Hello people of One Piece Role-Play, I welcome old and new users to the newest Article Creation Guide. I hope you are having a good morning/afternoon/evening!

This blog is an updated version of the previous guide, which seeks to help and summarize the basics of creating articles. Anyone can feel free to link this to anyone seeking help.


First Things First

Using the Source Editor is advisable, as this heavily makes use of coding, most of wiki is defaulted to "Visual Editor", which, not only many have trouble with, but also has serious problems.

To permanently switch to Source Editor, you have to find your preferences, at the top right corner, by highlighting your profile picture:


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Once there, you will switch from the "My Info" to "Editing" tab, wherein you will quickly find the option to default the Source Editor. Choose it and simply save the changes at the bottom of the page.


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Step 1


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Before anything else, you ought to check our rules! They are basic enough and were chosen in accordance to the site's nature, here is a short-cut: Rules. Make sure all of your articles are within their notion, and don't be afraid if you have any doubt, simply contact us!

Step 2


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Once you are sure you remember the rules and want to create your article, go to the right and top corner of any page! There you will find an icon with the label for creating a new page.


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Once you do that, you will be taken to the window shown in the picture above. Therein, you simply have to choose your article's name: Dependant on what it is, an island, weapon, person, fruit.

Reminder: In One Piece, 99% of people have a western styled name. I.e: Instead of naming a page Michael Jones, you would put it as Jones Michael. Furthermore, Devil Fruit pages are named in their japanese versions: Hana Hana no Mi, rather than Flower-Flower Fruit.

It is advised to choose the "Blank Page" option in that window, as it offers malleable edition.

Step 3

Once you hit the create page, you will be led into a blank page! In there, you will have to add the coding (If you are on the Source Editor, I hope) for the infobox.


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The infobox code can be seen in the picture above and can be copied directly from its page: Template:Char Box. Paste it into the blank page:


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It should look like this, accompanied by the Template:Property, which will display your username. For that to happen, simply substitute the "InsertYourUsername" with it.

Afterwards, you will want to fill your page with sections:


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These are the default sections for a character's article. Feel free to check through our character category: Category of Characters!

If you wish to see other kinds of articles and their default sections, you can browse their categories: Category of Locations and Category of Devil Fruits.

In these categories, you will not only find the default sections for each kind of article, but also what kind of stuff and content goes into each section.

Step 4

The categories mentioned above can be easily added without coding (but, it also works via coding, just don't try it).


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As seen above, by scrolling down to the right side of the editing window, you can find it easily. Once there, you can just type the categories that you are to add.

Step 5


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After adding everything that you wanted, you can go to the right of your tab and get ready to publish. By clicking "Desktop", you'll get a preview of how it will look once posted, which allows you to check if everything is correct. Once that is done, simply click "Publish".

Trivial Steps

There are many other things people have trouble with, sometimes, it is adding a picture inside a infobox. Simply go to your right and choose the photo option, a window will open, upload your desired picture and include it as follows:


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After you do that, the code can be seen as "[[File:FileNameHere.jpg/png|thumb]]", you'll want to remove the thumb bit and that is it. If you are placing pictures anywhere outside of the infobox, you can just do this:


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By including the "|right|250px|Gerhard lays defeated by Sebastian" bit, I give the picture a size, a placement in the page (left or right), and a subtitle.

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