So you want to claim one of the canon Devil Fruits, eh?


No seriously, take a moment and think about it for just a second. In no way shape or form does having the canon version of the Devil Fruit make your character any more official than the rest. Nor does it put them under any sort of spotlight (that's exactly why many fruits have been banned).

Two years since our wiki has gone live, most of the canon fruits have already been claimed. However, for whatever reason, users here still find the need to wage wars for them. But what should you do in the event that the Devil Fruit you're looking for is taken? Simple. As per our site rules, users are free to create their own versions of Devil Fruits, so long as they exist under a different name.

Gomu gomu nomi

The Gomu Gomu no Mi was the first of several canon Devil Fruits to be banned on One Piece Role-Play wiki.

For example, let's take a look at the Mera Mera no Mi from canon, which is a Logia with the properties of Fire. This fruit (I kid you not) has gone through five different characters on this site, yet none have ever appeared in a role-play (rather fitting, isn't it?). Because that fruit has been claimed, you can create your own fire Logia Devil Fruit for your character to consume; however, it needs to have a different name. Call it the Hi Hi no Mi, the Kaji Kaji no Mi, the Kaki Kaki no Mi, whatever you please, just so long as it's different from the Mera Mera no Mi.

Now, if you're the kind of individual who, for whatever reason, really must put your paws all over a canon Devil Fruit (and thereby ignore everything that I stated up above) then described below will be the set procedure you must follow in order to claim a Devil Fruit. However before that just be wary that this sort of behavior is not encouraged on this wiki. Here are a number of reasons why you should make your own version of a fruit rather than claiming the canon version:

  • Saves Time: By making your own version of the fruit you are thereby saving time. You will not need to trouble yourself with looking up the fruit and potentially contacting the user who has is currently in possession of it. Also, you would not need to wait around for one of the admins to approve the fruit for you.
  • Promotes Creativity: Even if only slightly, you are showing yourself to be that much more creative than the opposition. Remember that the fruits that are banned are banned in large part because they can't be used in any other way; by creating your own version of the fruit, you are distancing yourself from the skillsets employed in canon.
  • Creates Individuality: The user of the Mera Mera no Mi will always draw comparisons to Sabo and Ace; there is simply no other way around that. However, by creating your own fruit, you are separating yourself from canon and thereby creating your own story. Your character will exist as an individual, and not as "the guy who ate Ace's Devil Fruit".
  • Shows You're a Big Boy: Big boys don't flock over irrelevant things like canon Devil Fruits. They have their own ideas and better yet, a blueprint as to how they're going to put them into action. They suppress their fanboyism on a professional level.
  • You Become More Respectable: Yes, at least in my eyes, you come a much more respectable person. I literally frown in real life each time I see someone post on my message wall about claiming a canon Devil Fruit (which happens at least a good few times on a daily average). If you're promoting good habits around the wiki, then the veterans around here are instinctively going to enjoy your presence. Chasing after canon fruits, while not explicitly illegal, may not be the sort of impression you want to make for yourself.

I Don't Care Dazz, Just Let Me Claim a Canon Devil Fruit

Alright, alright. Seeing as though you've blatantly ignored everything I've said up until now, let's tell little Jimmy how he can claim a canon Devil Fruit in five easy steps.

  • Find the Fruit: Hopefully this isn't too difficult as a first step. Your first step toward being a bother is to first and foremost, know the name of the fruit you'd like to claim by name. For a list of canon Devil Fruits, click here. However, finding the fruit based on the name of the canon character is much easier to do!
  • Check to See if it's Banned: So you've found the name of the fruit you'd like to claim (the Gomu Gomu no Mi!). Your next step is to take a look at our site rules and see if the fruit has been banned. To see the list of banned Devil Fruits, click here. To complain about the fruit you wanted being banned, please click the "x" button on the top right of your browser.
  • Search for the Fruit: So you've made it this far. Now this is the most challenging step; so challenging that no one has ever had the common sense to do it ever before. Your next step is to search for the Devil Fruit through our wiki search engine to make sure that no one else has the fruit already. Make sure you click on the "everything" option for a more thorough search. From the list of results, make use of your common sense to differentiate between where the fruit is mentioned and where the fruit has been claimed.
  • Ask to Claim: If the fruit has not been claimed by another character, go ahead and leave your request on the message wall of an admin. Please be sure to link the Devil Fruit. The name of the title should be the following: I Still Want to Claim a Canon Devil Fruit. Otherwise the administration is required to ignore the message.
  • Wait: Now that you've submitted your request, wait for a response.

To Note

As with all rules in life, there are a few exceptions to be noted. Read about them below.

  • By "canon" I actually mean any fruits that have appeared in the One Piece universe, either in the anime, manga, or games.
  • If a canon Devil Fruit has been claimed by a user yet has never been added to a character, it is still up for grabs.
  • If a canon Devil Fruit is in the hands of an inactive user, it is still up for grabs.
  • If a canon Devil Fruit has appeared in a role-play it has been set in stone. However, if the character has not appeared in a role-play in quite a while and the character's article page is below 10k bytes in size, it is still up for grabs.
  • Any request that is not properly formatted as explained above should be ignored by all members of the administration. Instead, a link to this blog should be sent in response.
  • While not against the rules, claiming canon Devil Fruits is not appreciated by Game-master DazzlingEmerald.
  • This blog was made in an attempt to limit the amount of requests made in regards to claiming canon Devil Fruits.
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