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Reputation Points are units that can be exchanged for various things on the One Piece Role-Playing Fanon, such as, but not limited to: Haoshoku Haki, Bounties, Promotions, etc., They are earned through activity, and by completing a variety of "milestones".

Below is a list of what can be redeemed by expending your reputation points.

Please, always check the notices and notes sections of this page.

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Quick Notices

  1. As a growing system, certain things may change over time.
  2. To collect points, always apply in the Forum in one way or another.
  3. Similarly, to spend points, always use the Forum to voice it.
  4. Points are not exchanged between users. Exceptions are rare.
  5. Spent points can not be given back normally. Exceptions are rare.
  6. Only Admins can confirm point collection and spending.
  7. Only those, be them abilities and such, proved to have been settled before the system are grandfathered.
  8. Buying an ability or so does not mean you can assign it as many times as you want, each time, points must be spent.
  9. If you spend points on a restricted fruit or ability, you can not give it to another user.
  10. Fruits, items, etc, from canon that fall under categories that require points means you need to spend points to claim them.


  • Notice N. 1 - Beforehand, Busoshoku Emission costed nothing, but it was changed to 3 Points upon further inspection.
  • Notice N. 2 & 3 - Look at the Discussions' category for applying: Reputation Points Section.
  • Notice N. 5 - If a character you have assigned Haoshoku Haki ends up dying, you can not retrieve the points.
  • Notice N. 6 - See the Administrators page to know who is and who is not. In our Discord, they possess the "Disasters" Role.
  • Notice N. 7 - A character is shown to have used Emission before it began to cost points, thus, they do not need to pay.
  • Notice N. 9 - Buying an Ancient Zoan and giving it to another user.
  • Notice N. 10 - Asking for a canon Ancient Zoan will have you spending its required points.


Aside from very special occasions as said, Reputation Points are allowed to be refunded to a user once per month.

However, there are important criteria to be met for that to happen:

  • Points refunded must be equal to or surpass 5.
  • The item refunded must not have been used in any shape or form.

Permadeath Clause

The "Permadeath Clause" is a rule created to incentivize and encourage the permanent incarceration, imprisonment or death of characters users have made heavy point investments into.

According to the Permadeath Clause. Any character who has had over 10 reputation points spent into them (sans. bounty purhcases) is capable of refunding 60% of those points upon the permanent removal of that character from roleplays. This means that the character is no longer usable in any capacity, whether they are imprisoned, killed or otherwise.

Justice Points

Justice Points will work as a Marine/Cipher Pol equivalent to the Bounty System. They will be points administered for feats, bytes, and the like. It will work in the same fashion as reputation points being converted to a bounty.

Justice Points will be used as pseudo-currency for Marine promotions and other perks that are otherwise unavailable to Marines and World Government affiliates. These perks will enable story-significant events to occur without necessitating Admiral intervention, but will most likely be single-use for larger scale events.

The conversion rate for Justice Points works on a smaller, but equivalent scale to the bounties.

One reputation point is equivalent to 25 million berries.

Likewise, 1 reputation point is equivalent to 25 Justice Points.

All Accolades and Emblems that have previously been awarded will be converted into a set amount of Justice Points.

  • Medals will be worth 25 Justice Points.
  • Badges will be worth 75 Justice Points.
  • Ribbons will be worth 125 Justice Points.
  • Base Emblems will be worth 25 Justice Points.
  • High Emblems will be worth 75 Justice Points.
  • Grand Emblems will be worth 125 Justice Points.

All promotion requirements will be adjusted according to this system.

Justice Points can be acquired by spending Reputation Points in the same way bounties are acquired.

For every 4 Reputation Points spent on Marines, users will be granted an additional 25 Justice Points. These points must be applied for in the same manner as Reputation Points on the Discussion Board.

Justice Points Rewards Shop

Privilege Points
Buster Call Authority (Single-Use) * 150
Shichibukai Recall Authority (Single-Use) * 250 + Justification
Bounty Increasing Authority 501 + Justification
Alliance Abolishing Authority (Single-Use) 100 + Justification
Conscription Authority (Single-Use) 75 + Justification
Impel Down Extraction Authority (Single-Use) * 200 + Justification

Justice Notes

  • The privileges marked with * are only usable by Marines with a Vice Admiral rank. Those of Admiral ranks are able to use the Buster Call privilege freely. Shichibukai can also be removed freely with an Admiral.
  1. 50 Justice Points can be used to raise a Pirate's bounty by Beli.png25,000,000. In terms of reputation points spent, it costs double the reputation points for said Marine to increase another user's Pirate's bounty compared to what the user would spend if they were increasing it themselves.

Rewards Shop


Item Points
Special Paramecia 2
Ancient Zoan 2
Mythical Zoan 3
Extra Canon Devil Fruit Slot 10
Gura Gura no Mi 10
Yami Yami no Mi 15
Gomu Gomu no Mi 10
Uo Uo no Mi, Model: Seiryu 10

Advanced Abilities

Item Points
1 Rokushiki Technique (Non-Marines/Government) 1
Rokuogan (Marines/Government) 3
Rokuogan (Non-Marines/Government) 3 + Mastery Evidence
Busoshoku Haki's Emission 1 3
Devil Fruit Awakening 4
Busoshoku Haki's Internal Destruction 1 4
Kenbunshoku Haki's Future Sight 5
Voice of All Things 7
Poneglyph Reading-Writing 10
Haoshoku Haki 10
Haoshoku Infusion 2 9

Promotions & Titles

Item Points
Beli.png25,000,000 Bounty Increase 1
25 Justice Points 1
Wazamono, Grade Sword 3 1
Ryo Wazamono, Skillful Grade Sword 2
O Wazamono, Great Grade Sword 3
Saijo O Wazamono, Supreme Grade Sword 4
Kakuto, Red Blade Status 5
Kokuto, Black Blade Status 10
Admiral Promotion * 4
Fleet Admiral 5
CP-0 2
World Noble 3
Underworld Emperor * 4
Shichibukai * 4
Yonko * 5
Greatest in the World Titles * 20


Item Points
Claiming standard Canon territory 2
Claiming major Canon territory 6

Shop Notes

  1. Busoshoku Haki's Emission is required in order for a user to buy Internal Destruction.
  2. For one to wield Haoshoku Infusion they require more than to buy only Haoshoku Haki, but also Busoshoku Haki's Emission.
  3. To achieve a certain Meito Rank, i.e: O Wazamono, the user must buy the ranks coming before it.
  4. To achieve a certain Marine Rank, i.e: Vice Admiral, the user must buy the rank before it.


Action Reward
20,000 bytes written by user on a Role-Play 1 1
8,000 Bytes written by user on a Canon-Reference Page 1 1
15,000 bytes written by user on a Character, Devil Fruit, Location, etc, Pages 1 1
Creating a Metric Page for a Role-Play 1
Writing a Newspaper for a Role-Play 1
Taken into Marine Custody 1
Defending or Taking a Territory 1
Characters of a specific Beli.pngbounty threshold defeated. 2 1 (Variable)
Your character dying in role-play 1
Acquiring a notable amount of Beli.pngtreasure in role-play 1
Allying with another pirate crew 3 1
Monthly Article Vote 1
Featured Role-Play 1
Featured Ability 2
Featured Character 3
Defending or Taking a Major Territory 3
Joining the wiki after the implementation of the system 3
Acquiring a Road Poneglyph 4
Defeating a Yonko 5

Milestone Notes

  1. These can be stacked, i.e: If you have 14,000 bytes on a character and 16,000 bytes on a different one, you can apply them together. Only couple two things if they require the same amount of Bytes: Role-plays an only be coupled with role-plays, canon articles with canon articles.
  2. Characters who possess a bounty of Beli.png25,000,000 to Beli.png250,000,000 will be worth 1 point. Those who are worth Beli.png251,000,000 to Beli.png500,000,000 will be worth 2. Each point obtained will increased per Beli.png250,000,000. In other words, for every 10 points spent on a bounty of an opposing character, you will be rewarded 1 point.
    1. Characters that possess a substantially higher bounty or in-universe rank than another character (i.e a Yonko Commander vs. a Late-Paradise Rookie) will possess adjusted points per individual defeated. For instance, someone with a Beli.png1,000,000,000 bounty defeating a character with a Beli.png10,000,000 bounty won't receive any points. Because, in-universe (and in OPRverse), that would not be a high-stakes battle. Conversely, if a character worth Beli.png10,000,000 manages to fight and survive against a Beli.png1,000,000,000-holding character (with appropriate reasons), they will be rewarded for their high-risk play. The most appropriate example drawn from canon is how Luffy's bounty exponentially escalated from Beli.png500,000,000 to Beli.png1,500,000,000 following his successful escape from Whole Cake Island.
  3. Only a WHOLE crew allying with another WHOLE crew.

Required Checkpoints

See also some associated pages: Accolades, Underworld, Three Great Powers.

For certain rewards, specifically those which are character specific, such as promotions, titles, etc., the character will need to fulfill various criteria that are specific to each role. This section will illustrate exactly which rewards have additional criteria aside from reputation points:

  • Admiral Promotion: 1325 JP, 1 Advanced Haki.
  • Underworld Emperor Promotion: A product/service that is considered to be "major" in the OPRverse, such as Seastone in canon. Minimum of 30,000 bytes written on the character page.
  • A major product must be demonstrated to have significance in-RP.
  • Shichibukai Promotion: Bounty of Beli.png200,000,000 or more, major accomplishment beneficial to the World Government (Law hunting pirates, Jinbe improving relations with Fishman Island, Veno bringing a Road Poneglyph, etc.) and Kenbunshoku/Busoshoku Haki.
  • Yonko Promotion: Bounty of at least Beli.png2,000,000,000, Crew bounty of at least Beli.png4,000,000,000, 8 territories (one needing to be a "major" territory such as Wano, Totto Land, Pirate Island, Elbaf, etc.), all 3 Haki, and 1 advanced Haki.
  • Greatest Titles: An advanced ability regarding the profession/category, prestigious position in the world (Vegapunk's science position, Yonko, Admiral, Shichibukai, etc.), and "five" wins — wins can either be groundbreaking inventions, irresistible foods, fashion shows, battles, among others.



  1. Living Fables: Poison Ivy tells Maurier Harlan he cannot use his "Reputation Points" to be worthy of Elbaf.