Three Great Powers

See also the associated pages: Three Great Powers, Marine Personnel, Shichibukai, Yonko.

In order to become a Navy Admiral, Shichibukai, or a Yonko, your character must first go through a reviewing process by the administration staff itself. Characters with accomplishments via role-plays and the such are the ones to be submitted along with points granted by the Reputation System.

Admirals require proper application and usage of Reputation Points. A character will have to Justice Points and meet other criteria to be able to be applied.

Note that, much like the Bounty System for Pirates, Marines can rise through the Ranks after activity and feats in role-plays. This also means that any rank below Admiral is free to be used, promoted, or created.


Main article: Bounties

Bounties are given to characters by the userbase once they receive Reputation Points, each of which is equivalent to an amount (Beli Small.png25,000,000) that will be added to a character of their choice.

They can not be initially assigned any value, as stated above, a user have to have a character with a certain value already, of which, 40% can be applied to any other character.

  • To explain it: "User" has his character assigned a Bounty of Beli.png80,000,000 by their own choice of spending Reputation Points, so, they can freely have any of their other characters possess up to Beli.png32,000,000. Once "User" has their character bounty updated to Beli.png400,000,000, after a few role-plays, they can assign up to Beli.png160,000,000 to any of their characters.


If under a captain or group leader, the individual gets a boost to their bounty increasing based on 2.5% of said captain's bounty. This percentage amount is added to each point applied to the bounty, therefore, each point will multiply the Beli Small.png25,000,000 + 2.5%.

  • To better explain this, follow this example: If you are under a captain worth Beli Small.png1,000,000,000, then your bonus will be Beli Small.png25,000,000. Adding it to the base value of the points spoken about, you will be able to multiply Beli Small.png50,000,000 instead.

While said character's bounty may become the user's biggest, however, they will not be able to assign its 40% to any character. Instead, they will only be able to do it for new characters within the same crew of that character.

  • If you have a bounty of Beli Small.png1,000,000,000 outside a crew, you can freely use its 400,000,000 on your characters.
  • Meanwhile, inside a crew, you have a Beli Small.png2,000,000,000 character, but its 40%, Beli Small.png800,000,000, would not apply anywhere outside said crew.


Main article: Meito

Meito are Graded Swords, none of their ranks are allowed to be created normally. In fact, if a user wishes for their sword to be truly renown and considered a Grade Sword, they must role-play to acquire Reputation Points and accordingly promote their weapons.

Non Player Characters

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