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Permis, also known as "Severed Island"[1], is one of five islands comprising the Boffola Pentagon in the New World.

In the year of 1547, the island was accidentally split in two by then Black Widow Pirates First Mate Aoshin during an altercation with then Marine Captain Kurama. It is for this reason that the island is also identified by the name of "Severed Island" and is now commonly mistaken as being two separate islands closely cropped to one another.

Landmarks and Cities Edit

Cities Edit

Arkala Edit

Said to be the most populated of Permis' cities, it is normally rich and thriving with activity during all times of the day. Arkala is home to the island's lavish and incredibly diverse marketplace.

Bellmare Edit



Bag Town Edit

A small impoverished town west of Bellmare, it was destroyed in the wake of a battle between Draco D. Damon and Princeton Strathmore.

Panther Lily Edit

Panther Lily is an enormous, island-sized jungle comprising one half of the island of Permis. It is home to several species of savage beasts, among which Gulan also resides.

Keimu Edit

Keimu is a hidden oasis in the deep center of Panther Lily. It can only be accessed upon being acknowledged by the animals of the jungle, as they are the only ones who are aware of his location and capable of creating a path to it.

Panther Lily Animal Species Edit

Wildabeast Edit

The infamous Wildabeast.

Among the natives of Permis, there is a myth of lion who preyed on stranded pirates and through partaking in countless battles against them had learned to mimic human behavior. This singular beast is known by the name of the "Wildabeast" and the title of "Pirate Killer". The Wildabeast has not only dressed itself in the clothes of the pirates it has slaughtered, but furthermore adopted to their methods of combat, making it a very challenging foe for even the most experienced of pirates.

Jungle Bunny Edit

A Jungle Bunny.

Upon waking up along the shore of Panther Lily, Benjamin Tabart and Raptor D. Malvin encountered a Jungle Bunny who woke them up from their unconscious state. They are less than a foot in size and appear to be genuinely harmless, unlike most creatures inhabiting Panther Lily. To this extent, they are regarded as type "B" creatures, which is the "Small Friendly" classification of creatures.

Sandiles Edit

A sandile.

A type "D" creature, classified as "Small Savage". They are crocodiles who persist in the sands of Panther Lily. They feast on whatever they can, hiding within the sand and aiming to capture their prey by surprise.

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