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"Blue Wind" Raven D. Sora is a former Pirate captain, who lost his crew many years ago and has since then gone full solo. Going through many tragedies in his life, like the loss of his parents and his comrades, Sora still keeps on pushing through, challenging the sea for what is has to bring in the future.

He manages to do so through his wind devil fruit powers and his skills at employing both Haki and Martial Arts. He is a man who will always grow stronger and do what is necessary for to stop the fighting between the world government and the pirates.

Despite being in search of the One Piece, Sora was admitted by the government in the Three Great Powers of the world as one of the Shichibukai, being their most recent addition.


His muscle is not as visible as it is more compact and doesn't show as a large bulk to his size. he has a rather short height compared to his age at a height of 5'6. He had worn a longer black martial artist jacket with a red design outline to it and white pants with black lines down the opposite sides of the pants. He also has fingerless black gloves with small strips of metal slid into the glove part. He doesn't normally change his attire except when it's necessary due to climate changes which happens often during the grand line and especially the new world. During the colder temperatures he often puts on a more heavier jacket but keeps his same pants, with thin gloves. In hotter temperatures he takes off the jacket and he wears the black undershirt he always keeps under his jacket with the same pants and no gloves. He is well known for the odd natural green color to his eyes that stands out when viewed by others and his allies. His head is covered with his black hair, where the bangs don't entirely cover his forehead. His eyes are some-what wide, and gives off a safe feeling to people around him. Although this is his outfit before the wiping out of his crew, since then he has changed his clothes a numerous amount of times from being too damaged from combat.

He currently wears a simple black shirt, where the collar goes outwards slightly covering his chin. He also wears simple gray pants, keeping his current attire quite simple at the probable chance that it will just be destroyed in combat. He also swaps to a gray cloak rather than a black shirt sometimes.



Sora was known to be a very eccentric one, he usually gets excited when something new happens or even when a difficult challenge shows itself. He gets excited when he reaches the new island, and it is one of the main reasons why his old crew had felt so safe around him. Being eccentric could usually cloud Sora's mind and distract him from some tasks at hand. Although this could hold him back, this was considered one of his more favorable traits. Soon after the wiping out of his crew he had lost such eccentricity, only to be replaced with anger, depression and sadness. Even after his training, and fighting against his deep depression, his old personality still slowly is being gained back, but still mixed in with his deep sadness.

Although he is quite excitable real quickly, he will act calm and serious when the situation needs him to be. He will act calm when the situation had reached a level where it was needed for him to fight seriously. Sora would not necessarily be calm in bad situations, since he is energetic, but he would act in a serious manner. His serious personality had become more permanent, even when the environment around him had become quite festive, to the point people started taking notice of him like this.

He likes to be tricky and approach one in a clever way. He uses his wind abilities in a unique way through experience in combat. Using his wind in a clever way also results in Sora using his wind to attack his enemy in ways they wouldn't expect. Such as using his wind to create discharges of electricity, or having the enemy led to a technical trap.

Sora isn't one to accept defeat so easily, but sometimes goes to pick fights that isn't his. Sora is not the kind of person who accepts defeat, even to the point when the power difference is great. Sora would recklessly fight someone much stronger than him if he had the reason to, while knowing the difference. Sora does not pick fights that he knows that are not his to be in. He knows better than to get into a problem that does not need him to be involved in. This however can be changed when Sora believes something that's happening is wrong.

He gets really defensive when one insults his odd eye color. Though there are sometimes people with green eyes, Sora's eyes stand out in his appearance and is noticeable. Sora has gotten in quite a few normal fist fights with others that talk about his eye color.

He usually becomes arrogant real quickly when he starts getting the upper hand in a battle which could lead to his downfall in fights where the opponant can utilize that against him. His arrogance had also been a part of the downfall of his defeat and his crew being defeated, and he will always believe it was his fault they were defeated. Soon after his defeat, he had learned the taste of utter defeat and had lost such confidence that had resulted in his arrogant behavior.

As a pirate Sora refuses to attack merchant ships and only takes treasure when another pirate crew attempts to raid his ship and fails. He believes that they deserved to have their money taken for trying to steal another's loot. This does seem a little hypocritical to Sora, but he just reassures himself that they deserve it.

When towns Though most towns he lands on despises him for the pure fact he is a pirate he gets angry but doesn't do anything physical rather a more menacing glance at them. This menacing glance was early signs of his Haoshoku Haki developing without him realizing it. Sora does not emit the intensity of a killer, as it goes against his principles to take another's life. Having this idea in his head has led him to try his best to hold back on killing an enemy, instead he tries to incapacitating them.

He views the battle between the pirates and the world government as never-ending, and won't end until the pirate era is over. He only wants to search for the One piece and become pirate king for the only reason being is to want to end the pirate era and end all of the pointless deaths to people all around the world.

Sora had fell into a period of depression after his crew had gotten wiped out completely when attacked by several marine ships. Sora later regains his confidence after developing his Haki and gaining his Devil Fruit power and training them. Sora's old personality is slowly coming back to him, but it will never be as strong as it was before.

Powers & Abilities

Sora has learned abilities through out his life that increase his effectiveness in combat dramatically. Learning to cope with problems and discovering new powers has allowed him to reach such levels.

Natural Abilities

Sora has a well amount of normal physical strength. His strength often comes from his martial arts training that he had done, which had gave him an edge. Since he uses a hard style of fighting, Sora had to train his strength to be able to take them down quickly. Utilizing his physical strength with his knowledge of the pressure point system, as well as Haki can make Sora an incredibly dangerous enemy, and a force to be reckoned with. Sora had often trained his physical strength by carrying arm weights as well as punching boulders, trees and cliff sides. During his training with the tribal members, Sora's physical strength had greatly increased during his training with Haki because he had been sparring so much with the tribe members. After his training with the old man, his physical strength had achieved new heights, Sora had demonstrated his abilities by having one last spar with the old man, resulting in the old man's defeat without even using Haki, nor his devil fruit powers.

Sora's greatest attribute was his speed, considering that he uses a wind based devil fruit power, it only makes sense that his greatest ability is speed. Sora had a natural talent for being incredibly fast, during his childhood before it all went down, he had raced the neighbors down to the end of the town, which had always resulted in Sora emerging victorious. Having not trained his speed during the tribe training, only his physical strength, he had become slower than he was before. Sora had focused too much on his Haki and physical strength training rather than his training on his speed. Although, during his training with the old man, Sora was to always put on shackles carrying two boulders, for 4 months. Having trained his legs to pull farther, his lower body strength had greatly improved, as well as his speed. Sora's speed had definitely reached a height he has never even thought of.

  • Kukigazo (空気画像 Air Image): Sora had developed a technique using his amazing amount of speed to fool enemies when fighting him. As he moves from one spot, it allows him to create an after image from that instance of movement, although this is not a perfect after-image because its far too blurry, it can still be used as a mechanism to fool someone who's on their toes. From training at first after his martial arts training, his speed was recognized as very impressive, and when trained by his teacher it had only increased. During his training with the village people he had been able to form his first blurry image using his speed, even though it was incredibly fast the technique and using the speed instantly was not perfected to make a more clear after-image. During his training with the old man his physical abilities became far more refined, and not rough edged making learning techniques like these far more easier. Using speed only he was able to make a little more clear of an after image of his, but was too deformed no matter what he did it wouldn't make a perfect after image. Utilizing his wind, he was able to shape the faded image of his to resemble a practically perfect after-image, this would allow for him to catch his enemies off guard in the middle of combat.


Sora wears fingerless gloves that have sheets of metal inserted to them to guard the hand. Sora often doesn't wear gloves, but uses them sometimes. Sora also wraps part of his fingers up to his wrist using bandage usually hidden right under the glove.

Martial Arts

In Sora's preteen to his teenager years he was taught by a human martial arts teacher in Taekwondo and in Muay Thai. Learning the history of the respective martial arts he had gained some insight of the fighting styles in the past. From his childhood he had already a natural talent for his speed and determination, which allowed him to survive his training. During his training his master had him condition his fists from punching trees. He also had Sora train by equipping a 20 kilo vest, with 5 kilo leg weights at the beginning of his training. Using these weights he was told to practice kicking drills as well as jogging for a portion of the day. As he had progressed and learned how to fight and maintain his movement in those weighted vests, he had to have them upgraded gradually as he trained. By the end of his training with his master he had learned to move with a 100 kilo vest and 50 kilo leg weights. From this training he had gained a incredible amount of speed, and strength as well.

Since he had learned two different martial arts, he decided to combine them both into one which allowed him to use the advantages of both martial arts together to form a more deadly art. Although these two martial art styles seem very odd to be grouped together considering their cultural backgrounds being from different places, this is what makes the combination of the style unique and special to Sora. His fighting style uses many hard attacks rather than soft style ones such as using the more damaging parts of the body.

During Sora's adventures in the New World, he had encountered an old man and after a trial of tests he had accepted Sora as a student. After his training with the old man, he had developed a somewhat new fighting style with his Taekwondo and Muay Thai knowledge that had involved alot more of open handed combat. The open handed combat style had been the old man's unique martial arts style that he himself had developed. There is no name for the martial arts the old man had created, but its influence on Sora's techniques have greatly influenced the danger to fighting him. Along with increasing his martial arts knowledge, Sora's physical strength and speed had been dramatically increased from his training with the old man. At this point he had conditioned his body to a point where he could not be phased by normal attacks from untrained people when he is focused. These styles individually are deadly in their own terms, when combined it allows one to have fully mastered combat utilizing the upper body and lower body.

Muay Thai

Offensive: This martial arts involves taking down the opponent using the hardest parts of the body to do it as fast as possible. This martial art style had gotten it's name "Art of Eight Limbs" by utilizing eight parts of the body they had considered limbs. These parts had consisted of the two fists, two feet, two knees and the two elbows which are the more deadlier parts of the body. Sora had learned using this style how to consecutively strike using these eight limbs in a way they cannot even catch a breath. These strikes often aim at weaker parts of the body that are vulnerable to an easy hit. These attacks hit areas such as under the jaw, the ribs and even the eyebrows. The eyebrows are a peculiar area to aim, but this is used as a target in hopes that in striking it would cause for the eyebrows to get cut. If the eyebrows had gotten cut the blood would block one's vision, masters of this art can do this quite easily. The ribs are prone to being broken really easy when using devastating attacks with the "eight limbs" utilized by Muay Thai. The ribs being smashed would practically render the opponent unable to fight further or even push them to the edge of life if they kept pushing them self.

Defensive : While much of Muay Thai involves utilizing these limbs of the body to strike one with fatally damaging attacks, they can also be used to evade and block techniques. Sora had also been trained to move out of an attack's range, but be still within range for his own counter. This is mostly useful when fighting one who does not incorporate much leg-based techniques onto their fighting style. Using the eight limbs of the body Sora had been trained to offset one's techniques by lightly striking their attack to shift it's direction from the target. An example of this would be using an elbow strike to strike an incoming punch from the side. An expert within this martial arts such as Sora has had to train himself to be able to guess one's speed of their strike in order to disrupt it and even counter it, this of course being before he had developed Kenbunshoku Haki. When he had developed it, his evasive techniques had become much easier to preform in midst of combat. Through out his training he had learned to use his shoulder positions to guard against incoming attacks, even if they were strong it could be used to throw them off. This however required much practice to fully master, however Sora had learned it to the point where using this would be as if second nature to him.


Tumblr mhhy5tTcWK1rugr66o1 500

Sora using the fast spinning motions of his Taekwondo Style.

Offensive: Unlike Muay Thai's focus on deadly attacks to finish the match quickly, Taekwondo focuses on honing one's breathing techniques as well as other physical skills. Masters in this art are trained to focus on flexibility, speed and concentration, three important aspects when practicing this art. Sora's power in each of his strikes immensely improves with the increased amount of speed in each of these attacks. A main priority within this art is training one's speed to near perfection and to move faster than people should be able to anticipate. Speed is theoretically supposed to amplify the power of techniques more than the size which is what Taekwondo is built upon. This had been taught to Sora as he had trained under his first teacher, as well as being trained intensively under speed to improve the power of techniques within Taekwondo and even in Muay Thai. Most of Taekwondo involves using leg based techniques that require high flexibility, mostly aimed at one's head or on top of their shoulder. This also includes using one's momentum in spin or in the middle of a jump to strengthen the power of a kick or punch which can only be contributed by their natural strength in the leg due to their speed. Such attacks are meant to also daze opponents upon contact One's mastery over this style is truly reflected upon their mastery over breath control. Sora for one has mastered his control over his breath to allow for him to sustain energy and endure through a battle much longer than one with poor breath control.

Defensive: Another main aspect to Taekwondo is one's control over their stance and maneuvering with their foot work. When guarding against techniques this style prioritizes on using stances when such an attack is unavoidable. These stances vary upon when using techniques with the upper body, blocking or even throwing one off their balance. To dodge techniques one uses their incredible speed they had developed training in this style to maneuver across attacks with ease. Taekwondo's block system is based upon blocking the weak spots of the area like the head, ribs and even the groin, which in Sora's case is important.

Wind Jujutsu

Naturally, after years of having this fruit Sora had developed many uses of this fruit and can even use it subconsciously in combat. When using punches and kicks Sora has naturally produced a level of compressed wind onto each of his strikes adding extra concussive force as well as internal damage in each strike. These strikes with internal damage capabilities resemble the martial arts Hasshoken, but as well as internal it adds a devastating level of concussive force. As well as this extra pressure in each power there is also a cutting nature within each strike. In a regular blunt fist or foot strike it could easily cut one's body enough to create a deep wound.

Through years of utilizing these wind powers Sora had gained a movement resembling the movement of wind. Shuffling and easily moving past incoming attacks instead of taking them on is what he had developed simply by using this devil fruit. The switch from moving past attacks and moving closer to the enemy to utilize his deadly knowledge of Taekwondo and Muay Thai. This way of movement is often compared to that of the Rokushiki technique Kami-e which has the user move as if paper. Instead of paper, Sora moves as the wind, he had completely learned to move like this subconsciously and can use it on a permanent basis.

After gaining his devil fruit he had shown some dependency with this fruit, natural with Logia however he had learned to balance his Haki training as well as mastering this great power. Sora had called this technique specifically Wind Jujutsu, a style special to him and inspired deeply by viewing the arts of Fishmen Jujutsu. The arts he had been inspired by had been the technique used by these fish men to manipulate water currents in a very masterful way. Sora had transferred such abilities to his way of combat in conjunction with his devil fruit to completely manipulate wind to redirect long ranged techniques such as a sword user's air slash as example. Sora would be capable of doing such a thing by utilizing the wind that is carrying the force of strikes to essentially move the force and use it against the enemy. Sora would naturally lose the original amount of force gained in such a strike, however would still have much of the force with the addition of Sora adding his own creation of wind to make up for the loss force and then some. This allows for Sora to be able to fight people who use compressed air attacks from swords or even fists from long range without having to actually dodge such a strike and then use it against them.

An additional use of his wind manipulation within combat due to his devil fruit is his capabilities in close range combat as well. A particular way of this combat is a style that he has adapted to his lifestyle to almost always keep up even in the case of a surprise attack or such. He calls this particular art; Chūdan ōra(中断オーラ, Interrupting Aura). He is shown utilizing this part of his style of combat to take the brunt of attacks in close quarter combat by keeping many air shields that constantly surround him as if second nature. These types of air shields are invisible to the eye and once making contact with a concussive force will cushion the attack while also infinitely expanding the longer the attack attempts to connect. This would result in him securing himself away from attacks he possibly could not dodge. However, such a shield has its limits as it cannot guard against specially precise and fast techniques such as sword plunges where it cannot fully guard, as well as there being a limit to the amount of power it can take. However it can easily stop weaker precise forces such as regular gun shots. This would serve useful to him as he can throw out these forms of protection to stop gunshots from reaching possible allies. Concentrated Busoshoku Haki is capable of even breaking through the shield as well. Even when the attack has broken through the shield it will have still served an effect of being able to slow down the impending attack which would give Sora enough time to counter attack. As well as a shield, Sora has shown himself utilizing these shields to act like vacuums at times rather than to directly block concussive attacks. These vacuums would force such techniques to have their path altered. Even if it's so slightly it can be used to Sora's advantage.

In an offensive set of fighting, Sora has two kinds of attacks. These two types of attacks are called Vacuum and Impact strikes. Sora usually keeps his vacuum attacks on the left side of his body and his impact techniques on his right side unless he shifts it, which would look obvious when he does so. This fits into his fighting style as he can turn off this half vacuum and half impact style whenever he wants to due to his nature of being a Logia. On the impact side, air is being exited out of the body in a strong force, allowing for enhanced power into each of his strikes, which is mentioned above. The vacuum punches however, outside wind is being sucked into his body to continuously enhance his impact side without having to actually create wind. The vacuum punches allows for Sora to basically suck out the air within one's lungs on direct contact with them with the vacuum side of his body. The power of his vacuum punches allows him to practically drain someone's stamina by simply removing the air in their lungs for a moment forcing them to breathe to gain back the air. In his Tempest Aura Form the effects of his vacuum and impact techniques that he had incorporated into his fighting style by a great deal.

Commonly Used Techniques
  • Bōseki-fū Kikku(紡績風キック, Spinning Wind Kick): Using the Taekwondo's side of leg-based movements incorporating a slice of wind into a spinning kick allowing for a powerful close range attack as well as a long range air slice. This move is usually aimed at the head, able to cause concussive damage. This move had originally been used by Sora without wind, as a part of his martial arts, but he had combined it with his wind after training his devil fruit abilities. This move turns black when infused with Busoshoku Haki as well as the entire leg. This technique is often compared to that of Rokushiki's Tempest Kick due to the appearance and execution, however differs in power due to this being a result of a devil fruit ability.
  • Hiza/Hiji Dageki(膝/肘打撃, Knee/Elbow Impact Blow): Striking with the elbow or knee as a direct blow, allows for an extra impact of wind causing extra internal damage. Compressed wind that covers the knee or elbow releases in a burst once making contact resulting in extra damage. This move is not normally used at long range because it would be very inconvenient to do it at long range. Sora had defeated many enemies using this technique which can cause great bone damage and to the internal organs. As the elbows and knees turn black using Busoshoku Haki the wind impact infused with it causes the wind to take a black color. This move was created during Sora's understanding of Muay Thai, and their style to use the stronger parts of the body such as the elbows and knees in their combat. This technique can be changed to be used as a vacuum instead of an impact attack.
  • Harikēnta Pibotto(ハリケーンたピボット, Hurricane Pivot): This is an evasive counter move utilizing the pivet in the feet while spinning, using the wind fruit causes a powerful mini-twister around Sora. Using the momentum of evading an attack, this move can catch the enemy off guard and cause them to be stuck by the pull of the twister allowing for a proceeding attack. This move was developed during Sora's training with the tribe group, he had used it to pull enemies in off their momentum by the pull of the twister causing for an available direct hit. This move is nearly unavoidable, once caught in it it requires incredibly great strength and/or Haki to resist it's pull.
  • Suifuto Tsume(スイフト爪, Swift Claw): Using this move, Sora can incapacitate the enemy for a few seconds. He does this by using the area in between the thumb and the index finger for the attack. This attack is meant to aim straight at the neck, which is the reason why it can incapacitate the enemy. This move was one of Sora's techniques he had learned during his initial Martial arts training, and it does not require the wind fruit to strengthen, but can use Haki to deal even more of a serious blow to the neck. Sora must be careful when using this move because it has the ability to crush the wind pipe if not done properly and kill the enemy.
  • Suifutosuto(スイフトスト, Swift Strike): This is another one of Sora's Taekwondo style moves that requires using the top part of the wrist. Sora can sometimes use this as a technique proceeding after a fake strike, by striking first he instantly raises his wrist up aiming directly on the underside of the jaw area. This move has the chance to break his wrist, but he tries to use Haki usually when he preforms this move. This move can be deadly as if preformed right it will most likely break the opponent's jaw and cause shock damage to the brain.

Devil Fruit

Devil Fruit phixr

The Kaze Kaze no Mi Fruit.

His devil fruit ability, the Kaze Kaze No Mi fruit allows him to manipulate this invisible element and be air himself is quite useful to his fighting style. However it starts to shine when compressed to a level compared to that of Bartholomew Kuma's Ursus Shock. Sora is able to create these shining visible wind attacks with the same level of that of Kuma's had been in a shorter time due to the fact that he is a Logia. It allows him to change air currents around him at will and change its shape, density and control it for combat. It also allows him to absorb other sources of air, such as regular air or torrents of air created through some other means, which can be used to empower his own techniques.

The devil fruit had been discovered on the island Sora had escaped to after his defeat by the Marines. The village had praised it as a treasure, but Sora had won it by challenging the leader of the tribe. He had trained his Devil Fruit while training his Haki on the island and learned several techniques with the fruit. His clever nature allowed him to create useful moves using his devil fruit. His speed can be greatly affected using the air, and the power of the shock waves of the wind can be determined by the amount of wind used and the level of Haki of the user.

Most Logia users feel overconfident over themselves, which usually lead to an early grave due to the fact that they rely too heavily on their fruit powers. Sora did not follow this path, due to the fact that he had learned Martial Arts and the fundamentals of Haki before he had achieved this fruit power. Tasting the utter defeat of his crew and him, he had learned not to get overconfident over himself no matter what ability he had obtained, and learned to trust his other skills as well as his Devil Fruit. This allows for Sora to overcome the weakness that Logia' have about overconfidence. This also allows for Sora to know how to deal with other users of Haki mastery, this would give Sora an edge over most Logia users.

Unlike most Logia users, Sora believes in using much more compressed versions of his attacks rather on incredible size alone. There are a few noticeable advantages into using compressed versions such as being able to take down someone very quickly at immense speeds, as well as being able to pinpoint a target rather taking out a huge crowd. Sora's compact blows usually release after a while being released allowing it for to take out larger targets or crowds, but he can keep it concentrated if he wants. Each of his techniques get stronger the longer he focuses in one them for to be compressed even further as his normal techniques could surpass his Tempest Aura Form techniques if charged enough. If his Tempest Aura Form techniques were charged enough with enough air he could easily destroy say half a country due to the ability of Logia to produce limitless amount of the element they become. Even though Sora prefers compressed versions of techniques, which usually goes along his style, if he wanted to he could create tornadoes within the entire area to essentially force the environment in his favor. As with his style of utilizing the compression of air to his advantage, he also uses his advantage of always being surrounded by air to utilize his ability to rid air in an area to create a vacuum and gain an upper hand in combat to how he is able to use such an ability.


He had awakened his Haki during his adventures in the Grand Line, but before he had reached the New world. He had it forcefully awakened from the trauma of his crew being wiped out by marine ships that had several powerful officers on board it. Reaching an island where he had collapsed on after the near death experience had driven him to awaken his Haki. His first experiance with this Haki was his arm turning mysteriously black into a very hard material. it had first shown to him when he had to defend himself from the inhabitants of the island that had feared the unknown visitor. As a result of the fear they had attacked him and defeated by him after him realizing his Haki ability. He had spent his time alone on the island training his Haki by himself so that he could use it at will. Although he tried his best training his Kenbunshoku Haki more, Busoshoku Haki had came to him much more easier and made its way to being his primary mastery in haki. His Busoshoku Haki became more stronger than his Kenbunshoku Haki had so he still needs to train although he still can use it to a degree. Mastering his Haki had resulted in his regained self-confidence from his period of depression from the loss of his crew. Mastering Haki with a clouded mind of emotional distress, had been overcome with his training with the Tribe, they had given him much advice on how to deal with these emotional problems. Sessions of meditation had also assisted Sora in clearing his mind, which had made controlling his Haki much easier.

Sora's greatest increase to his Haki training had been when he met the old man in the new world, that had fortunately accepted Sora as a student of his. During this training Sora had further mastered his Busoshoku Haki, and dramatically increased his mastery over Kenbunshoku Haki. During the training Sora had learned how to infuse many of his devil fruit attacks with Haki which had resulted in a black color to the wind. The old man had trained Sora using special training methods to develop his Haki further, especially with Sora's Kenbunshoku Haki which had made more of a development than it had Busoshoku Haki.

Busoshoku Haki

He had realized this Haki first when his arm had mysteriously turned solid black before engaging combat with the tribal members of the island he had ended up on. After fleeing into the forest on the island, he began fighting the wild life of the Forest that included Lions, wolves, bears and giant birds that had attacked him during his time in the forest. Refusing to kill them on purpose, he had to still hunt animals to survive on the island. He had also trained this Haki by breaking down trees and punching cliff-sides constantly to progress his training. Most of the Haki training had come from Sora training under the tribe that inhabited the island he had been left on. This Haki had came a little more easier to learn for Sora as he had mastered how to use it at will in a matter of a month or two. He can also utilize this Haki to empower his devil fruit abilities effectiveness. The use of Busoshoku Haki allows Sora to harden the parts of the body he uses in his martial arts to deliver even more vital blows to opponents such as the whole foot, elbow, hand and knee.

Sora is also able to utilize his Busoshoku Haki to imbue it with his wind devil fruit abilities to cause more damage caused by his wind. After infusing his wind with Haki he is able to change it to a more blacker color, resembling the black metal-like appearance when it coats the arm. After training with the village, his wind powers had taken a very light black color showing that not that much Haki is in the wind. Although it wasn't that much, it still considerably and dramatically strengthens the power of the wind. After his training in the New World with the old man, Sora had greatly trained his Busoshoku Haki. Sora had reached new heights in his training with the old man, and had also learned how to strengthen his wind even further with Haki. Later, the Wind had taken a very dark, black hue to it, making it just that much more lethal than Sora's previous Haki imbued wind, when it had taken a light black color.

Like many users of Busoshoku Haki, Sora is able to offset another's Haki using his own Haki. This would result in an another's Haki being nullified if inferior to his, or being weakened if at equal or even superior to his. If the Haki user is superior to him in means of Haki then he would probably not have much of a chance to offset it as one would being equal or being inferior.

Having been a part of the Shichibukai, Sora had a first-hand look at the Haki abilities of some officers. This had peaked his interest and had studied how the marines utilized a special aura around their body utilizing Busoshoku Haki, allowing for the power of it at the same time keeping one's flexibility. Sora believed this would be most helpful in conjunction with his wind abilities and once he had seen it first hand, he had kept training to learn it. Sora had mastered this form after a while, and had found out that this form was called Busoshoku: Kaito(武装色 外套, "Color of Armaments: Cloak"). This form is utilized usually during Sora's Tempest Aura form, seeing as hardening the body would be far too inefficient. When used with Tempest Aura Form, the black aura from the Busoshoku Haki outlines Sora's Green Aura that resonates from his Tempest Aura form. This form of Haki is used as well in his normal form, but not as importantly used in his form.


Sora's way of this particular way of utilizing Busoshoku Haki

After mastering his Busoshoku Haki Sora had learned a unique way of using it to expand the aim of his punches without having to actually make contact. This would not involve using his devil fruit ability, however would be possible with it. Utilizing the invisible force of Busoshoku, Sora can widen his strikes as if one were to actually be hit even when missing. An example would be if an opponent narrowly dodges a punch, the force of the punch or kick would still take effect due to the widening of the invisible force of Busoshoku Haki. This effect can also be strengthened by adding Sora's wind devil fruit into the mix making the range larger and far stronger as well.

Kenbunshoku Haki

Sora had learned to utilize this Haki a little bit after he had learned to control his Busoshoku Haki. This one was rather hard for Sora to master and was tougher for him to utilize it. He had tried his best to train it by sparring with tribal members of the island while blindfolded to further progress his mastery of Kenbunshoku Haki. Another way they had trained this skill was by using blind folds while playing a game of Hide and Seek. This one had been the one that Sora had wanted to train his Kenbunshoku to become superior to that of his mastery over Busoshoku Haki, but it was hopeless to him and had been slowed down with his continuous drop of self esteem whenever he had failed to fully train this form of Haki.

In the island Sora learns to accept what has happened and regains his confidence to further develop his mastery over this Haki. This had not been fully the case, as Sora had still depression beating him down deep inside of him. Sora had taken a long while to fight against this to fully utilize this Kenbunshoku Haki, but had only ended up with barely it being controlled. This halt on his mastery of Kenbunshoku had started to affect his Busoshoku Haki as well, and had caused him to accidentally lose control of this technique in midst of combat when he had started to feel as if he was on the losing side of a battle.

Later on, Sora had started training under the old man, he had met in the New World, a master over this Haki had taken him in and further assisted Sora with his Haki Mastery. With the old man, he had learned to fully let up the relentless depression of his, learning to accept what had happened, and to move on with life. With this heavy weight shoved off of Sora, he had finally learned how to control his Haki, without worrying about utter defeat and disappointment. Since this burden had been carried off, Sora had been able to continue his training with the old man, later on at the end of this training both sides of his Haki had stepped up to a level he had never thought he would have been able to reach. This new strength of his allowed him to perceive things with Kenbunshoku Haki that he was not able to before.

The use of this Haki allows Sora to use his devil fruit power to strike enemies from long ranges that he would not normally be able to see them and/or them moving at a speed higher than the human eye can perceive. Against fast opponents this would allow Sora to keep up with such beings, allowing for full effectiveness in combat against anyone. This allows him to sense others auras which had reminded him of an ability one of his ex-crew members had once.



Sora had lived in a average family household with family members with no particular fighting abilities. His family had lived in an island somewhere in the West Blue. His mother worked as a nurse in the town hospital and his father had worked as a construction builder. The town had been attacked by a rather large pirate crew, laying waste to the place and seeking out the town treasury. In the process of the Pirate's raid they had kept the Mayor captive and slaughtered many innocent hostages. They looted houses and kidnapped people, no one could defend themselves. Hundreds of pirates in grounds had rushed down the streets of the town, taking whatever they wanted and killing on sight. There was nothing the town could do, everyone in the town was absolutely helpless to this attack. The local police force were all killed first as they had attempted to fight bravely against the pirates, only ending up in defeat. They had alerted the Marines by transponder snail to help protect the town.

The Marines that had arrived to the town to help fight against the pirates had slaughtered many innocent people in the crossfires, explosions by cannonball and shooting on reaction. They all had seemed rather inexperienced which could explain to the poor aim of some of the marines. The marines that had come to this town had shot at crowds of innocents and pirates mixed together on command of a captain leveled marine. From their ships they had destroyed much property and lives using cannon fire. The marines had made almost as much damage as the pirates had leaving both sides with many deaths. Both of his parents had hidden him in the cellar of their house for until the battle had ended. All Sora could hear was the sound of screams, explosions and gunshots in the distance. His parents had went outside to look for a safe route for them to bring Sora, so they could escape the island before their house completely gets destroyed with them under it. They had never returned back to the cellar, and Sora only waited for the sounds of the screaming to end.

As Sora had hid within the cellar he heard creaks within the rooms above the cellar that he was in, only to hear slight whispers. He was happy to think that his parents had returned to help him, and he had slowly walked to the exit of the cellar. Before he had opened the door out of the cellar, he had heard large booms that had resembled bombs from above the cellar, the entire area had shook and he fell to the ground. Sora slowly backed away from the door only to hear large banging noises from the door with the noises that were banging against the door growing louder and louder slowly. Sora had crawled to hide as the door broke open by several drunk pirates, holding guns on one hand and beer in the other. They had saw Sora sitting in clear sight as he attempted to hide, and they had slowly walked up to him saying," Come on kid, hehe, your comin' with us, you can be our crew's new assistant." The pirates had started walking fast towards the kid, with a slight trip in their feet they had grabbed Sora by the feet. Sora screamed at the top of his lungs only for a strange presence to exit out of his scream unleashing a powerful force. The pirates dropped Sora, fell to their knees then proceeded to falling down entirely, they were unconscious. Sora had no idea of what had happened, but he knew he was safe for now. He grabbed rope that was lying on the ground, and had tied up the pirates in the case that they had woken up.

Two police officers rushed into the cellar hours later, only to see Sora sitting on the ground with the two pirates tied up. The police officers had taken the pirates and at the same time had told Sora that it is safe to go outside again. They had also apologized, Sora did not know why yet though. Sora had slowly exited the cellar only to find his parents laying dead on the ground in front of the doorstep, both killed by the gunshots of being caught in the crossfire between the marines and the pirates. He had become traumatized at the death of his family and had seen the destruction both sides had caused. The town was left in ashes and dead bodies. The crying of mournful survivors, including Sora had been heard throughout the town. The marines had refused to rebuild or pay for the damages, with the excuse of that they should have been thankful that the marines protected them. So the surviving members of the town had to pitch in to rebuild it.

About 2 years later the town had still been in the rebuilding process. Sora had been taken in by an orphanage that had been built a few months after the destruction of the town. Before that, Sora had to live alone in his home living off of the little supplies left there. Life was tough for everyone in that town ever since that fateful day where the ashes of the cannon fire had covered the sky. Sora had decided to dedicate his purpose to stopping the conflict between the pirates and marines, so that none may have to live with the terror and destruction he had to live through.

He had set sail at the age of 10 with a small stolen ship he had taken from the rebuilt harbor. It was a small boat left on the harbor of the town that had been owned by an old man who owned a shop for boats. He had recklessly sailed in the west blue where he had adventured to other islands to find someone to train him. There in the middle of the ocean he was picked up by a group of pirates, unwilling to stay Sora had demanded they drop him off on the nearest island. They had first required for Sora to wash their ship, he had done this with many complaints, he had not stopped complaining for days. The pirate crew at felt bad for Sora, for he was only a child so they had demanded that they drop him off the ship to the captain. The captain did not seem mean at all, although he did seem disappointed at the unclean ship. Sora had promised to clean it in return for him being dropped off, as by promise Sora did his work. These pirates did not seem that dangerous, they had respected his choice and dropped him off.

Going into the town of the random island he had been dropped off at, he has asked all around where he could find a teacher for combat. People in the village had treated him like a joke, not giving him straight answers or even telling him to leave. After a few days of searching, Sora was stuck on the streets living off of the food he had found in trashcans. During a rainy day, one man had walked up to Sora who had been sitting alone in the street and had asked him,"Why are you looking for a master?" Sora had wished to become stronger for the only reason being is that he wants to be able to stop the fighting once and for all between pirates and the marines. The man had smiled, and told Sora who he was.

Sora had just met a master of martial arts, knowing at least five different ones but had only taught him two of them. He had only taught him two because he had felt that knowing too many styles could disrupt his mastery over each, but at the same time he wanted Sora to create a special style that fits to his preference using two of them. Muay Thai and Taekwondo had been taught to him and had been training under that master for eight years until he decided to leave the island to set sail once again determined to find One Piece and end the Pirate Age. He believes if he finds it, it will end the fighting between the pirates and the marines and save the potential deaths of more innocent ones in the middle of this fight as well as the deaths of both sides.

Meeting His Crew


Sora had adventured the West Blue in search of his crew, and his first stop was at a smaller island populated by a town with a decently large population. The town was best known for their shipwrights so Sora had went to the work site to attempt to find his first crew mate. There he had met a less than average shipwright who's determination far exceeded his skill, his name was John. Sora was determined to have him join his crew to only meet rejection. There had been a pirate crew spotted at the shore of the island, and the whole town was in panic. John determined to stop the pirates from reaching the work area of the shipwrights had gone alone to fight the pirates only ending up in Sora assisting him and defeating the invading pirates. In thanks, the shipwrights had all chipped together to build Sora a well enough ship to ride the seas. Sora had convinced John to join his crew by the end as to be the crew's shipwright and the crew's first member other than Sora. His weapon were metal gauntlets and fought using his powerful brute force against enemies, often using only his fists rather than technique.


Sailing across the West Blue, Sora and John had searched for other crew members, but was attacked by a marine ship under the lead of Captain Layton. They had fought against the Marine ship and managed to make sure the ship had gotten minor damage from cannon fire using evasive maneuvers under John's control. Sora and Layton had fought each other with both of them knowing a considerable amount of fighting skills. Although Layton's power exceeded Sora's, Sora had superior speed making the fight quite even. Sora had ended the fight with a swift elbow strike aimed at the solar plexus. Then proceeded to Spinning jump kick Layton across the face knocking him unconscious. Searching through the marine ship Sora had found a pirate prisoner who called herself Alyssa. Alyssa had explained to Sora that she was a pirate and they had captured her after her ship blew up by cannon fire. Alyssa offered to join their crew if Sora had let her go, Sora had happily accepted and broke her chains off. Alyssa used two swords simultaneously in her style. Alyssa had joined the crew and became the second member of the crew as a warrior mostly.


Many troubles had occurred attempting to sail across the sea, the crew was desperately lost and could not make it out of the West blue let alone to an island. They had sailed to a random island that seemed to have a really well built harbor. When they reached the island they decided they need to find a navigator for the crew so they had asked around town where they could find one. The directions handed out by the citizens of the town led us to go around in circles until we found the weather station of the town where they had broadcasted weather by transponder snail to the whole town every day. Sora had entered the place asking where he could find a navigator, they had much trouble finding one until the leader of the weather station had confronted them, her name was Rynn. Rynn had told them to turn back and never come back, go to another island and leave forever. Sora was determined to get a navigator, Rynn needed to find a solution so she had told them if Sora had defeated her in battle, she would happily become their navigator. Sora happily accepted this dual and they had begun fighting, punches clashing in the air. As Rynn threw a kick Sora had stepped to the side and countered with a faster kick knocking back Rynn. Rynn was defeated and had been impressed with his skill and decided to put a little of her own faith into their crew to navigate their ship's path for them. Rynn was the third crew member to join and had specialized in fist to fist combat.


The crew had grown hungry, they had no supplies left for food so they had decided to go find a restaurant before leaving the island they had met Rynn at. Rynn had showed the way to a cheap, but great restaurant that she had known of. Sora had gotten the idea of finding a cook at the restaurant, and was determined to find one. He first decided to eat down the meal with the rest of the crew. Sora had gone around asking chefs and cooks around the area, only to be kicked out of the cooking area by the head-chef who had no interest in pirates being in the restaurant. There was one disturbance with the man going around sniffing food saying that he could hear the sound of food, everyone thought he was a freak. He was promptly kicked out of the restaurant only for Sora to confront him asking if he were a cook. The man had greeted Sora and told him his name was Luke and that he wasn't a cook, but a musician. He said that he had the divine power to hear the music in foods and inanimate objects and could see the aura of people. Sora had thought he was just crazy, but had asked him to join their crew as their musician. Luke accepted it and became their fourth crew member. Luke had much later realized that the ability to see the auras of others was his early development of Kenbunshoku Haki, only that he never had the time to train it to what he wanted it to be.

Prior to New World

At the age of 19 he had entered the Grand line along with his crew and had Started their adventure. About a month or two after entering the grand line their ship was attacked by several marine ships with powerful officials on each of them, resulting in the complete defeat of their crew and destruction of their ship. Their current locations are unknown and are possibly dead. Sora had only assumed they had died due to the recent events.

As the marines had surrounded Sora, anticipating to arrest him, Sora had just lied there on his knees staring down at the floor with tears flooding out of his eyes. The marine officers had let out a loud scream as they all charged to get Sora. Sora, barely conscious had noticed the marines rushing in with only the slight movement of his head with tears rushing out of his eyes and covered his face. As the marines went in, Sora had quick flash backs to the few moments ago of his crew being decimated had rushed through his head. He grabbed his head tightly as if being tortured Sora, looked straight at the crowd of marine officers and had let out an incredibly loud and long burst,"No!" Following his emotional scream, a force knocking out all of the surrounding Marines. Sora had crawled off the ship, diving right into the ocean in an attempt to get away, even with the chance of him just diving into the ocean to die of drowning because of his lack of energy to be able to actually swim.

As Sora fell to the ocean, he had landed into the water, and had floated back up as he grabbed a piece of wooden scrap from the ruins of his ship. The Marines that weren't hit by the reach of this force had quickly searched for Sora, luckily he had gotten away barely even realizing where he was. Traumatized and barely conscious he floated on the piece of wood to the nearest area of land surprisingly the Marines had lacked the location of where Sora had gone, and had given up after a few hours. The blood that had run through Sora's forehead had washed away and had hurt even more with the introduction of salt water onto the injuries. Still unknown to the status of his crew mates, he had only had the idea that there were no possible way of their survival. Flash backs to when he had convinced them to join his crew, and them putting their faith into him had all faded away as if they were all burnt up. As he reached the island, he had fell into a period of depression, of the loss of his crew and the remembrance of his lack of ability to protect anyone from his childhood. Sora had lost the motivation to be a pirate any longer, and just lied there on his stomach on the shore of the island.

During the period of depression, Sora had developed signs of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) by having re-occurring visions of his crew being defeated as well as old childhood memories of his hometown left in ashes. As he had walked around the shore, illusions of his crew had appeared to him at moments, causing him to think that they were actually still alive for only them to disappear. He had chased what ever illusions he had seen, of them laughing and having a good time had only kept gaining further and further away from him as he tried to chase it. The dark sky had quickly come, and Sora had no choice but to sleep, and recover his injuries only to be distraught by nightmares in his sleep and constantly waking up in middle of the night covered in sweat and tears. Sora had thought of instances to just kill himself to end this pain of his, only to convince himself that he will get through this. During his sleep, screams could only be heard by him unintentionally due to the nightmares haunting his dreams, this had caught the attention of the civilization inhabiting this island. They had went in the night to investigate, and decided to confront him in the morning, because they were all far too tired. The instant flash backs and illusions of his mind still refused to disappear the day after.

He slowly got up and started walking out of the beach and into the forest area, only to be surprised by the inhabitants of the island that happened to be a tribe of muscular short people, with a barely developed civilization. They had attacked him at sight because he was an outsider. As Sora was struggling to dodge each of these moves he had tried his best to fight back, only to cry out in pain due to the amount injuries he had taken from the marines. The trauma from the earlier events that had happened to Sora had rushed through his memories as he attempted fighting back. He struggled to his knees and as a spear lunged its way towards Sora he had held out his hand in an attempt to block it. His hand had turned full black, unknowingly Sora had been able to successfully block this move and had awakened his Haki. He had pondered at this form as all of the village men had stumbled backwards at his ability to being able to easily block a spear and they had made a run for it. The newly awakened Haki, though not realizing how to use it at will, he had scared off his enemies and fled more closer into the forest that populated the island. In this island he had trained attempted to hone this new ability of his, still unknown to how to control it. Most of the training had been Sora fighting his depression, these had beat him down each and every time he had a chance to breath, only to result in him believing the downfall of his crew members was his fault.

Sora had accidentally found the village of the tribal members that had attacked him, upon entering the area he was immediately seized by many of the members of the tribe. He had been captured by the village and was kept prisoner there. The leader of the tribe had confronted Sora, he confidently asked Sora," You have hurt my men in combat, meaning you are skilled, right?." He paused and he had given Sora a sharp look and told him," If you wish to leave safely from our village, you must defeat some of our tribe's most skilled killers." Sora had stood up from inside his prison, still depressed and emotionally distraught Sora had accepted this challenge. Three short warriors, in full armor and all holding broad axes had stood in front of Sora. All three of them were charging at full strength, he had countered by disarming one of the warriors, and had countered with a elbow strike to the back of the neck. Sora had used the hilt of the broad axe to knock out one of the other warriors, and proceeded to side kicking the last warrior square in the face. As per request, the village leader had let Sora go free from the village, but had told him never to return.

Sora stopped the leader for a moment and had asked him," What is that fruit doing up in that tower?" The village leader had replied," That over there is the tribal treasure, we had found this odd fruit growing in the forest, we believed it was the work of a god." Sora quickly asked the leader," What would it take for me to obtain said fruit," The leader looked at Sora with a look of annoyance and replied," You would have to defeat me in combat for one to gain that fruit, I am the strongest one in the entire village." Sora had challenged the village leader to combat, the leader had arrogantly chuckled and agreed to this fight. As they began their fight, the members of the village formed a large crowd around the fight as each fighter exchanged fists and kicks. The leader kicked Sora in the chest, with Sora responding with a barrage of elbow strikes and spinning kicks. The two fighters had seemed to fight equally. The leader had gained the upper hand in the fight with his higher endurance, but Sora had been more superior when it came to speed. As Sora fell to the ground, he desperately needed to find a way to gain the upper hand, and he had remembered what had happened when he got attacked by tribe members earlier. He couldn't focus with his mind clouded with his emotions, and attempted to preform a meditation technique that had been once taught to him from his old teacher. This move helps Sora gain a calm mind, and allowed him to focus on his arm which had finally turned a solid black color. Sora needed to rush this as it may not last that long and delivered one final blow to the village leader, knocking him out with a powerful punch. Sora had taken the fruit and left the village, he knew the risks to eating a fruit and the implied weaknesses then proceeded to eating the fruit. In one swift movement he bit the fruit, he nearly threw up and he had started to stare at his hands only waiting for something to happen. He did not know what the fruit was until he had suddenly moved his arm to release a massive burst of air from his palm.

It was the Logia type fruit called the Kaze Kaze No Mi fruit and he had learned to use it as much as he could while he had trained himself on the island he had stayed on. He had to train off of the wild animals in the island using this new ability of his as well as Haki training. During the training he had to learn to cope with the traumatic experiences that had happened in his life and accept them. He had practiced meditating after he had done training sessions with himself to help gain a more calm mind to try to form this Haki. He had felt like he needed to go to other sources for assistance, but the only people in the island he knew of was the tribe he had thought all hated him. Desperate for a teacher, he had gone to the village and confronted the village leader. The village leader had looked at him with an obvious face of annoyance, but had said politely," What do you need now, outsider?" Sora had realized he had done something terrible to the village, but he had still asked him for a teacher. As Sora explained his situation, the village leader had nodded as if he knew what is was. He then looked at Sora and explained," Ah yes, we have met an outsider like you before, they had come to us with this strange ability to turn parts of their body solid black and the ability to sense auras." The village leader had continued," Perhaps we can train you to learn to cope with your problems, and to learn how to use this new power the village treasure has given you, but as payment you must do chores around the village on your free time," Sora had gladly accepted and thus, he had befriended the once an enemy tribe, they had allowed him to spar with tribe members to further progress his training as well as giving him life advice to dealing with his stress. He still has minor signs of PTSD, but it was controllable, since he had learned to deal with his emotional conflicts, and to keep a calm mind, with most of the assistance being from the village that had taught him much.

Sora had felt like he needed to go adventure to other islands to further close the distance between him and the next step of attempting to be the pirate king. The tribe, out of respect of his strength and determination, they had built him a small ship to sail on in which he had sailed to the next island.

On his very first encounter with the marines, he was not originally targeted due to not being recognized because the marines believed he was dead. Sora had made the first move, which would usually be against his mindset to bring peace. He was only fueled by rage as he encompassed a large portion of the ship in a dome of wind, leaving only the inner part of the dome as a vacuum. All the marines fell to the floor gasping for air, the captain too had fell with them. Sora, even though he had learned to get over his distress over his fallen crew-mates, was largely angered with them. However, Sora had been able to snap his mindset back into reality before killing off every marine on the ship, he had spared them all and left them unconscious. While this largely stressed Sora out, this had been a huge step forward to regaining his original mental state.

The ride to the next island Sora had encountered dangerous, yet controllable situations such as Sea Kings, strong ocean currents and risk of being attacked by marine ships. Reaching the next island he had saved a Shipwright from bandits, in which he was very grateful of. After conversations with Sora the shipwright decided to bet his determination in Sora's goal so he had built him a ship, rather small it was still bigger than the one he took to get to the island. He decided that he could not risk the lives of others anymore and decided to sail alone for the rest of his adventures in the Grand Line, he could not bare to lose any more closer friends so he travels the grand line alone now. It was very difficult without a navigator or a ship wright on board, but he made his way to the New World. He currently is still adventuring the new world determined to reach his goal of One Piece.


With the increasingly amount of marine activity along the Grand Line, and parts of the New World, Sora had become far too annoyed with the amount of marines that keep hunting him. Sora realized that he needed to get rid of his bounty, and realized that he had to try to become a Shichibukai. In order to do this, he had to contact the Marine Headquarters, by transponder snail. Sora had requested that they make him one of the Shichibukai for the reason that the marines probably do not want another enemy, especially a devil fruit user. They had acknowledged his dangerous identity from the numerous marine ships that had been destroyed. The government did not want to have Sora as an enemy, so they had accepted his request to make him a Shichibukai, which had gotten rid of his bounty and had made him practically safe from the danger of the large amount of marines. Sora naturally only had requested this position to allow him to more safely tread New World waters from the marines.

Sora realizes that there are probably more terrifying enemies out there, such as the Yonko , but he knows he will have to train even further to reach up to their level someday. He knows he must one day fight each of them, in order to become the Pirate King. Becoming safe from the marines had allowed Sora more free time to train himself on islands he lands on in the New World, training almost every aspect to him. From martial arts to Haki and his mastery over his devil fruit powers, he continuously trains them every day.

Although the title of Shichibukai is usually replaced with the phrase of the "Dogs of the Government" Sora has tried his best to ignore being insulted for working for the government. On many battles with pirates where he has been insulted for becoming a Shichibukai, he had learned to deal with the insults and accept his fate as Shichibukai and the hatred it comes with it. Sora does not usually assist the government unless it is required with the job. Entering the group of the "Three Great Powers" Sora has opened him self up to be known by pirates all over the world. During his time as a Shichibukai, Sora had gained the epithet Kokufū(黒風, Black Wind) due to his use of Haki infused with his wind abilities.

New World Training

Sora needed another teacher, one to help him further his strength. He had realized that he has already gone as far as he could on his own, he needed a new teacher, one to guide him through his martial arts training, and give him insight on his Devil Fruit abilities. Sora had no idea where to begin his search for this, so he started on the first island he could find. No where he asked, would there be a teacher for him, all of them were too inexperienced, weak or dead. He was dissapointed, as he returned to his ship to sail to the next island, he saw a note with an arrow pointing out to the ocean. He easily thought this was a prank, but had said," Well, I've got nothing to lose I guess." He rode his ship towards the direction of the note, but had noticed the note had kept moving forward. Then, Sora had realized that it was actually a Vivre Card. Sora had grinned, and had used his wind abilities to increase the speed of the ship. As the ship cruised across the ocean, large waves of water had started to push the ship backwards. Sea kings that had reached out of the sea jumping at the ship only ended up in Sora blowing them away with wind blasts. Sora was too determined to stop there, he had kept pushing his ship forward until he had spotted an incredibly tiny island at first glance it had looked as if it was far in the distance. Soon, Sora had realized that is wasn't in the distance, but was an incredibly small island and looked as if only a few people could stand on it.

Sora had sailed to the island, and had noticed a swift person jumping up from the island, and landing on the ship. It was an old man, he had looked fragile and sick, Sora doubted this is the person he had been looking for. He had said," Wow, small ship for riding on the New World, I'm surprised you're still alive!" Right before Sora could say anything, the old man spoke," You passed my first test, you see I travel island to island and you are one incredibly lucky boy to have been on the same island as me, yes you are." Sora had questioned," Test, Sir?" The old man had swiftly responded," Why yes, a test. I had to test if you are even close to worthy to becoming my student." Sora had scratched his own head and responded," Are there any more tests...?" The old man looked down and back up to me, he had chuckled and had layed down as if it was his own ship. He yawned and said," Why of course, you can't be foolish enough to believe there was only one test, what kind of person do you take me for." Before Sora could do anything again, the old man let out a loud snore, Sora had fell to the ground in shock.

The old man's snot bubble popped and he woke up and yelled," Where in the name of science and all things funny am I?!" The old man looked at me and had calmly said," Oh, right I'm giving out tests to dumb kids." Sora was almost ready to kick him off the ship, but the old man had continued," Ok, alright, on to the second test. For this test you will be showing me your combat skills using only Haki, and pure old martial arts, fight me." Sora and the old man's arms had turned full black and begun fighting each other, Sora's style had been unrecognizable to the old man, but the old man had his own unique style as well. The old man's Haki had seemed to be stronger than Sora's, he was easily being knocked back by the old man's incredible speed and power. Sora had landed a few good blows to the old man only ending up in realizing they were all being blocked using Busoshoku Haki, and sensed by his Kenbunshoku Haki. The old man kicked Sora to the ground and had told him," Alright boy, you passed the second test, even though you got your butt kicked horribly, you do understand the basic techniques of both Haki, although there will be one more test before I can be sure you can be my student."

The old man sat back down and signaled for Sora to sit down in front of him. "The third test, won't require any effort, I will be sensing your aura to see if you are even willing to be stronger." As the old man had meditated while holding Sora's hands, he had nodded as he had clenched his eyes closed. Sora had been meditating too, as he found it a good time to practice his own meditation. This had lasted three hours, Sora's patience was running thin, and had let out an outburst." When will you be finished old man!? I've been hours for you to finish this one test! Are you even a real teacher, because I'm starting to doubt you even are!" The old man had opened his eyes, and responded," You're in luck, I just finished, you mind repeating what you said, I was focusing too much to hear it." Sora's head hit the ground in shock. "You passed the third test, you can be my student if you still wish to." Sora had grinned and nodded, he had accepted his position as student.

The old man had looked at Sora with an impressed look, he had sensed an overwhelming will power in Sora that had resembled a king's. The old man had proceeded to walking towards Sora and had said," When I had sensed your aura, I could feel the awakened, but untrained conquering king's Haki with in you, in other words the Haoshoku Haki had been already used once without you realizing it, boy." Sora had questioned the old man," Haoshoku Haki? Sir?" The old man had told Sora," We will have to train your Haoshoku Haki, if you even want to use it. I bet you're wondering what it even is, well, I'll tell you. Haoshoku Haki is basically using your will power to conquer your enemies' will power and can result in knocking them out or intimidating them severely. If trained far enough, it can even cause disruption to the ground beneath you and be even felt by the strongest of people." Sora had nodded and had wondered if he was even capable of utilizing this kind of Haki.

Sora had asked the old man where he had gained the kind of power that he does now. The old man had explained," Boy, in order to survive in the New World, even an old geezer like me has to be able to hold his own." He then continued to explain," I was trained by my father, although I don't feel like telling who my father was." Sora had accepted the answer even though he was still confused afterwards. Sora had wondered what the enemies are like in the New World, and the old man had gladly accepted that question. The old man had laughed horribly and bursted out," This part is considered hell compared to the grand line, boy." "The enemies here are more terrifyingly stronger than me here, it is sad to say, but it is only the truth. This is why you must put your best effort into this training or else you will just end up dead like anyone else who has challenged the power of the New World," old man had continued and continued on about how the New world is dangerous. Sora had gained alot of insight on the old man's past adventures when he was younger. Sora had spoke calmly," I see, I guess I will have to become ten times as strong as you then old man, in order to become known through out the New World. I don't think titles will let my name be known, rather my strength and determination to finding One Piece will bring me the way." The old man chuckled and all he had to say was," Alright, lets continue then."

During Sora's training with the old man, he had trained his Haki to becoming much more stronger than it could have ever become. His mastery over his Kenbunshoku Haki had dramatically increased as with his Busoshoku Haki mastery. Sora had mixed in the old man's unique fighting style which had involved more open handed attacks with his own style that had combined Taekwondo and Muay Thai. During the training Sora had also created new techniques with his devil fruit power, as well as increased his mastery over it as well. Sora had also trained his Haoshoku Haki to the point that he is able to use it at will. The training had taken five years before Sora had departed his training with the old man, thankful for the training he promised he will return to the old man once he became The Pirate King. He had sailed back onto the New World waters to continue his adventures of searching for One Piece, far stronger and skilled than he was prior to meeting the old man.


  • "You people think justice is something that can be decided on a whim, but to everyone else, true justice is just as essential as the air we breathe. And without it, there is no life, only more death." (Sora, fueled by rage, as he is suffocating all the marines on a ship with his wind abilities)


  • Like the anime series, Sora has his own distinct laugh: Nuwarahahahahahaha.
  • Sora's first quote was inspired by Zaheer's phrase in The Legend of Korra.
  • Sora and this author's other character, Masamune, share a lot in common in terms of history, they are meant to share a very similar pasts, share a relatively similar goal.
    • However, they have completely opposite ways of how to approach them. At each time through their journeys they could have easily became the other, having chose a different option in their paths.
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