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Tsumugi Hiun (絁飛雲 Rough Silk in the Clouds Flying through the Sky?) is a fighting style that heavily relying on the usage of monomolecular wires for offensive, defensive, and even supplementary purposes within and outside of combat. There are many techniques within this diverse style, including widespread attacks, binding attacks, and complex grappling attacks. Kazama is the upstarting bounty hunter and later pirate of the Fang Pirate Crew who created this particular style.

This style is often compared to Paulie's Rope Action, a fighting style that revolves around the usage of rope and knives.

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Tsumugi Hiun Attacks Edit

  • Spider Playground

    Extending Cloud in use.

    Extending Cloud (雲伸す Kumonosu?, literally meaning "Extending Cloud"):
    • Splendor Captive Cloud (栄禽雲 Haetorigumo?, literally meaning "Splendor Captive Cloud"):
  • Distant Cloud

    Distant Cloud after being executed.

    Distant Cloud (路雲 Jigumo?, literally meaning "Distant Cloud"):
  • Rejecting Cloud

    Kazama using Cocoon Cloud to protect a civilian from a pirate.

    Cocoon Cloud (繭雲 Kinugumo?, literally meaning "Cocoon Cloud"):
  • Honorable Spirit Cloud (御気雲 Gokegumo?, literally meaning "Honorable Spirit Cloud"):

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