Wendagoz is an island located in the first half of the Grand Line. It is widely known as a pirate haven under the protection of the Corsairs, three pirate captains who have made the island their home. The leader is Stolend Raiden, the warlord that allows such a place to exist without persecution by the government. He shares this accompanied by Dacim Maka and Vain D. Warz who act to protect the islands citizens and provide aid pirates who may need it. It is far from the lawless place the title would suggest however, as the three captains keep a small retainer of other crews to act as a personal security force for the islands regular inheritance. Almost all of the island's income comes from pirate crews passing through, .


Star Pirates - The crew of Stolend Raiden.

Desert Pirates - The now disbanded crew of Dacim Maka, having officially broken up after she accepted the position as one of Wendagoz's Corsairs. Unofficially however, the Desert Pirates run much many of the shops and bars on the island, contributing tot almost half of the island's income alone. While they a number of still active bounty's amongst their crewmembers, for all intensive purposes the Desert Pirates are considered to have been out of operation for the past fifteen years.

War Pirates - The crew lead by Vain D. Warz, also the largest crew operating within the Corsairs.

The CodeEdit

While Wendagoz is a haven for pirates, the Pirate Council has layed four rules they refer to as "The Code" in order to keep the piece between the many pirate crews that pass through the island. They are as follows.

  • Rule 1: No harm shall befall any citizen or Navy personnel on the island, under any circumstances.
  • Rule 2: Weapons are to be attended to at all times. Personal arms may be brought ashore, but no explosives are to leave your ships.
  • Rule 3: Business may not be conducted on island. Feuds between crews may be settled in a duel between captains, but crews are forbidden from opened conflict.
  • Rule 4: Should any of these rules be violated, you will be reprimanded in kind. Your vessel may be scuttled, your belongings confiscate, or your crew executed, depending on the discretion of the Corsair sent to deal with you.



Corsair mountain

Galleon Lain

Scuttle Bay