Titles within the world of One Piece carry much significance and are rewarded only to the most worthy of beings across the seas. In order for a character to inherit an already claimed "battle" orientated title, the character in question would need to emerge victorious in battle against the current title holder. Titles can be stripped from any one character if a more worthy character appears, or due to inactivity. Much like bounties, they can also be given out as a result of increasing popularity.

Greatest Swordsman in the World:

Greatest Martial Artist in the World:

Greatest Sniper in the World:

Greatest Navigator in the World:

Greatest Carpenter in the World:

Greatest Musician in the World:

Greatest Doctor in the World:

Most Wanted Man in the World:

Trivia Edit

  • Titles can be misleading, as despite their claims as being given to the very "greatest" person within the category, a more worthy adversary may exist elsewhere within the world.
  • Titles exist for the purpose of motivating writers to reach certain goals.
  • If you think another title should be added to the list, please contact a member of the administration staff.