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Rokushiki Ryugi (六式流儀 Rokushiki Ryūgi?, literally meaning "Six Forms Style")[1], often shortened to Rokushiki, is a unique martial arts style primarily used by high-level Marines and World Government agents such as Cipher Pol in the Grand Line.

Through rigorous and constant training, practitioners are bestowed with a series of special techniques which can only be described as the "skills of superhuman level" (入神の技 Nyūshin'nogi?).


According to Rob Lucci, Rokushiki is a martial arts that can only be achieved by countless hours of relentless training as the user's body is pushed to their very limits and forged into a weapon with a set of superhuman fighting skills at their disposal, bestowing those who mastered the martial arts with the strength of a hundred men.[2] The overall capability of a Rokushiki user is measured through Doriki by utilizing a method known as "te-awase" (手合わせ te-awase?, literally meaning "match") to calculate their physical power, meaning the potency of each technique is proportionate to an individual's level.


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Rokuogan Dan
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