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"I hate to Centi-Impede on this moment but I gotta kill your dad kid."
—Mort crashes a Birthday Party.

Peterson Mort is a bounty hunter and mercenary famed for his surprising record and unorthodox fighting style. He also gained infamy for having fought against the Yonko, Daddy L. Legs, on her home turf and living.

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Having trained in multiple martial arts over the years, Mort has master many styles of combat via mimicry and paying for training lessons. He has learned enough of Hasshoken to use it quite effectively due to lessons from the Happo Navy. He has also learned some Rokushiki from various retired or ex-marines around the globe. Along with these forms of Martial Arts, Mort created his own which is known as Wiggly-Arms Style. He will sometimes replace the arms part of the name, depending on what body part he is using.

  • Wiggly Arms-Birthday Cake Ruiner Method:
  • Wiggly Arms-Beach Volleyball: This is a technique where Mort extends his arms out so his palms are facing the right and left side of his opponent. He then begins slamming them back and forth with shockwaves, eventually breaking their bones to bits.
  • Wiggly Neck-Improper Greeting: This is a technique where Mort extends his neck, wrapping it around an oncoming blow without touching the limb. He then proceeds to batter the limb with shockwaves from the many legs on his neck.
  • Wiggly Arms-Kiss the Bride:
  • Wiggly Arms-Mole Hunter:
  • Wiggly Arms-Bird Form:
  • Wiggly World:
  • Seaquake: Named after the same move Whitebeard used. Mort gathers a massive amount of vibrations in his hand before slamming it into the air, creating a massive shockwave. Mort is unable to produce the aesthetics of the attack, such as the glow. However the shockwave released is still of the same power.
  • Skyquake:

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Mort was always a skilled swordsman, they're excellent tools for killing and he made good use of them. After eating his devil fruit though one sword was simply not enough. Thus Mort created his own unique sword style know as Too Many Swords Style. Mort will also use Wiggly-Sword Style When using exclusively one blade. He also includes Wiggly-Assassinations Techniques under his swordsmanship.

  • Wiggly Sword-Samurai Movie: This is a technique where Mort makes use of his supremely wiggly arms to slice his sword rapidly through the air, creating hundreds of cuts. The sheer force of this technique also creates vast amounts of slice shaped shockwaves.
  • Too Many Swords: Back to Back Samurai Movies: This technique is vastly similar to Samurai Movie except with a vast amount of swords. It creates many many more slices, basically creating a wall of shockwaves.
  • Too Many Swords: Covetous God of Bread (Pan no Yokugami, パンの欲神):
  • Wiggly-Assassination Technique: This Is How Sex Works:

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Mort ate the Mushi Mushi no Mi, Model: Mukade making him Centipede Human. Mort is extremely skilled with his devil fruit and stays in his hybrid form almost 99% of the time.

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Busoshoku Haki Edit

Mort is capable of using Busoshoku to a high degree, being able to seamlessly coat his entire body and multiple swords in it. He has shown to be able to blow a rain of haki enhanced blows from a Yonko with it, though his haki eventually ran out.

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Mort is capable of using Kenbunshoku haki very well. He is capable of warning himself of incoming danger in the form of a small voice yelling at him in his head.

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Sometime during Mort's life he was approached by a man offering him a massive sum of money (estimate tba) for the head of Daddy L. Legs. Mort accepted the offer and travelled to Wano in hopes of killing her.

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  • Gimblegraug:

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"Why are you running? I just want to kill you for money."

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  • Mort is out here repping regular zoans.