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Role-Play Name: Over The Top

Date Started: June 16, 2018
Date Completed: June 30, 2018
Previous Role-Play: None
Users Involved: User:Dal101, User:Njalm2
Setting: Waters around G-13
Characters Involved: Bimore O. Jack, Wolfgang, Foxpack (mentioned), Daddy L. Legs (mentioned)


The Wolves of War were on a rampage once more, but this time not for the sake of mere conquest, this time they had a mission: humiliating the marines and the complete destruction of a prominent Marine base in the New World, one that not only intruded upon the territories of the spider empress, but that resided in an area that might prove criticial in their inevitable war against the Xros Pirates.

But the journey was a long one, and upon their way there they'd been forced to make several stops, mostly to pillage for supplies but just as often as a way to further expand the territory of the Black Widows, a fearsome crew that more or less dominated the New World, lead by what most would concede to be the most powerful Yonko, Daddy L. Legs.

Travesfort was an island of signficant size that specialized in mining operations and mineral exportation. It was rich in resources, and its residents enjoyed close relations with the marines, who'd stationed several captains and a commodore there to keep the peace and hold back pirate raids. Unfortunately, they'd never even dreamt that they would find themselves under attack by one of the Yonko Commanders.

Wolfgang grinned at the opposing villagers from his vantage point atop a mound of rotting marines. Neither he nor his men had shown them any mercy, and nary a moment went by where a poor man or woman wasn't executed behind him by members of his crew, but there were three men that the mink had chosen to spare, albeit certainly not out of the goodness in his heart: the highest ranking marine officers present, a commodore and two captains. Humiliating the marines required making a statement out of their esteemed officers.. and Wolfgang's tactic was unorthodox but certainly effective, stripping them of everything save for their undergarments and putting explosive collars around their neck, attached to chains that were held by the Maneater himself.

All of them struggled to contain their tears and sanity as they heard the dying screams of comrade after comrade being put on the chopping block. Wolfgang was the first to break the silence, his tone seemed almost playful as he dropped down onto the mound and looked over the gathered resistance.

"This wouldn't have happened if you'd just accepted our original terms in the first place. Did you truly think that mere marines stood a chance against yours truly, that you could deny Wolfgang anything at all?" He emphasized the absurdity of that statement with a chuckle before he droned on. "Whatever the means, I will get what I want, and what I want right now is your unconditional capitulation. Agree to those terms, and nothing need change around here, my Captain is a fair woman and she will ensure your safety. Heh, as an added bonus, you might get to lay eyes on me more often!"

For some reason this seemed to merely strengthen their resolve, for some reason that Wolfgang couldn't fathom even to this day, the residents of the islands he conquered always displayed the same uncanny ability, zealously pursuing a hopeless cause. Yet this was an issue, he didn't want to kill the civilians, they were important in order to ensure that the island retained its worth, undoubtedly they counted on that, it was almost clever, almost.

He chose that moment to move, an effort that required a single leap of Geppo but which propelled him forwards at such speeds that the surrounding landscape flew into a disarray due to the emergence of a powerful sonic boom at his point of departure. Villagers were blown about like scattered playing cards, and had just risen to their feet when Wolfgang reemerged, but to their horror he was not alone.

Two of the villagers let out a hollow scream as they saw what he was holding, it was a crying little boy, who the pirate cradled almost affectionately. "You are correct in your assumption that harming you would run contrary to my mission, for your workforce is required to maintain operations here." Wolfgang grinned as the boys wailing intensified, rightly terrified of what to him seemed like a monster out of a bedtime story.

"But, your children aren't essential to this operation, and will require far too much time until they start becoming fully productive members of this colony. So, starting today, I will devour one child each day in the town square, in front of all of you, don't expect a short affair, I savor each of my meals."

At this point the parents of the boy were straining desperately against the grips of their fellow villagers, and the boys crying had turned deafening. Eventually the mayor of the town stepped forward and spoke, the words choking in his throat.

"W-we agree to your terms.. let the boy go."

Wolfgang's face split into a wonderful smile, and his tail wagged back and forth in genuine joy. He put the boy down gently, and allowed the screaming child to run to his parents.

"Awesome! Thanks."

The Power of ArmsEdit

Three days had passed since then, and now they'd finally arrived at their true destination, the marine base known as G-13, a constant thorn in the side of the Black Widows, and a variable that simply could not be allowed to exist given the war with one of the other Yonko. Granted, it was still a large ways away from the fleet that Wolfgang had brought with him, but that was for safety concerns.. whenever they attacked a large base, he always went in first to ensure that their defenses were weakened enough that he needn't risk his ships to take them down.

At the current time, he was lying in his makeshift throne of pillows, surrounded by the selfsame marines he'd captured earlier, now dressed up to resemble male prostitutes. They fed him grapes and fanned him with large paper fans, even as they undoubtedly plotted the most effective way of disposing of him, Wolfgang liked to live precariously, especially when it meant absolutely dominating high-ranking marine officers. He had every intention of showing them off in this get-up during each and every visit to an island, and thereby demonstrating the enormous power of the Black Widow Pirates.

He was half-aware of Tomoka-san attempting to explain his most recent battle plan, that was unnessecarily complicated and convoluted given that it basically boiled down to the usual, Wolfgang would run in and hit stuff really really hard. It was a plan that tended to work given the minks freakish levels of physical strength, that was only magnified massively by his weapon of choice, the mighty Ulfgarn and was currently hovering a feet above the floor in a corner of the large room, so as to not cause damage to the structure due to its ridicolous weight and mass. It had been another enchantment of Legs' make, and one that while hardly flashy, was certainly extremely useful.

Eventually Wolfgang felt they'd arrived close enough, and with fast steps he sauntered out onto the deck of the main ship summoned the Ulfgarn to his hand and vanished in a blurr, covering great distances with each step he took using the gravity defying Geppo technique, gathering increased levels of momentum with each leap as it brought him further and further away from his allies, and closer and closer to his actual enemy.

He paid the islands directly surrounding G-13 little heed, for neither of them had a significant tally of inhabitants, due to both of them largely being inhospitable. With one being a dormant volcano that erupted now and again, and the other being a desert island of impressive size. Inconsequential to a conqeuror, as neither of them held any noteworthy resources.

Halfway to his objective, Wolfgang began twirling the Ulfgarn about, slowly at first, but then more and more intensely to build up more and more power, and soon each harmless revolution sent resounding shockwaves throughout the land, grasping at the ocean below him and causing it to tremble in anticipation, its surface manipulated in such a way by the skillfull and calculated application of such immense kinetic energy that larger and larger waves began to take shape, as the mink literally toyed with the natural world through nothing less than pure strength alone.

But then suddenly something changed, as Wolfgang accelerated his speed to the point that he streaked across the remainder of the distance, and shot down at a diagonal angle.. piercing the water surface and sending it receding at incredibe speed from his position, forced aback by the raw unbound energy of his movement, its water pushed onto the waves very crests, turning the already restless sea into towering monstrosities that soon dwarfed most of the buildings on the island.

Then Ulfgarn struck true, and the area it struck was the now barren wasteland that would be the bottom of the ocean under normal circumstances. The result was immediate, the ground shattered over a radius of several kilometers around Wolfgang, groaning and screaming protest as he directed the very earth itself to generate tectonic movements of its own, shearing against the very foundation of the marine base, causing it to tremble, shake and quake and thereby bringing untold destruction upon the various structures, ramparts and defenses of G-13 -- even as the tectonic shift caused the already immense waves to grow even larger and wider still.. until they became true tsunami, whose tremendous amounts of water were intended to wipe out the vast majority of the islands defenders.. if any remained after such a monstrous feat, that is.

It was an overcast day, one of wind and sea. It was another day at the base known as G-13. People walked to and fro around the island, carrying out their lives. They were thankfully unaware about what was to arrive. Many marines patrolled the base, unready for what they were about to face.

Bimore O. Jack sat upon one of the parapets of G-13, one of the deepest bases within the New World. While other islands with a presence may lay deeper, this was the cornerstone of the Marines within this region. As such, it was one of the most heavily defended bases on the world, only topped by the likes of Marineford itself. Normally a Vice-Admiral stayed upon site, but a meeting had called her away. So he had agreed to watch over this base, to protect against the wolves prowling at the door. A more apt statement couldn't have been bade.

He had sensed what was coming, long before it had arrived. He waited for the coming storm, for the last moment of peace. His brush stroked along the page, finishing that which he had wrote. A scroll, rolled up tight before being placed into a wooden container. A container tucked safely within his robes.

A marine captain had found him, asking him what was on his mind. A watchdog, here to keep the warlords in line. "My dear Captain, I am merely waiting for when it is time. You should head back inside, for out here is about to break any peace of mind."

She looked in confusion at him and his rhymes, "What do you mean when you say it is time?"

"The Widow is coming, I can sense it in the air. Least one of her men is, that I will share. Go back inside, and rally the men, while I deal with him it will be up to you to defend. After all... I can not be in two places at once." he continued before breaking his rhymes.

Jack stood up and walked down the road, treading upon the beach at the shore. He took one last peaceful breath, before preparing for war. The ocean was trembling at the threat of a spear, swelling and turning almost as if in fear. The time was now, he had to be in gear...

A simple step was all he took, and a rumble in the air seemed to resonate around him. While Jack was a man of the sky, even the master had to know more than one style. Wolfgang's shockwaves trembled the land, and shook the sea. But one step was all he would need.

Jack's foot carried much strength as he rammed it into the ground, sending his own shockwave to meet the one that was rushing towards him. But it wasn't to push back, but to pull it forward. Wolfgang's force was dragged up by the return of Jack's wave, carrying up and into his body. There was even a slight bit of pain as he pulled it along, taking it from his step up into his arm.

Jack shifted his arms as he pulled on the power, bringing his left arm forward as the shockwave ran down it. The tsunami that Wolfgang had prepared was almost here, and it was something that he could not ignore.

The sand whipped up in a fury at Jack's strike, carved out by the force of the blow. Upon the wave one could see the print of a hand, all of Wolfgang's power being combined with Jack's own in one single blow. His Tekkai had held out long enough to redirect the force back out to more constructive means. Means such as shattering the wave attempting to engulf them.

The hand grew larger and large as the force reached it in earnest, the wall of water deforming under the pressure before eventually being pierced through. Where once was a wall of water now stood two. Two halves that would swell around the island, doing no more than drenching the beaches. Though the ground was cracked in front of him from the quake that had come, this island was far from done. The Captain could be seen with a look of shock, as Jack himself began to walk.

He stepped upon the air as if it was solid stone, blades whispering as the saw the sun's glow. Two blades of black, ready to drive the widow back. But that was the job of Jack as he rushed out above the ocean to engage the wolf at the door, where hopefully the fight wouldn't endanger the island anymore.

Through the power of his Haki, Wolfgang knew precisely what had transpired, and it filled him with delight. Nothing pleased him more than being able to dominate powerful opponents, and whomever had managed to disperse his attacks in such a manner was surely someone worth slaying, he danced around on his feet before he shot up into the air with a single step, appearing some distance away from Jack, the Ulfgarn draped over his shoulders with no issue.. it was a weapon of virtually impossible mass, but in Wolfgang's hands it was little different from any ordinary weapon. Despite his intentions of destroying G-13 and executing or enslaving everyone there, the mink seemed relaxed, nonchalant even, but to a man as great as his opponent to be, this veneer of casualness belied the fact that his muscles were tense and his senses were alert.

After taking a few moments to examine Jack, Wolfgang grinned from ear to ear, displaying rows of white jagged teeth, fit to tear out a man's jugular with ease or bite off an arm. Whatever the case, his current opponent seemed to please him a great deal, as the mink licked his lips in anticipation and practically quivered with delight.

"This is great, I expected some no-show Vice-Admiral but lo and behold, I got a Shichibukai instead. Heck, I got more than that, I got Bimore O. Jack, some consider you the greatest swordsman of our time even if you lack the formal title. Man, beating you will be so much fun!"

Even in the face of such an exceptional swordsman as Jack, a man renowned all over the New World for his skill with the blade, a blade said to transcending the typical laws of swordsmanship to create miracles not unlike Devil Fruits, Wolfgang was certain of his inevitable victory, it had literally been decades since his last loss in a proper fight and at this point he practically thought himself equal to the Yonko themselves!

With an abrupt gesture that sent a wave of force rippling across the sky, the Commander assumed a battle-ready stance, his spear grasped in a single hand. But rather than charging straight ahead at his opposition, the mink did something quite unusual, he began to spin the Ulfgarn about in place just as he had before, but this time the speed was far greater and the resulting effect on the environment greater still. Hurricane-like winds manifested around him, issued into being by the mere movement of his spear and rippling across the marine base below, tearing up trees and debris and threatening to dismantle their defenses by proxy if not deliberate intent.

Some would find it a base technique, unworthy of one of the Yonko Commanders, demanding that there must be some hidden part or meaning to this, and those would be correct, for upon the fifth revolution, the entirity of Ulfgarn was engulfed in raging flames that were further fanned into intensity with each subsequent rotation, until they burned with bright blue flames.. and that was when Wolfgang stopped the moment and pointed the legendary spear at Jack, before he draped the weapon with his own aura, which promptly seeped into the blue flames and tinged them a shade of purplish-black, reflecting the color of the now jet-black spear upon which they sat.

Wolfgang's expression turned more morose and serious as he prepared to unleash his first attack, it was exceptionally rare for him to be serious right off the bat, but so great was his esteem of Jack that he would give him nothing less than his best effort. Almost as if to signal the beginning of their fight, Wolfgang shouted out to the heavens themselves the name of his opening attack.

"Rōgaenshōyari: Atsuikyōen!"

It began with a single thrust, then another, and another, until Wolfgang's speararm was nothing but a formless blur of ceaseless motion, thrusting at the air dozens of times within the span of a single second, similarly to how some masters of the Rokushiki employed the use of Shigan. On its own, a single thrust from the Ulfgarn could generate massive air-based projectiles that could easily decimate defensive ramparts and annihilate any enemies in their path. All this was true of every projectile that were generated from the rapid thrusts of Wolfgang's spear, but with the haki-enhanced flames that now coated the weapon the resulting blasts manifested as a dozen massive fireballs in the shape of disembodied canine heads, their flames creating the illusion of fur dyed the selfsame color as Wolfgang's own, purplish black.

With a shrill cacophonous roar they were unleashed at Jack with incredible speed, their immense heat palpable even at a considerable distance, as they threatened to burn the master swordsman merely by their proximity alone. As they drew nearer their massive forms would become all the more evident, for they were each roughly the size of a small warship and the raw kinetic forces within each of them was immense, threatening to wipe out the swordsmans very body on a direct hit, even as the flames sought to incinerate him utterly, metaphorifically one could say that the technique was meant to symbolize the ways of wolves, crushing their prey in their jaw before devouring it in a raging firestorm.

But the threat wasn't merely to Bimore alone, for four of the burning wolves were slightly off-course, they'd miss the swordsman but strike the marine base instead, and each would undoubtedly not only threaten to annihilate major parts of the settlement on its own in the ensuing inferno, but certainly claim a large amount of innocent lives. Wolfgang knew that Jack was the only one among them who had something to protect, which was part of the reason he'd left most of his fleet behind until further notice, by pressuring both objectives at once he hoped to pressure the other man into making a mistake. For Wolfgang had not forgotten that G-13 was his primary target and the entire reason he was even here.

"I am honored to know that you hold me in such high esteem, Maneater of the Black Widows. I know your power is great enough to have earned such an honor. But as strong as you may be, your reputation of arrogance knows no bounds. I would offer to allow you to retreat, but we both know your pride will never allow it. So come, Wolfgang. Let me be the one to teach you a sense of humility." Jack announced as his opponent took his stance.

Wolfgang's weapon was dangerous, that much had been apparent already. It managed to do what Jack had spent a lifetime learning through brute force alone. It showed that the mink had the skills to back up his claims, well all but one. Brute force would never be able to overcome a skilled blade alone.

Jack allowed the wind to push him back, sliding along the air as the winds whipped around, unbound by the normal conditions of the weather. By the time that Wolfgang had truly whipped up this storm to maximum intensity, the distance between the two had doubled.

Jack's blades glowed black, covered in the ichor of his will. Black blades dyed ever more black. His will was strong, his skill was even stronger. The man in front of him had taken empire after empire. But he didn't know what it was like to be truly in the fire.

Thrusts of fire had jetted from Ulfgarn, wolves of flame and air aimed to decimate him, no decimate all resistance to the Widows in the area. If they hit it would be bad, burning and crushing at the same time. So the only solution was to not let them hit. His blades moved, drawing themselves parallel to each other. His right blade faced down along his left, while left mirrored it to face up on his left.

One of the most important lessons he had been taught by the masters of the Gogyō Shizora-ryū was how to manipulate the wind. One could slice or grab at it depending on how they cut. Both of which Jack was considered to be a master of. A grand master even.

The world seem to twist and turn as Jack drew his swords across the sky. The world seemed to spin in their wake as though the space between them was what the planet rotated around. The air resisted at first, before seeming to stretch and flow behind them. Shodai and Nidai Kitetsu cut a perfect circle through the sky. If one were to look into the space in between, a black void would look back. His will having blackened the sky until it was maddeningly blank.

"Kyoku 51, Mugen no Sora"

The blackness spiraled out from the hole in the sky, roaring with the fury of an angered beast. A dozen dragons of darkness drenched air danced outwards, forming a vortex of darkness centered on the warlord himself. The wolves howled into the twister, battering at the walls before sliding along them. Even the blasts aimed at the base itself were drawn into the hurricane of fire and flame aimed directly at the heart of a man named Jack.

The blades drew across the air again as the flames rushed onward towards him, though in reverse this time. The flames pierced into the circle of black at the base of vortex. The darkness expanded, pulling the flames aside. The double layer of wind pulled the flames in all directions, turning a vortex of black flames aimed at jack, to a wall that stretched across the sky. The flames and air holding them in place separated the two combatants as the warlord finished his movements. His blades were held almost as if he was sheathing them.

He pulled them up and across the flames, air collapsing in front of them. He pulled them across the wall of fire, which buckled under the pressure. The flames cloaked the slash of wind in the shape of a giant X. An X that was aimed to mark the Black Widow fleet that was just over the horizon with annihilation. Two could play at the game of trying to threaten everything at once. The fact they were farther away meant nothing, especially when one was playing with fire. After all, to a man who owned the sky, all who touched it were in his range.

In the mean time, the dragons of air soar apart, seeming to break up before revealing their true target. They ceased their outward arc to collapse towards the Mink, intending to shred him in the onrushing vortexes of razor sharp air.

At this point Jack merely retook his stance, waiting to see what the wolf's response was to the man who refused to be hunted.

As the master swordsman wove into being a truly spectacular attack that defied the modern sensibilities of swordsmanship in all of its various forms, Wolfgang's eyes studied his every motion, from the slightest movement of how he handled his sword, to how he positioned his legs, and most importantly the steps in the dance as he made a single blade do what ought to be an impossibility to all rational thought. It was a rare moment for Wolfgang to observe and listen quietly, and it was within that moment that a thought came unbidden to his mind, the faintest sliver of doubt, the first in many years. But as with all such thoughts, it was quelled and dispelled in but a moment.

Jack's decision to attack his fleet was hardly surprising, and so when the cross of flame was unleashed, Wolfgang's use of Kenbunshoku Haki had already revealed its likely target and so he sprung into motion immediately, appearing in front of the burning cross with a single hand outstretched to meet it head on. The flying slash sent the mink careening backwards through the air, but even under these strenous circumstances his footing upon the air never wavered and his hand remained firm and unmoving, the slash straining against the obstacle until the mink snapped his palm shut, and the flying slash dispersed into nothingness, its flames radiating outwards and almost cradling the Yonko Commander until those too were dispelled with but a wave of his hand, a gesture that sent a shockwave reminescenet of the one produced by his weapon earlier.

Wolfgang lifted his gaze to see a dozen dragons sculpted entirely from the air itself, their black forms a sure sign that they were influenced by Bimore's potent Haki. They stretched across the sky all around him, encircling him and blocking out his means of escape as was surely their intent, but however elaborate the attack had seemed, it was surprisingly basic in its execution. This wouldn't do, not at all, a man such as Wolfgang required a proper stage to demonstrate his ability and if his opponent would not prepare a spectacle worthy of his time then by the gods he would make one himself. It was this line of thought that inspired the mink to not attempt to overpower or evade the wind dragons in a traditional sense, but rather to challenge them head on by running straight towards them.

It would seem a suicidal gambit to most, but as he'd always been told, most people simply weren't Wolfgang. In front of him the effigies roared as one as they collapsed down to tear him apart within their bowels, but as they'd all emerged from different positions, there were gaps between their writhing forms, and it for just such a gap that Wolfgang aimed, even as the dragons moved down to obstruct his progress. The first one he elegantly side-stepped by a hairs breadth, causing it to fly past him down towards the ocean, the wind generated by its passing causing a delightful if unusually strong draft to ruffle through his fur, the second head of the dragon emerged then arcing down to devour him from above, like a snake crawling into the den of its prey, a single calculated step with Geppo allowed him to evade that attack by simply surging forwards at the right angle.

But Jack was no fool and soon four dragons emerged to tear him apart from the above, below and to his left and right, but as with all of the previous dragons they too displayed fatal flaws of their own. Wolfgang contorted his body with a limber grace that seemed to defy all reason as he doved underneath the dragon to the left, and moved swiftly and gently past the one that emerged from above, before he dove inbetween the remaining opening generated by the the left and the south, before he once more shot speed and streaked up to the very top of the metaphorical "dome" that comrprised the techniques area of effect. An outsider might easily be forgiven for thinking that the Yonko Commander was playing with Jack's technique, rather than simply showing off to a non-existant audience.

His ascent was blocked however by four more dragons that moved at greatly increased speed compared to the last ones, and that was when Wolfgang stopped playing around. He directed the Ulfgarn forwards and issued himself into a series of movements that seemed eerily similar to the selfsame ones that Jack had performed just moments prior, but where the swordsman's movements had displayed unparalleled skill, Wolfgang's gestures were hard and unrefined and spoke of the only thing that he truly valued in this world, power. But the Ulfgarn was already a weapon capable of subjugating the very elements of the natural world at the whim of its wielder, and the wind dragons ultimately proved no different to any tornado, twister or typhoon as Wolfgang repeated the steps of the Gogyō Shizora-ryū with impressive if hardly imperfect accuracy. Overwhelming power more than made up the deficiency and so several of the dragons found themselves wrested from Jack's grip albeit it temporarily through the direction of the Ulfgarn's might and so the dragon were forced to eat themselves. Little now remained of Jack's technique and the wolfman bounced up and down in the air amdist its residue as he turned to face his adversary with a toothy grin playing upon his lips.

"My turn."

When he'd dealt with the Mugen no Sora, Wolfgang has succeeded in covering most of the distance that separated the two men and his next step was to close the gap entirely, and that was precisely what he ended up doing. Emerging with a discordant boom of force that would likely have thrown lesser men than Jack off balance, the Commander commenced a succession of attacks in melee-range. To most who experienced it, it was a nightmarish experience, as the immense mass of the Ulfgarn when combined with his raw physical prowess made it so that even the slightest gesture generated such immense kinetic force that it was akin to a man trying to wrestle a storm.

Lightning arced about Wolfgang's being as he swung the Ulfgarn several times at Jack in rapid succession, each blow caused the air to scream and screech as if to protest its abuse, and each movement caused blades of electricity to trail after the attack, threatening to incinerate the swordsmans nerves and halten his response to the point where a direct hit from the legendary polearm would see his life undone in the blink of an eye.

But the relentless assault wouldn't stop there as the mink transitioned into a series of mighty thrusts that were as always punctuated by a succession of mighty shockwaves not unlike the ones earlier, each thrust made for the express purpose of devastating his defenses and breaching them to claim his life. Finally the thrusts abated, but it was in that precise moment that the Conqueror revealed his other hand, which shone with an iridescent purple light, and cracking with the effects of Electro. Flame-like black markings crawled up the entire length of the arm, revealing that Wolfgang had attained true mastery of Busoshoku Haki. Then, with a grin, Wolfgang spoke aloud the name of his technique, certainly not by neccessity, but because it added to the spectacle that he so enjoyed.


Describing the speed of Wolfgang's claw was difficult, for its speed seemed so far out of bounds with his previous attacks that it might even seem as thought it came from an entirely different person altogether. To anyone not posessing a truly exceptional sense of Haki, it was likely that they would not be able to spot where the attack ended and where it began, much less how many times the mink had attacked within that isolated instant. But this was not the extent of the technique, but a mere expression and a taste of just how fast Wolfgang truly was when he was not burdened by the Ulfgarn, the true effects of the technique manifested as a succession of crackling blue lights between them, and then it happened.

For mere moments after Wolfgang's attack, the entire airspace directly in front of him within a radius of a mile was eviscerated by a succession of horizontal lightning bolts that criss-crossed the sky like innumerable threads, each following the trajectory of his claws to levels of perfection, and each moved at speeds comparable to the real thing, it would be a beautiful spectacle to behold for those fortunate few who would not recognize what it meant. By virtue of their sheer numbers and raw velocity they sought to tear the swordsman into pieces and put his story to an abrupt and sudden end at the hands of the Black Widows.

Jack hadn't stayed still while Wolfgang had been playing tag with the dragons. As he used Shodai Kitetsu to direct the dragons, Nidai Kitetsu wobbled slightly, drawing masses of air to it. He pulled the dragons up and around, left and right, forward and back. He allowed Wolfgang to treat them as he pleased, even smiling slightly as the wolf attempted to copy him. As the wolf approached the end, Jack tightened his guard up once more.

His Haki warned him of Wolfgang's jump an instant before it occurred, but an instant was all he needed. He might not match the mink's animalistic power, but his technique more than made up the difference. Wolfgang's strike were faster than the eye could see, but not faster than the mind's eye could. As the spear flashed towards him again and again, arcing in an effort to end him. Jack's form seemed to distort slightly, almost as if he was a glitch in the world. But in reality he had just upped the intensity of the motions he had used to control the sky even more. Shodai Kitetsu matched Ulfgarn blow for blow, sliding on the inside of the thrusts as it drew the air away from the spear. The arcing swipes that started were all deflected just enough to miss him, the waves of air that followed his blade pushing the spear just enough to the side when combined with the sword. For all it's massive power, waves of force from the spear couldn't transfer if they had nothing to move through. At the same time, Shodai's position also allowed it to cut through the lightning of the strike, defeating the side effects of each thrust in a single motion as the wind trailing his sword caused the lightning to arc around and past Jack.

Then Wolfgang kicked it up a notch, intent on piercing right through the swordsman. While Shodai continued it's dance to negate the side effects of the mink's assault, Jack was forced to move to in order to dodge the spear itself. The glitching in the world became more apparent as he upped his movements one more step. The first thrust of the spear seemed to go right through him, before an instant later Jack could be seen twisted to the side, having applied a combination of Kenbunshoku Haki, Soru, and Kami-E to move his body out of the way from the thrust. Each and every thrust met the same fate, seeming to have pierced the man an instant before being proven false. Jack had applied Soru to his entire body, each and every part stepping upon the air to enhance his movements ever faster to keep up with the withering assault.

Jack's Kenbunshoku got an even further workout as the Mink's assault switched in tempo, attempting to overwhelm him with the speed of his other arm. Shodai Kitetsu was a magnificent sword, powerful and regal as the endless sky above. But due to it's weight and power it was nowhere near fast enough to keep up with this renewed onslaught.

Nidai Kitetsu on the other hand did not suffer the same problem. Lighter than even the average Katana, it was by far the faster of the two swords, even if it lacked some of the power. While it could not hope to match the power of Ulfgarn, it could definitely hold up under the mink's body. It flashed out in a frenzy of slashes, his arm and blade seeming to phase out of reality as they matched the claws stroke for stroke, the sparks from the blade and claw clashing black as a midnight sun. The air distorted around Wolfgang's hand and Nidai Kitetsu, even after their clash ended in less than an instant. Even during this however, the lack of motion that Ulfgarn had shown during this instant gave Jack the opportunity to finish his defense of the furious barrage.

With naught but a twist of his other sword, a twister of grand magnitude was formed around the pair, leaving them caught in the eye of the storm as the lightning flashed in. The sheer pressure of the windstorm caused each bolt to falter and twist around the storm, before eventually being thrown off to strike sea or sky.

But Jack was still not done. As Wolfgang's furious assault abated, Jack retaliated with one of his own. A hundred swords seemed to be flying through the air at once as Nidai Kitetsu flashed forward, a line of utter black leaping off each one. bullets of Will and Air aimed to pierce through Wolfgang as Wolfgang had tried to pierce him. The air that Nidai Kitetsu had collected early showed itself here, though some of it had already been used up. Jack used all of the valuable resource in his assault, the hundred void bullets aiming to run Wolfgang through.

But this still wasn't enough. Even as Nidai flashed forward to inflict pain, an instant later Shodai Kitetsu was used for an attack of it's own. As Jack brought it to bare, the sword wasn't pulled forward as one might expect, but Jack himself was pulled back, gaining a little distance from Wolfgang.. This did nothing to diminish the power of what was to come however. The twister grew and twisted under the application of the vaunted blade. The sky above and ocean below were drawn to it, water and cloud infusing it as Jack's own fury became unleashed.

“Kyoku 46, Gyakuten Tenchi!”

The twister collapsed towards the tip of the Jack's blade for a brief instant, drawn to the focus of the technique. The sky groaned and shook from the touch of his sword, being drawn inwards to unleash its agony upon it's challenger. An explosion of cloud, sea, and sky radiated from the tip of Jack's blade. A hurricane of power aimed to blow right through the Mink as the ocean above and sky below warped under it's touch, the surface of the sea and the sea of clouds spreading apart from the storm's fury. A wolf had challenged the sky, and the sky had answered.

So far the swordsman had managed to find a way to counter each of his attacks, while frequently turning that attack into some sort of advantage. In most fights he'd ever participated in, Wolfgang had been capable of forcing a retreat or a surrender within the first few blows, defenses could be brushed aside as easily as a newborn babe by the might of the Ulfgarn. Yet this man was still unscathed after attacks and despite his best efforts, he couldn't seem to find a proper opening to kill him.

"Most people don't last this long against me. Its pissing me off."

Fortunately, the opposite appeared to be true as well, and the Yonko Commander had not yet experienced any true difficulty in dealing with his attacks. But Wolfgang hadn't missed the significance of past words he'd spoken, his first named technique had been labelled as number fifty-one, that meant that his adversary presumeably had at least fifty other techniques to tip the fight in his favor.

The current barrage of haki-empowered flying slashes were not such a technique, that much was plain to see. It was an attack meant to disguise something else, but what exactly that was escaped the mink as of this moment. Like a hundred black swallows in flight they sought to tear through his flesh and bone, but such a barrage, while visually spectacular wouldn't avail him much against someone wielding the Ulfgarn, and with a single lunge with the massive spear he demonstrated just why. With a resounding groan, the world directly in front of Wolfgang exploded a sea of chaos, as shockwaves that could level a castle single-handedly were issued into being and then reignited by the sheer friction of his attack.. assuming the familiar shape of massive lupine heads wreathed in purpe flames, far outnumbered by the flying slashes but far more potent in terms of mass and intensity. Due to these powerful properties they had little trouble overwhelming the preliminary part of Jack's attack and soon they continued straight at him.

But something was different this time, from when Wolfgang had employed this application prior, as the spearmaster wove and spun his spear around in motions that greatly resembled some variation of the Gogyō Shizora-ryū, one that allowed the Yonko Commander to manipulate the wolf heads with true finesse. Whatever he lacked in fine technique was more than made up by combat experience and raw physical prowess, for if Jack's use of his weapon was used to guide and manipulate them, then the Ulfgarn could be said to subjugate and dominate them, Wolfgang held no illusions that he could hope to compete with his adversary on the basis of strength alone.. but strength tempered with technique and a layer of finesse, perhaps. Through his directions, the wolves spread apart and moved almost like a true pack descending upon a deer, it was an intimidating sight to be sure, for they numbered eight even after having clashed with more than a hundred flying slashes, then they converged upon him all at once, as Wolfgang tracked Jack through a mixture of Haki and his current array of motions. Each of them would descend upon Jack with the intent of devouring him with their flames, even as the immense air pressure they carried sought to wipe him out of existence altogether, despite their capacity to wipe him out on their own they also served as distractions, in order to prevent Jack from interfering with what was to come next, constantly moving in to bite and tear at him in order to keep him occupied whilst Wolfgang revealed his true power.

For meanwhile Wolfgang had gripped ahold of the Ulfgarn with both hands for the first time during their fight, and when he heard Bimore's utter the name of his next technique his response was swift. Flame-like markings of purplish-black once more covered the entirety of the spear he carried, and the blade at the tip seemed to practically burn with some ethereal black flame, a flame that could best be described as a visual representation of Wolfgang's passion for besting this adversary, the first in many years to offer him even the slightest pause. Fuelled by the depths of his own indignation, frustration and to some extent, desperation, Wolfgang let out a maddening roar of effort as he brought the Ulfgarn down into a single overhead swing, but this time he swung not simply with all of his strength.. he swung with a sense of renewed purpose, and he swung with a precision that was much unlike himself.

The Blow That Names a StoryEdit

"I am the son of the legendary warrior Wolfpouch, the greatest son of Zou! You will not stifle my destiny, behold the might of WOLFGANG!"

Even as the Ulfgarn impacted the air, a veil of the deepest black descended down from the heavens in a thin line that surpassed many miles in length, it was a strike of such incalculable power that the twister generated by Jack was cut in twain in a single chop, dissipating to either side, rendered unto null entirely even as its spreading winds fed into the wolves of war that even now stalked the master swordsman. Yet this attack seemed to miss Jack altogether, or at least so it would seem if one had forgotten that the objective of the Yonko Commander hadn't changed, namely to annihilate the marine base that dared to infringe upon the territory of the pirate empress.

Even a glance below would reveal the true extents of Wolfgang's devastation, for below the sea itself had been split all the way down to the seafloor by the titanic forces at the minks command, cliffs of mounting seawater kept apart simpy by the residual pressure that had yet to fully run its course. It was as if the oceans themselves stood at attention in reverence of the Yonko Commanders power, and this phenomena continued further onto the marine base itself, which now bore a massive black scar where his attack had literally split the entirety of G-13 into two halves, the bedrock and foundation of the island quaking and shaking furiously as it was about to break under the strain of its own weight. With a crash the main building of the marines on the island plummeted into the black abyss, dragging with it numerous adjacent structures and most of the surrounding streets. Claiming a heavy toll in marine lives, to be certain, even as the surface of the island began to crack and break as it gradually began to collapse into the sea.

Yet the strike had reached even beyond the northern beaches of the island, and in the distance he could see that the sea was split anew, and beyond that he could see that a significantly smaller island containing a small watchtower had met a similar fate to marine base G-13. For a few short moments, time seemed to stand still, almost if in acknowledgement of Wolfgang's feat, but then apocalypse struck, the cliffs of mounting seawater crashed together all at once and the tremors the impact of two halves shoot the surrounding region with mighty quakes, that threw the sea into even greater unrest as water flowed down to fill the black scar and continued its movement unerringly in the path beaten before it, a path that lead it straight through the already devastated marine base. There would be no hope or salvation for the marines of G-13.

Perverse amounts of seawater towered over the island before all of it came crashing down at once, washing away all of the remaining marine buildings and barracks, including the port and all of the docked ships. Only those structures that were built towards the far edges of the base escaped the wrath of the tsunami that had formed as a mere aftereffect of Wolfgang's actual attack, a tidal wave that washed straight through the island and emerged the other side, funneled through the black scar. Undoubtedly greatly accelerating the islands inevitable destruction by further eroding its already crippled foundation, and when the water finally stilled.. there was very little that still remained of the once large marine base. Wolfgang had by all accounts fulfilled his primary objective, but the mink doubted this would be the end of it.

"Oh Captain, My Captain..." Jack uttered as he glowered towards the see below, his swords raised to guard himself from the slash that never came. It was obvious to everyone who laid eyes upon him that his calm had been momentarily broken. Even as the sea began to calm, the clouds roiled and twisted under the winds the rages around them. Wolfgang would find his footing unsteady as the air twisted and turned around him and the warlord. The sky trembled under his very presence. Even without Haoshoku Haki, it shuddered under his touch. "You should not have done that... Maneater..." His voice was silent, yet deafening. It was carried upon the air by his rage alone.

Jack's form faltered for a moment before he took a deep breath. Then with his exhale, the wind stilled around him. One breath that contained all his rage, burning his peace from the inside out. His eyes raised towards Wolfgang, crystal clear, radiating with a cold gaze. While a white how fury may scorch the heavens, a frozen one may shake the world. Shodai slid down Nidai with one swift motion to take its place at his side. He then flipped Nidai in his hand, before sheathing the blade. There was no more room for games. The blade of misfortune was gone, locked back up in its cage. Only the blade of blood remained. Blood shed begets more blood. Wolfgang just shed far too much.

Jack took his stance upon dead airs, not a sound that could be heard as Shodai Kitetsu was brought from guard to guard. However, something was different this time. Every moment seemed to stretch the blade out, leaving images of the sword behind it. Echoes of steel and wind that trailed the treasured weapon, blackened by the weight of his will. However, even this showing of wasn't wasted, each movement made with purpose. The wolves of wind and flame still barreled towards him, unrelenting in their pursuit. Each time Jack changed the direction of his blade, he sought to end one of the threats. Each wolf would approach, only to find itself falling apart. The sharpness of Shodai combined with his technique raced through them, slicing through them with keen wind. They split apart around him, each one missing as they came apart. But even here, he wasn't done. Jack was no longer willing to stay on the defensive anymore, not now that Wolfgang had taken the only thing worth protecting here.

Jack's form seemed to phase out of sight as he moved, moving on the pirate in a headlong charge. Shodai Kitetsu trailed him at his right hip, ready to cut the mink asunder. From his shadow stretched his form, dozens of Jacks seeming to trail him as his sword had trailed before. As they stretched further, the shadows stopped mimicking their owner, trailing off of his path to dash into strikes of their own. Jack will change his blade over to his other side as he closes in, before vanishing an instant before contact. His form will collapse into blackened air as one of the air clones will solidify into the real warlord, swinging down onto Wolfgang from above, blade held in both hands.

Upon completing his primary objective, the wolfmans lips had drawn back into a triumphant grin. Although he had to make a conscious effort to keep himself aloft, as the air quaked and shuddered under the influence of Jack, like waves amidst a storm. It took actual effort and a fair bit of concentration to even remain aloft under these circumstances.. which were things that Wolfgang honestly did not care for.

Yet when his adversaries demeanour changed, Wolfgang's ears rose to attention and so did the rest of his senses, something about the blademaster had changed. There was a shift in his demeanour and it gave him a deep thrill.. finally he would get to see the true Bimore O. Jack.

"You seem upset. Was someone you cared about on that island?" his voice carried on even as he drew upon his Haki in anticipation for the coming conflict, his eyes gaining the purple luster that signalled his usage of Kenbunshoku Haki. "It wouldn't happen to be a lover, would it? I love to kill people out to avenge a loved one, people like that are why I'll never get sick of killing!"

Wolfgang's Color of Observation allowed the mink to finely study and memorize each little movement that Jack made, analyzing the gestures and filing them away for later improvement. Despite his profound levels of arrogance that rivalled even the likes of the Celestial Dragons, Wolfgang couldn't help but be forced to acknowledge the vast difference in their technical skill, a thought that stung deeper than any blade. He'd always been a man who learned by observation and his combat genius, and throughout the endless battles that comprised his life, he'd encountered hundreds of different fighting styles.. but this was the first one to genuinely intrigue him.

Ordinarily he'd have gone for a counterattack as soon as possible, but he was legitimately curious about just what the swordsman would do next, and so Amaterasu simply observed quietly. Noting how trails of Haki appeared to flow off his blade and intermix with the surrounding air, pinning it down into intangible afterimages due to his superb skill at manipulating it, it was a wonderful trick but not one he could easily replicate. Frustrating.

Whenever an enemy revealed a new technique, it paid off to observe quietly and this proved to be the correct decision this time around. His adversary was furious, and therefore the mink suspected he would eventually reveal an opening.

Just as the afterimages appeared, Wolfgang closed his eyes entirely and relied entirely on his other senses, such as his enhanced sense of hearing and smell in conjunction with his Haki in order to pin down and find the true Jack. Having already discovered that at least for now the afterimages were merely optical illusions, discarding his sense of sight momentarily would reduce their effectiveness. Thus when the true attack came, he'd already managed to find out its location and reacted immediately, his head and upper body moving with a speed that seemed preternatural, as Wolfgang opened his maws.. his sharp teeth turned pitch-black with a distinct purple luster; and the Commander caught the blade of Shodai Kitetsu with his teeth. Causing the air around them to convulse and tremble from the sheer impact, and black and purple sparks to arc across the very airspace around them, crackling and trashing like coiled whips due to the intensity of the clash of Haki, until the blade of Shodai Kitetsu finally came to a grinding halt inbetween Wolfgang's teeth.

"Gotcha. Serves you right for thinking you could challenge Wolfgang in a contest of power!" he exclaimed somewhat slurringly around the grappled weapon. As always, he made it seem like a trivial feat, but truthfully it hadn't been.. the raw force of the sword swing had simply been distributed across his Shield of Bishamonten, who had taken significant damage from the feat. But it was worth it for the possible psychological effect it caused and the golden opening it presented.

Not a single moment was wasted as the mink freed his right hand from the Ulfgarn's grip and struck at Jack's exposed abdomen, his claw extended into a so-called spearhand that was surrounded by an oozing mass of black and purple ichor, before the sheer friction of the blow caused it to burst into purplish flames. Then the hand vanished in a blur as he attempted to repeatedly impale the swordsman upon his hand, and let the haki-enriched flames devour his body from the inside out in lieu with the brutal injuries he might suffer. Whilst simultaneously attempting to harness his overwhelming physical strength to rip the weapon right out of his grasp whilst simultaneously pulling him closer.

Grabbing a sword with ones teeth, now that had been an unexpected maneuver. Jack had to give Wolfgang credit for that one. It even left him in a rather awkward spot. But there was no time to think about that. Wolfgang was attempting to wrest his sword away even as the mink was trying to impale him.

Threads of air flowed off the weapon, wrapping around Jack's body. They tied themselves to him, coating the blade and his left arm in blackened air. Tying the weapon to him so it could not be removed. Threads of fate linking the two together so. Even as he did this, his grip redoubled with inhuman strain, ensuring his weapon could not be taken.

But that was the easy part of Wolfgang's onslaught. He still had to be wary of the flaming right. Jack seemed to distort once more, flowing away from Wolfgang upon heated winds. Even as his sword remained trapped by the jaws of the beast, it seemed to pull free. The air that had coated his blade pulled up and away from it, unsheathing a sword of wind from Wolfgang's maw, the blade black as the sword it resembled. One of Jack's echoes pulled from his body, sword in hand. It swing the weapon down towards the Wolf's claw, wind meeting flame as it powered to drive the strike to the side. It didn't resist the claw directly, aiming to deflect, not block.

Even as the one echo worked to protect him, two more formed to help as well, all three blades working in concert to protect him from the barrage. All three swung out, deflecting it again and again, even as Jack's outfit looked like it was starting to smolder from the heat and tear from the force.

Jack's stare seemed to pierce the man-eater as the two's clash of flame, wind, and strength continued. At that moment, he took his right hand from his weapon, a black ichor of wind and haki coating the fist that was now pointed at the mink. The echoes had continued flowing back even as a few of their number defended him. They pulled their right arm back in unison, each working in sync.

The final one then punched forward, starting a chain of force down the ladder of Jack. They moved in sequence, dragging more and more force with every swing until it reached the warlord, who just smiled as he uttered a name, his fist still pointed straight at Wolfgang's head.

"Rokuōgan: Saichō Chūsen"

Battle in the DunesEdit

Wolfgang's eyes widened in surprise as Jack performed what to his eyes seemed almost a miracle, his attack, which he'd been fairly certain would deliver an at least glancing blow was swiftly diverted, not by power, but by Jack's vastly superiour skill and technique. Angered he redoubled his efforts, but the effigies that sprung from the swordsmans form seemed to meet and counter his every effort, as the air thundered and bristled with heat and displaced energy under the furious onslaught, a spectacle that only seemed to anger the mink further, and even as his temper rose his body became shrouded in a purplish-black shadow that seemed to peel away from him and rise from his muscular form like smoke.

His eyes shone with a similar gleam as he took note of the ensuing techniques particularities, memorizing its forms and once more marvelling at the sheer ability to produce tangible afterimages like that.. for this time, that was what they were. It frustrated the mink that his own abilities did not allow him to easy replicate this feat, if at all, if there was one thing that Wolfgang despised it was the notion that someone could do things that he could not. But he would not allow the other man to do as he pleased, he would demonstrate the true might of Wolfgang!

Thus the wolfman did something unusual, he let go of Shodai Kitetsu and flashed Jack a wide grin before he took an extremely deep breath as flame-like markings that shone with a purple luster spread across his chest and partially up his throat, then Wolfgang howled like the beast that the swordsman perceived him as. Under ordinary circumstances he could howl with enough force to rupture the eardrums of most pirates, but this time it was further enhanced with his Haki, and the sheer sound of the scream was followed by an immense shockwave of black energies.

It rippled out from his being even as the sound that the mink produced was simply indescribable, almost like the simultaneous and combined howl of ten thousand wolves. Birds fell from the sky all around, and a lone pirate crew out at sea each screamed as their eardrums burst and they collapsed from the agony, and all of this would be magnified manyfold on Jack, as the two men were locked in a palpable maelstrom of haki and sound.

But Wolfgang wouldn't get to witness the result of this attack right away however, for that was when Jack's Rokuogan struck him clear in the head and caused his entire body to follow suit, as the Wolfgang found it impossible to resist the pull of the immense forces that the swordsman had produced, even though his muscles strained under the effort of attempting to do so regardless, if only out of sheer spite. But the futility of doing so was soon made evident and the attack carried him off as it was intended to, but it didn't do so gently, far from it, in fact.

For when the momentum of the Rokuogan, empowered immensely through Jack's efforts struck him, Wolfgang split the sky like a stray comet, too fast for the eye to perceive as anything more than a purple blur, shooting down at an angle towards a nearby island, one that contained a desert and virtually no other notable features. If he looked like a meteor, it would certainly be apt for when the Yonko Commander impacted the sands in the heart of the island an immense shockwave emanated from his form, sending massive waves of sand expanding into all directions around him, while Wolfgang himself continued to shear down into the deepest depths of the islands bedrock, finally halting his sudden descent half a kilometer from the dunes above. Certainly this would seem like a definitive end for Wolfgang, but the mink shot up from his hole, Ulfgarn brandished and his body more or less entirely unscathed. Yet the wolfman didn't appear at all pleased, for he'd been forced to acknowledge the strength of his adversary, and the fact that were it not for the Shield of Bishamonten, that last attack might very well have snapped his neck, as was undoubtedly Bimore's intent.

Jack had heard of Wolfgang's howl, but he never imagined something could be so loud. If it wasn't for his senses telling him that this was dangerous, he would have ignored it entirely. Jack was nimble and quick, but he wasn't sure he could blow out this candlestick. He pushed his breath out with all of his might, aiming to blunt the damage from the howl before it could reach him. Blunting, in that he was successful, however his breath alone was incapable of negating the howl entirely. It was simply too much force with too little distance to react. He took the precaution of removing the air around his eyes, hurting, but not destroying, them. Then he simply just had to deal with what came as Wolfgang faltered under Jack's return strike.

As the haze of Haki cleared, Jack remained standing in the air, blood dripping from his nose and discoloring his left eye. He remained silent for a moment, centering himself from the shaking that had just occurred. He was going to feel that attack for the days to come, his upper torso burning for the moment. He stretched out his neck, shoulders, and back, restoring some of the feeling to them. "Note to self, next time he opens his mouth, don't stand in front of it." He muttered to himself as he shook his head to clear it.

But now it was time to get back to the fight, it was time to visit upon the mink the same devastation that the Maneater had visited upon the marines, it was time to bring the fight to Wolfgang, and to force him to be on the receiving end.

Jack slowly started walking towards the desert as his form started distorting even more, concentrating on Shodai Kitetsu. The world seemed to flow towards the sword, the sky collapsing in on it. The clouds fell towards him as the ocean raced underneath him. Air built up around Shodai Kitetsu, masses upon masses of it. The sheer weight of the pull would cause the clouds to fall and the oceans to rise, though he was high enough the water didn't reach him. The archipelago would feel short of breath as he pulled, until the air outside rushed to replace what had been lost. Air that was too drawn unto his blade. A black haze of Will and air formed around Shodai Kitetsu as more and more wind was drawn to it, eventually becoming so thick that it turned into a liquid of blacked air. Air that was under so much pressure it did what normally would happen under only the most intense colds. An inky mixture of liquid air and Haki that was reminiscent of the vortex Jack had conjured earlier.

By the time the vortex drawing air in had stopped, the clouds were gone from the sky, leaving nothing but blue above and below. The ichor that coated his sword also had traveled up his arm, encasing Jack's right arm to his shoulder in the Miasma.

"Liquiscent Black."

Jack started walking faster, and faster, and faster. What was a calm stroll quickly evolved to a jog, before a high speed sprint, utilizing Soru at a high level to catch back up to the meteor of a Mink. He reached the shore of the island at a breakneck speed, sand billowing in his back trail. The Dunes seemed to melt as he ran through them, the wind eroding them at his passage. He was a blur to the eye by the time he reached Wolfgang, a sandstorm building behind him.

He went low this time, whipping more sand up as he slid to strike the mink in his center torso to cut him in half. The blackness of his sword still visible even through the whipping sand and dust, the wind of his stroke howling behind it.

No sooner had Wolfgang assumed a combat posture than his adversary came surging in, practically like a sandstorm in the flesh. He could feel that Shodai Kitetsu had been coated with a great concentration of haki and noted how the previously overcast sky was now freed of all clouds, whatever this technique of Bimore was, it was something that the mink instinctively knew to respect and he held little doubt that were he to brazenly attempt to block it with the shield of bishamonten, he would most likely pay the ultimate price for his hubris and so he decided that at least this once, he would feign humility. Yet in the back of his mind, a seething frustration boiled, as his mind struggled to answer a simple question.

Why wouldn't he die?

It gnawed at his soul, by all rights his adversary should lay dead at his feet by now but that didn't appear to be happening, why. Wolfgang was the greatest son of Zou, in this world only the Spider Empress, the Yonko and the Admirals ought to rank above him in strength, yet this man was a mere Shichibukai, he should cower and beg for mercy.

As if to dispel these thoughts lest they draw an unfortunate conclusion, Wolfgang's entire being radiated with the power of electro, sending coruscating whips of haki-touched lightning rippling across the immediate area even as the Ulfgarn itself assumed the same nimbus, pitch black marks with the familiar purple luster drawing across its form even as the blade hummed with electricity. Whereas the wolfman's lips drew back to reveal pointed teeth, now bared in a sneer of the purest rage.

Then the mink surged across the sands to meet Jack halfway, wielding his spear with two hands out of respect for the Liquescent Black, spinning it around to meet the blade of Shodai Kitetsu close to the ground, with the two weapons finally meeting one another in a direct confrontation for the first time during this battle. Uniting in a brilliant clash of wind, lightning and haki, black tongues of will made manifest arced across the environment, as the two proud warriors stood amidst a vortex of black lightning and raging turbulence. So intense was this clash of haki and electro, that the sheer heat exuded caused all surrounding sand to spontaneously fuse into innumerable pieces of clear glass, that were then swiftly set adrift by the kinetic forces involved.

Yet admist this churning vortex of clashing haki, which by this point had peeled away most of the surrounding sand and scattered it anew over the desert, Wolfgang sneered at Jack as he screamed, with a tone of voice that seemed equal parts furious and desperate. "Stop struggling! You were never meant to be anything but a stepping stone for me to achieve my destiny! Die gloriously and feed my legend, perish in the name of WOLFGANG!"

Driven by his growing doubts and gnawing feelings of inadequacy, the mink let out a maddening roar as his arms turned pitch black and the familiar marks appeared along his biceps, while empowering the Ulfgarn with the same distinct luster. Then he pushed against Shodai Kitetsu, a blade that now enhanced by the collective strength of the very heavens themselves proved far more difficult to overcome than before, it felt as if he was struggling over control of an untamed hurricane.

For a moment they stood there interlocked in a brief struggle, but soon enough Wolfgang smirked in triumph as he broke free of the clash with a mighty swing of the Ulfgarn, that sent Jack shooting through the air at breakneck speeds, pushed back but uninjured by the broken clash. Wolfgang would remedy that immediately, as he danced about on his feet and assumed a lunging stance, as a aura of haki-enriched Electro surrounded his form, coursing through his weapon like an untamed river waiting to be unleashed, his power was focused.. directed and harnessed and then.. unleashed in the form of a single thrust.

Even the simple gesture of employing the Ulfgarn in this manner strained the ground underneath him to the point that it began to shatter, with ripples of quaking sands moving outwards from his position. Yet when the thrust came, it mixed with Wolfgang's murderous intent, his willpower and his Electro in order to issue forth into a spectral black wolf coursing with electricity, that shot speed and surged towards the airborne Jack, its massive maws opened to grab him and carry him away past the island and unto the far horizon, all whilst rending his body in a thousand different ways, with force or lightning. Where it passed, the surrounding sands fused to glass imediately, overcast with a dark sheen as if to commemorate its passing, and behind it the very landscape rose into action, carried into being like a tsunami of sand and pieces of glass, which followed in the wake of devastation and covered the fresh glass with sand in turn.

Despite its monstrous size, its speed was as incredible as one might expect of an attack born by lightning and the mightiest spear in the known world. Within the world that screamed around it, and the landscape that it changed by existing, one might be able to hear the cry of Wolfgang behind, shouting the name of the technique.

"Rōgaenshōyari: Ōkami Kasho!"

Jack didn't shy from the wolf streaking across the sky, didn't flinch from the power that propelled him backwards, didn't blink at the danger present. He stood his ground, facing down the wolf of lightning as it barreled towards him.

He seemed to flicker from place to place, almost as if panicking about his fate. He always returned to the center, his body distorted and flickering as he vibrated so fast the wind around him trembled. Jack moved so fast, pushing and pulling the wind around him with such intensity, that he seemed as if he would slip out of this world into the next, before briefly becoming solid, before flickering again.

He raised his sword to the heavens above, the blackness reaching father, coating most of his upper torso and reaching to his eyes, one black, one red, one of will, one of blood. His form seemed to distort even further, as multiple versions appeared around him, drawing closer and closer to the center as he pulled his sword farther and farther back.

They merged one by one as the wolf approached, merging into one as it went to swallow him whole. A man named Jack, coated in black, having finally readied his attack.

His sword moved in an instant, flashing from shoulder to hip in a single moment.

"Final Day of Night..." Jack stated solemnly, the strain apparent in his voice.

The wolf appeared to stop in place as the sword was brought down, as if frozen in an instant of space and time. Jack started walking forward slowly, approaching the wolf of lightning and wind. As Wolfgang watched the results, everything was normal for an instant. Then all of creation started to come apart.

The wolf of lightning and wind only seemed stopped for a moment, but in that moment its form started to to shift and distort. Straight across Jack's swing, a line of blackness appeared down the wolf, the sky above, and the earth below. Lightning, Earth, and Wind. Each felt the effects of his attack in full. The sky and lightning above fell, while the earth and lightning below rose. All that was above his sword slid towards the earth, and all that was below rose to the sky. Wolfgang would even observe the the visage of Jack beyond the wolf, staring into him over the Wolf's shoulder, falling down with the rest of reality.

Then that moment of stillness passed, and the true magnitude of the clash became apparent in full. The wolf of wind, lightning, and will was split asunder, it's halves splitting into bolts of lightning that furrowed the earth into molten glass as they raced to meet the sea, leaving naught but destruction in their wakes.. The line of black that was Jack's stroke didn't stop either, etching its way across the heavens and earth as it bore down towards the mink.

Jack watched for a moment to see what the Pirate would do before he went back into motion, leaping into action as his slash reached his opponent. He approached with even greater speed than before, his form flickering about as if there were a dozen Jack's descending upon the embattled Widow. He leaped into the air, to bring his sword down from above into the enemy. But even as he swung his blade, he swung so much more.

A half a dozen blades seemed to swing down on Wolfgang from different angles, echoes of wind and blade reaching out from Jack as before, sonic booms trailing in their wakes. Each blade was lethal, containing all the fury and blood lust of the real Shodai Kitetsu, leached out of the blade by Jack's will, forged from the wind, and sharpened with killing intent.

Jack wasn't entirely sure how this song would end, but he was certain it wouldn't play for too much longer. After all, the clash was reaching its crescendo.

Wolfgang howled with a mixture of rage and barely contained laughter as Jack showed him just what he was capable of, it was a strange sensation to be sure. He despised inability to kill his foe, but damn was this a fight worth fighting, he felt everything in his body tense as he steeled himself for the coming strike, once that seemed to embody the wrath of all the worlds winds at once, sharpened into a blade, he could see dunes of sand blowing away all around him as the tip of the incoming strike cut the very heavens above as well as the ground. Somewhere within his subconcious he could hear some ghastly version of his brother chastising him for his recklessness, urging him to reconsider his tactics, but Wolfgang had been challenged at his own game and he would not allow such a thing to stand!

Planting both feet firmly in the ground, the wolfman spun the massive spear around in his hands to gather momentum and kinetic force, with the habitual shroud of haki still clearly visible on his weapon, and on his person. The fierce rotations produced by the Ulfgarn caused the already broken earth below him to break apart into large chunks that lifted off of the ground and were thrown in seperate far-off directions, landing with loud crashes, a rhytm that added a tiny ember of order to the elemental chaos that was at present heading Wolfgang's way.

Then came the clash, a terrible thing that upturned the very air around them as his feet digged into the barren soil, his lips drew back in a sneer and his muscles struggled to find purchase and push away the blow as they had before, but this time, this time was different, he could at most prevent it from overwhelming him and slicing him in two, but stopping it in its tracks as he had the earlier attacks proved impossible, he would need to gradually grind it down to a halt, and that was precisely what he ended up doing. With his feet digging deep into the soil and stone like a living plough, causing waves of sand, rock and stone to spray off to his sides, he challenged Jack's greatest attack yet with his indomitable will and drive, no, NEED to excel.

When at last the attacked dissipated, the mink had been pushed from one end of the island, to the other, and fell on one knee due to the overwhelming taxation on both his stamina, muscles and haki, the Ulfgarn standing upright in his grasp still, pointing skywards. Then the mink rose slowly from his position, although interestingly, he let the Ulfgarn remain stuck in the earth, his face was downcast and obscured by shadows until his back straightened and innumerable birds all around the island took to the sky at once. The cries of other animals could also be heard, as Wolfgang suddenly exuded a murderous intent that was quite simply diabolical, so intense that it seemed to seep into the environment and merge with his haki, rippling outwards in waves that seemed to color the surrounding area red, a crimson wasteland filled with the freshly deceased and partially eaten. It was difficult to tell whether it was a mere illusion brought on by his maddening desire to kill, or a vision somehow, even so, the presence was overwhelming.

Meanwhile the minks posture was partially hunched over and his claws and teeth were bared and blackened by the color of armament, but his tongue lolled out of his mouth and his eyes were glazed over, as his form seemed to quiver. One would also find it hard to overlook the suddenly sizeable bulge in his pants.. evidently his battlelust and continuing feelings of humiliation had excited him in more ways than one, and as he spoke his voice was dark and lethal, almost breaking off into snarls.

"You've gone and gotten me all tingly now.. I just can't wait.. can't wait to sink my teeth into your jugular and devour your last scream! Nii-san.. oh nii-san.. I'm so hungry.. nii-san."'

That was the moment where the last sequence of Jack's attack descended upon the mink, and the response was instinctual as the predator moved, each of the incoming clones found themselves ripped to shreds in a single moment as the battlefield around the two men was consumed amidst a black hurricane of lightning strikes, that shot down towards Jack from every conceivable angle, criss-crossed, and devastated the land below ever further with long claw marks that seemed to manifest from thin air, his speed having skyrocketed due to the fact that Wolfgang no longer wielded the Ulfgarn, which allowed the mink to demonstrate that he was a monster in all physical terms, not just the one.

It was a brutal attack, but without proper aim and strategy beyond tearing his adversary to pieces, all so he could eagerly feast on what remained of him afterwards, and for by devouring Jack, his dominance would be assured, and all of his frustrations released. For before he became known as a subordinate of Daddy L. Legs, he had been known by another title.

The Beast of Zou.

Jack hadn't expected the change of pace, but it made sense when he considered Ulfgarn. The weapon was extremely heavy, it was why he hadn't bothered to block so far. It was far better just to deflect and dodge the monstrous weapon. Jack hadn't even needed to think about that, his decades of combat experience coming to the fore to recognize what the weapon meant in the fight. As a swordsman though, he never would have expected his opponent to drop his weapon willingly.

But now wasn't the time to be surprised. Jack barely managed to parry the first few attacks, Shodai Kitetsu's massive weight working against him. While not as heavy as the spear he had fought against, it was still a monstrous weapon. It's power was great, and his control over the weapon allowed him to master the heavens. The blade's prowess had stained the world red for centuries. Many thought that Shodai Kitetsu was the greatest sword Jack could ever wield.

They would be wrong.

Jack trusted the armor of black wind coating his body to hold off the mink for a few precious moments. Held it did, warping and shaking under the assault.

Jack grabbed the blade in front of him as he held it facing down, the blackness of his wind covering all but a single bloodshot eye. He focused his will upon the air around him, that covering him and that which surrounded the warring pair. He focused his will upon the Mink attempting to tear him limb from limb. He focused on the man who was weathering the storm. He focused on the sword in his hand, the sword of blood, steel, and sky... The sword of infinite possibilities.

Jack did not try to match the mink blow for blow, there wasn't time nor need to. He let the paths the sword could take do it for him. Visions of a man named Jack bubbled and surged forth from the darkness surrounding him, each swinging a sword to stop a single attack. Shodai Kitetsu was a blade the could only follow a single path at a time, a single swing at a time.

The Sky could follow them all.

The assault was endless, lightning, fur, and fang swirling around him. The blades of air roared out to meet them were just as many. Air met claw, claw met air, and lightning crackled around them, attempting to bring down the man named Jack, only for the sky to drive it back.

The battered island groaned and creaked under the pressure of the warring forces, the sand whipping up around the pair, drawn and repelled by the furious clash at it's center. After moments, oceans of sand rotated around the pair, the twister of wind and sand scratching the sky, blowing apart only to collapse back towards them, followed by it blowing out again. The desert surrounding the pair was stripped bare, leaving only the shattering rock to bear witness to their clash.

It was not a clash that could be maintained forever.

The Beast of Zou eventually found an opening, as clashing and predicting that many attacks would eventually deplete the sight of even the warlord. An open claw reached for that bloodshot eye, unphased by the shadows of Jack swirling around it. Jack's sword had finally run out of possibilities.

But not out of tricks. Jack's index fingers raised for a moment before they tapped Shodai Kitetsu, triggering the trap he had placed on the mink when Nidai Kitetsu had met his body before.

Twisters of blackened air bellowed forth from the distorted air around Wolfgang's claw, one dozen of them for the one dozen strikes that had been meted out. They twisted and warped the sky around them, filled with such fury even the storm whirling around the two started to falter. But what they were truly intended to do was slow down the Wolf at the door for an instant. An instant would be all that Jack needed.

Even that bloodshot eye was covered as Jack plunged his sword into the earth below him, finally ready to strike back.

He uttered two words as he finally relinquished control.

"Liquiscent Black."

The air around him bubbled and bloated before bursting, engulfing the pair in an explosion of air that shattered the world around them. The ground shattered and split underneath the eruption, the island itself withering away under the towering column of air. The twister that had touched the sky was erased under its power even as the ocean retreated from it.

By the time it was over, half the island had disappeared, rubble flung across the sand, sea, and sky. In the center stood the man named jack, only held safe because he was the center of the explosion, all the wind rushing away from him.

Man had survived, now he just had to wait for the beast.

Teeth were bared in a look of complete triumph as Wolfgang finally descended down upon Jack, for through a medley of clashes and broken strikes, Wolfgang had been inching closer and closer to Jack's heart.. his mouth watered at the prospect of devouring the swordsman when his blade failed him, to prove his complete dominance and restore his wounded pride at having been kept at bay so long. His claw flashed through the air, a mere blur coated with black lightning as he unleashed a dozen mighty strikes upon the swordsman's exposed eye and head, victory was so close at hand and he, Wolfgang would have his power reaffirmed yet again.

Numerous twisters swirled into being around Wolfgang in that moment, and his descent was slowed down considerably as the mink sneered in rage. It should've been impossible, Jack's techniques were far slower than most, a testament to their complexity and sophistication, he'd even had difficulties dealing with his speed whilst wielding the sacred spear, how was it that he was suddenly capable of matching him now? Had he perhaps held back all along, was he attempting to make a fool of the greatest son of Zou, of the finest mink in all of the New World. It was a humiliation of the kind he could not bear, saltwater stinged his cheeks as he was consumed in a maddening rage, striking madly and furiously as he attempted to break through the wall of wind that separated him from his quarry.

Yet his blows no longer had the power they'd had just moments prior, for the black shroud of Haki that had coated most of his being throughout the battle, and empowered his senses dramatically beyond their usual reach was gone, his source of power exhausted at last. For his pride had caused Wolfgang to overuse it in his bid to overwhelm and crush Jack's attacks into submission, a venture he had been largely successful at.. but since he'd never truly evaded an attack without using Haki and exagerrated his usage of it in general this was the inevitable consequence and upon realizing this the wolfman felt an emotion he hadn't felt in decades, the slightest twinge of fear that wormed its way past his delusions.

It was in that moment that Jack uttered those two words, and the entirety of Wolfgang's world would crumble under their weight. Without the Ulfgarn, the mink could do little to overwhelm the almost divine forces involved in Jack's final attack, and perhaps not even then, for without the power of Haki his power was greatly reduced, and so it was that the mink could only prepare himself for the coming cataclysm by channeling Electro throughout his form and around his being, generating a powerful electrical forcefield and keeping his Shield of Bishamonten together despite his loss of Haki. It was not an attack to overwhelm the onslaught, but a measure of survival.

Then Wolfgang was torn away into the maelstrom of wind produced by Liquescent Black, he streaked across the sky towards the next island carried upon immense currents of wind that he could neither stop nor impede, all he could do was struggle in vain against them as he cursed the very basis of Bimore O. Jacks existence, but ill-will alone was pointless as the winds finally merged into one and Wolfgang stopped struggling.. conserving his strength for his coming revenge, he would survive this and come back to kill him. Wolfgang would never be denied! But his thoughts would be challenged when the mink finally impacted with a large mountain trailing smoke that was situated at the base of the adjacent island, a volcano, that had long been dormant but would remain dormant no longer as of this day.

For as soon as the mink struck its base, the immense forces at play caused the volcano to errupt into a towering cloud of magma and smoke, and Wolfgang himself was buried under several tons of magma.. seemingly putting a definite end to the Maneater for good.


The man stood, the beast did not. Jack had found out what had happened to his erstwhile opponent in his eruption. Wolfgang had caused an eruption of his own. The mink had impacted the mountain of smoke and ash, and a mountain stood there no more. Instead there was fire and brimstone. All that remained of the mink was that of his most precious spear, floating as though nothing had happened. Even the fury of the sky could only move that weapon so far.

Jack breathed deeply as he approached it, his free hand pulling a case from his robe. This floating spear would serve as both the grave marker for the Beast of Zou, and a message for the rest of the Black Widows. Even with the death of Wolfgang, bloodshed only beget bloodshed. After the Mink's actions to the marines of G-13, he owed the Black Widows a lot of bloodshed. Jack attached the case containing his message to the Widow herself to the spear, before he slowly walked back towards the base. The Black Widows had achieved their objective, at a great cost.

A cost he would make greater. Shodai Kitetsu flickered to life one final time, moving about like a blur around Jack before he finally sheathed it. The sky warped around his blade before drifting towards the east, the ocean and islands groaning at it's passage. The ships of the Black Widows would find that the world had turned against them, the sky falling and the ocean rising to deliver retribution. Some would survive, many would not.

Jack returned to the Marines, removing those that survived from G-13, taking them back towards the red line, leaving none behind.

For many hours the spear stood untouched, hovering in a silent vigil as a marked grave for Wolfgang, Amatersu of the Black Widows. Through Jack's actions, one of the most feared executives of the Black Widows had met his face, and the New World would be all the better for it.

But this image was not to last, as a figure crawled across what little remained of the former desert island, dragging himself by virtue of his powerful arms alone, for his legs alone refused to carry him, every ounce of his strength spent during the volcanic eruption. Without a doubt his death would've been assured, if it wasn't for him continously reinforcing the Shield of Bishamonten with Electro to keep it from breaking, all working in concert with his formidable natural durability.

Now the broken warrior had to use his claws alone to drag himself towards his weapon, his nails had frayed and his fingers bled, yet the mink continued to drag himself towards the Ulfgarn until eventually he reached out and grasped its polished length. Using it as leverage as he pulled himself up into a sitting position, and as he did this his eyes fell upon the note attached to the spear.

The wolf falls silent A warning for the Black Widow Stay in your own web

Wolfgang's lips split apart at that, curving into a maddening grin as he broke out into a fit of crazed laughter.


But soon the laughter faded and turned into whimpers, and then those wimpers turned into sobs as the Beast of Zou realized what had just transpired. He'd lost, he'd been beaten within an inch of his life, his adversary had employed no tricks.. no fancy Devil Fruit powers that might have given the mink an excuse for his failure, but even so the defeat had been total.

Surely no fighter would ever appreciate a loss, but to Wolfgang a loss meant even more than that, for years he'd viewed himself as almost invincible, a paragon of pirates and minks alike, the kind of monster that stood above all except for the Yonko and the Admirals who he was certain he would defeat in time. Yet Bimore O. Jack had been neither, he'd been a lowly Shichibukai, a man who Wolfgang would've been expected to defeat were they to fight in a war, and he had been unable to do even that. It was an excruciating realization, to have to come to grips with reality and have his delusions shattered in that manner.

The mink raised his head to gaze at the heavens, as saltwater stinged his cheeks and with a whimper he spoke out.

"I'm sorry kaa-chan. In the end, I was no better than him, it seems you bred two failures."