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The Titan Pirates are a very powerful pirate crew, led by Raptor D. Baron, a Yonko whose moniker dictated the crew name. The crew is segmented into at least six different divisions.[3]

Jolly Roger

Crew Members

Titan Pirates
Raptor D. Baron
Division Commanders
NoPicAvailable(1) Admiral Ralph MortasMug NoPicAvailable(1) NoPicAvailable(1)
"First Captain"
"Second Captain"
Warren D. Ralph
"Third Captain"
"Fourth Captain"
Raptor D. Circus
"Fourth Captain"
Raptor D. Cone
BurlingMug GroveMug Raptor Isla Suit Prof
"Fifth Captain"
Mont Blanc Burling
"Sixth Captain"
Raptor D. Grove
"Seventh Captain"
Raptor D. Isla
First Division
Second Division
Third Division
Fourth Division
"Vice Captain"
Raptor D. Malvin
Fifth Division
KettleMug ApuMug KatashiMug
"Honor Captain"
Barney Kettle
Apu Katashi
Sixth Division
Seventh Division
GuimmardClaudeNew1 VenyMug MarcusMug Adamaris Mug SamsonMug
Guimmard Claude Veny Antony Marcus Qandisa Adamaris Samson
Other Members
Dragon D. Dexter
Allies & Affiliates
TabartMug Mug1 - Copia
Benjamin Tabart Draco D. Damon
Former Members
FoxpackMug NoPicAvailable(1) KojMug
"Fifth Vice
"Eighth Captain"
Lonely Brisket 
Kojīmi *


Crew Strength


List of Commanders

List of Protected Territories


  • As of this moment, the Titan Pirates have the second highest total bounty out of any pirate crew.


  1. Raptor D. Baron - At Least Beli Small1,830,000,000
    Mont Blanc Burling - Beli Small1,830,000,000
    Raptor D. Circus - Beli Small1,080,000,000
    Barney Kettle - Beli Small675,000,000
    Dragon D. Dexter - Beli600,000,000
    Apu - Beli Small400,000,000
    Veny - At Least Beli Small295,000,000
    Guimmard Claude - At Least Beli Small230,000,000
    Antony Marcus - At Least Beli Small230,000,000
    Thin Anyg - Beli Small201,000,000
    Katashi - Beli Small200,000,000
    Raptor D. Malvin - Beli Small184,000,000
  2. Titan Pirates - Beli Small7,755,000,000;
    Benjamin Tabart - Beli Small500,000,000
    Draco D. Damon - Beli Small505,000,000
  3. One of Raptor's daughters is seen being the sixth division commander, thus confirming the existence of at least six different divisions.
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